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  1. Sure ya did... ;-)
  2. All I can think about is the fish when I'm at the canal so I'm surprised to hear about this stuff. "Did himself" LOL!!!!
  3. I just bought one. I think it's a 7 1/2 inch barrel model. I loaded up the minimum load out of the Hornady manual for the round and took it to the range yesterday. Put a red dot on the gun and it's fairly accurate even without zeroing the sight in. Pretty fun to shoot too! I had the cheap headphone muffs that block out most of the noise.
  4. Blackbeard sent me a free video of his distance casting instruction one time. Sorry to hear that the gentleman has passed on. RIP Blackbeard.
  5. I found a G20SF on sale in South Dakota and picked it up. I reload for it and have settled on the mid power load but the hot load is pretty manageable.
  6. I had some good sausage pizza at Siino's in Eatontown yesterday. I miss the pizza back east. The places in the Midwest can't make good pizza to save their lives. Too much pizza sauce (that doesn't taste good in the first place) and the ingredients they use are subpar.
  7. I had business in the area this week and intended to go to "M" and the Cape Cod Canal to do some fishing. In the end I couldn't stand driving in the traffic so I cut the trip short. Right now I just want to keep working on my firearm handloads and get ready for the Firearm season that begins on the 15th. Maybe I've turned a corner...
  8. Wow...the Monmouth mall is really going downhill. IMO Anyone know if the pizza place that used to be in the food court is still operating somewhere else? Best pizza I've had in the country! Hate to think I'll never taste it again. Glad to see tat they rebuilt the boardwalk in Long Branch but the jetties are still buried.
  9. Hope your wife beats it, Dave.
  10. I finally checked out all 87 of the magazines and they are all in fantastic condition! Kudos to SOL and the seller!
  11. We had a freakin' tornado come by north of town today so things were hectic. I sent a reply to you.
  12. I will PM U. Thanks!
  13. Iowa.
  14. Yeah.
  15. I want old issues of American Handgunner and Handloader magazines.