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  1. I went to the spot today. I didn't want to disturb the exact spot but couldn't really tell what happened from a distance. I made a little ground blind from limbs etc. and will hunt the spot when I hunt again.
  2. You can get a Savage Axis in 6.5 Creedmore for $169.00 at Wal-Mart due to Savage's $100.00 Rebate. Wish I would've seen that before I got one.
  3. I wasn't able to go hunting tonight and won't until next week. I think that spot will be good when I come back so I'll be around there again.
  4. Some of the knuckleheads around here believe in Bigfoot.
  5. Today I was sitting at a new spot at the top of a bluff in a heavy wooded area. The bluff is very steep. I sat at a spot where I thought I could get a good shot if a deer came up an old roadway that probably hadn't been used in decades. After sundown I started hearing noises to my left that I think were antlers crashing against each other then I hear timber falling like they were knocking trees down as they fought. I could not make put any forms and the light faded. In your opinion- was this 2 bucks fighting or was it just one buck? I'm going back tomorrow night and sitting where I can see what was happening at that spot.
  6. Tonight at dusk, I passed by one of the sections of highway that recently had a deer collision and spotted a doe standing about 20 yards from the highway and getting ready to try to cross it. I think I'm going to stake that spot out with my compound bow on Saturday.
  7. Damage...?
  8. Hey Jim...out here they believe that a thing live in the woods around here that is a Bigfoot. LOL! I was driving down I-95 in Jersey in December about 10 years ago and a huge buck ran across the road in front of me and jumped into the traffic on the other side of the interstate. He got slammed by a compact car and I saw it's leg go up in the air. Never found out about the driver or any other cars. That's how it is back there. Out here you know every little detail about everything.
  9. Tonight as I was driving home after hunting a deer ran in front of the truck at about the same spot that the lady hit her deer but he was already about 20 feet off to the side when I got close. If I had been doing 60 I probably would've hit it?
  10. Kind of related to hunting/shooting. I have to travel on highway 75 in NE Nebraska to the indian reservation I hunt and shoot at. Last week I was driving about a quarter mile behind a car after dusk and they pulled off the road. A truck going the opposite direction stopped as well. I saw the next day that the car had hit a deer. Saturday night I saw a Jeep SUV pulled the highway and stopped to see what happened- the guy had just hit a deer. His grill and bumper was off and an air conditioner condenser was bent in and he said the Freon had escaped. Tonight I was driving about 50 mph and a car behind me sped past me. I saw a car pulled off the road a couple of minutes later and it was the same one. A lady said she had just hit a deer. Her front end was totally messed up but the car was still running. I walked up to look at the deer and it's head was still on the road and it looked up at me. The lady was OK and was waiting for the sheriff to arrive. Both of the last 2 drivers said that the deer ran in front of the car fast. I think both drivers were driving at least 60 mph. I'm wondering if I can avoid one by driving 45 to 50 mph. Last year one was angling toward me in my truck and I sped up and it hit the back of my truck (no damage).
  11. Yeah.
  12. I zeroed it at 50 yards but didn't have the shooting stand I wanted to use so I'll wait until tomorrow to see how it hits at 100 and 25 yards.
  13. The old scope I put on the Savage Axis is working great. I had it almost zeroed at 15 yards in 4 shots. I'll back it out to 50 yards, zero it and then out to 100 yards tomorrow. I think I'll put the scope on the rifle that has the other Leupold scope on it and see if it does the same thing before I contact Leupold.
  14. Bought 2 of them in August to upgrade some of the scopes on my rifles (I hoped). I decided to buy a Savage Axis rifle in 6.5 Creedmore and put one of the scopes on that rifle this week. I had already put the other one on a Remington 700 ADL 30-06 a couple of months ago. That scope performed great! It's all I could ask in a 3x9 40MM scope. The other one... I couldn't hit a 8 inch plate with it from 15 yards so I tried to bore sight the rifle with the scope. I had to adjust the up/down knob all the way up to get it to sight down so I gave up. I put an old scope on the rifle to eliminate the rifle out of the equation. I'll take it to the range tomorrow. Thoughts?
  15. Shot mine today and it shoots great! I need to adjust the sights cause it shoots low. 10 rounds is good enough for me. I'll try to take a video of me shooting it and post it ASAP.