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  2. I have heard of that expression many times. How long where the rod tubes?
  3. This is nice to have but I don’t think I am going to argue with a TSA agent or authorities.
  4. My last two trips this past year flying American and United out of Newark my rod tubes 30" long and my carry it all case 31" had to be check in because it exceeded the carry on length 22". I even asked i could store them up front where they store the strollers and guitars. My reels I carried on in my duffle bag. No line. My line and flies where packed in my checked in bag. I am amazed that some of you can carry on your rods.
  5. Where did you store the rod tubes in the over head bin, up front in the airplane cabin or by your seat?
  6. Foor matts are located in New Jersey for pick up. Thanks
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  8. Someone must need some nice matts at a good price!!!!
  9. Place an Order Dan 6 - 2 oz All unpainted Bullet Heads, Long Shank 6 - 3 oz No Barbs if possible 6 -4 oz
  10. Needs a new home.
  11. 21" to the center of the reel seat.
  12. It is a nice rod. I don’t think I ever used it. No thanks. To low an offer.
  13. Model SS MS 9FT 9FT 2 piece 3/8 oz - 2 oz 12 - 20 LB Line Mod/Fast Excellent Condition No Trades Cash On Pick Up Picked Up Long Beach Island, NJ $195.00
  14. Same here. iPhone