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  1. Drones being used commercially are definitely here to stay. Drones used by people who annoy you at the beach, maybe not so much.
  2. I’ve had drones fly by me several times while I’ve been out fishing. These are usually just local residents getting their gearhead fix on a Sunday afternoon and they haven’t been intrusive. They generally whizz around, hover, whizz around a bit more, and leave. For me at least, not much to take offense to. Could a drone operator do something that’s annoying or I take offense to? Sure, but it hasn’t happened yet. In fact, if a drone just happened to catch some cool aerial footage of me fighting a fish I might even approach the operator for a file. The question at hand is whether I’d get my undies in a bunch if a fisherman uses a drone from a parking lot to check out the action on the beach rather than walking out and looking? Do I have this right? Haven’t folks been using binoculars to do this very same thing since the things were invented? I think there will always be the guys with binoculars watching for the bite from their cars. I don’t think doing this by drone will change the dynamic very much. On the other hand, I’m on beaches where people don’t fish a lot, and I’m not dealing with knuckleheads too often. My attitude might be different if other guys were mugging my spot all the time and I had to constantly deal with idiots. Would I use a drone to help locate fish? First of all, I don’t think a drone is going to find fish in the water for me, The water I fish isn’t that clear. Second, I can stand on a bluff and ( or even a low dune) and see the structure I need to see. I think a drone would be a waste of time. Drones are a thing, but like hula hoops, bongo boards, and fidget spinners sooner or later they won’t.
  3. I have no idea with the spacers. If you are overfilled with 50 yards of backing, strip some, or all, of it off. You really only need enough to get a good grip on the spool.
  4. Hard to tell by the picture, but your dad looks pretty damn good for 91. Happy Birthday Marty Senior!
  5. The guy had some skill behind the controls. I bet it wasn’t all simulator.
  6. I sold sundry technology solutions for over 20 years, and from time to time I did some groundbreaking work for the companies I worked for. Although I’m making half of what I did, I’m glad to be out of it. All that aside, reading through these intros is like chalk screeching on a blackboard. I’m not sure what’s worse, their grammar, or their salesmanship. Sweet Jesus - the decline and fall of western civilization!
  7. Mickey or Hopkins. Hmmmm. Not sure how I was able to quote myself when I came in from an outside link.
  8. Mickey or Hopkins.
  9. X2, or however many have already said this. I ain’t reading all 11 pages.
  10. Da nada
  11. Yes, I have the ci4 5500. Great reel but it’s not for getting wet. If you are fishing it in wet conditions you will need to stay on top of things with cleaning/regreasing and having the reel serviced by Shimano in the off season. I’m thinking of just keeping a spare set of bearings handy as well.
  12. Just to reiterate some of the comments above. The Ultegra is a great reel, but there are better choices if it stands a chance of getting wet. I really like my Ultegra, but even though I started the season with new bearings they are now showing signs of corrosion and I can certainly feel it when cranking. Truth be told, however, I usually find myself fishing in knee deep water with small breaking waves coming to my waist or even a bit higher. Realistically, there is no way I can keep the thing as dry as I should.
  13. Great pictures Gary, post more when you can!
  14. Bad shoot and idiotic interpretation of standing law.