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  1. You can probably tell by now you broke the rules. I don't think you understand that this is a want to buy (WTB) thread started by genavorn, and so people - such as myself - can offer to sell him (and only him) what he is looking buy. See rule #11
  2. Shipped it.. PMed you the info, thanks.
  3. I got a 10" 6' 3/4 - 4 only used a few times. It's got a superficial scuff below the stripper you can kinda see in the first pic; the second pic is a close up of it. $400 PayPal/shipped, $350 picked up in Long Branch, NJ. Firm.
  4. Getting separated from your yak alone. That's almost as bad as not finding bunker this time of year.
  5. Yeah, +1. That spinning can be a bitch.
  6. Grs

    Thanks, payment sent.
  7. Grs

    I'd take that for asking if you'd still let it go... I been wanting a tog pretty bad.
  8. Yeah, could be.
  9. Last year I had to replace my battery connector. Hooked it up and blew the fuse. I didn't have a fuze so bypassed it after double checking connections and blew the fish finder. My new connector turned out to be defective, but the fuze did protect the finder. I loaded up on fuzes and did more testing with that battery connector and fuzes kept blowing.
  10. Not sure where you live but Fisherman's Supply in Jersey has one on display you could look at.
  11. A couple weeks back I saw people bitching at a guy who was C&R'ing ...problem was he was taking pictures a little too far away from the water.
  12. This. I did the same when I used to wear a wetsuit. It can get chilly if the wetsuit gets wet and the wind blows through it
  13. It's quite moderate by my standards and that comes with a slower recovery too, but not bad. I've thrown 2.5oz with it, but I felt like that was asking a lot out of the rod. 3/4 to 1 1/4 is the range I mostly use it for. I'm sure less would work fine too, you can load the rod with no weight on it. If you're picky about components get the blank and have one built.
  14. I'm no forecast model expert, but from what i've seen forecasts with shorter projections are more accurate. On windguru i'll start off with GFS 27 until the days I'm eyeballing fall into the NAM 12 (forecasts 84 hours out). I'll have to add WRF2km into the mix, I'd have to think it's more accurate than the NAM 12.