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  1. You should get one and use it for a while and report back. I highly doubt you'd be wanting to go back to a lead acid battery. I don't think you'll notice much performance difference in your yak. It's just easier overall to deal with... lifting the yak, dragging it through sand, and bringing a backup is a no-brainer if needed. And you're way off with your "like four pounds" figure of a 9ah battery. I've got four of them and they're all close in weight give or take a couple ounces... lightest being 5 lbs 10 ounces.
  2. Yeah, carry handle. The handle can mess with your steering if it gets wedged between the rudder system and yak.
  3. I'll take the Luna for 65.
  4. vr50 on a Suzuki for me this year
  5. I'll take it for $615 shipped to 07740
  6. You out there with your wife and kids? I bumped into a guy with a red outback Sat while fishing from the sand, Sun I was back out in my yak (16" orange revo) and the same folks were there with the red outback.
  7. I gotta think Matt meant more that particular thread, not the forum as a whole... but what do I know. The tension gets thick in here for sure. Lots of panties bunching up.
  8. So true. Or how about when you got your finger on the trigger looking for signs of breaking fish. When you don't see them you make a random cast only to have them bust on the other side.
  9. It's about bogus claims, always has been.
  10. I picked up a 16 over the winter and spent a lot of time in it since then. It's fast, but 12mph sounds extremely hard to believe. I've seen 7mph once with wind at my back sliding down a swell in following seas. Those eclipse flow fins pique my interest though. Will have to look more into that.
  11. You clearly aren't familiar with sarcasm. So where else do you use game theory? You a mathematician, maybe a software engineer? Edit: Just for the record... I've had 5 hobies over the years and never had a crack. And generally I would agree with you bantis. We put way more wear & tear on hobies vs your average rec hobie user and subsequently see more failures. Hopefully Matt's numbers didn't include yaks w/out mirage drive since it seems a LOT of the failures are around this area.
  12. I got out today. It was quite nice, no rain/thunderstorms in my area.
  13. Adding a dropper is worth a shot. When I target seabass I just go with jig only ...been successful with deadly dicks, AVAs, crippled herring.