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  1. Black hole is the company, Suzuki is a model they make.
  2. I'll be putting a vr50 on a custom built 10" 1/2 - 2 1/2 Suzuki.
  3. They were probably sick of replacing waders from anglers who poked holes in them with hooks... rightfully so.
  4. I'll take that for asking. Shoot me your PP into.
  5. Good deal ...big fan of those ergonomic fuji seats.
  6. I think Trump should get about as much credit for this downturn as he should for the run up... not much.
  7. It's about time we get a pull back ...impossible to keep setting records every week.
  8. How about between the corner of the line roller housing to the foot? ...looks like they're keeping up with the knuckle busting tradition.
  9. I could offer $450. Interested in any trades + cash? I got a couple rods I've been meaning to part with... 3/4-4 Legend (new version) and a GSB 1201L. Both in great shape only used a few times each. I'm in Monmouth county too if you wanted to have a look.
  10. I was asking about Long Branch New Jersey. I dropped by a few NJ shops listed on the blackhole site, but none of them had it.
  11. Would love to check out the 1/2 - 2oz Suzuki. When will ya be around Long Branch?
  12. I don't think it supports Maxipads :), but I did use it to pull pictures into my old iPhone 6 a year or so back.
  13. Here's one option. If you have micro SD you can just use another adapter to make it standard SD. There's plenty of option out there.
  14. That's hilarious... nice shot!
  15. I second that... driving north on I17 into the high desert is pretty awesome if you haven't done that yet. Not far South East of Sedona is Beaver Creek... had many good days trout fishing there. Mogollon rim is another good option. You'd run up 87 through Payson which is the last big town before the rim. There's gotta be some good guides in Payson.