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  1. Count me in!
  2. Well I think we’re about to find out if they can be trusted. Pai wants them to voluntarily commit to neutrality. Problems have existed in the past despite what people said in this thread. I listed a few, and I’m sure with a google search you’d find a lot more... actually scratch that, google is a left wing propaganda machine.
  3. I like the You can fish all day with the hook 5 on a 5AH battery? How many hours is all day for you? I still run original Elite 5 and couldn't get more than 6ish hours out of 5AH battery and the hook 5 sucks more juice. My screen is usually full brightness, maybe you don't do that... that makes a big difference. I go with 9AH battery and get just under 10 hours on it. The hobie kit comes with these, but you can find them separately.
  4. A detachable front pouch is nice to have when you want to go light.
  5. Including this one. *If* (big if) an ISP did that it would suck for a lot more people than google.
  6. Forget about the cost part for a second. Net neutrality is more about data discrimination. Saying it's "... a problem that never existed..." is inaccurate. How about the history of ISPs blocking VOIP, or the blocking/throttling of peer-to-peer sharing, or how Verizon & ATT blocked google wallet because they had invested in Softcard, a similar service they wanted to force on people just because they owned the network pipes. ISPs should provide a level playing field, period ...not stifle competition. I remember another case (company name escapes me) where they would re-route searches from your preferred engine through their own just so they could collect referral fees and show you their preferred search results. IMHO... when people pay for the internet, they should get the internet. Not some ISP version of it. If they want to charge more for how much I download/upload, or how fast I can do it... fair enough.
  7. Amen, someone gets it.
  8. The need for being right seems to be magnified for these user generated content systems. I saw the same stuff with BBS and Usenet back in the day, and now more than ever with forums. Maybe it's the anonymity? ...I dunno, but for the most part people don't speak to each other like that when face to face least not when they have a more casual relationship like people do online.
  9. I'll take the 100 series, and if by chance things fall through with Bow I'll take the 200 series too.
  10. pitched in via payapal
  11. Maybe you could find a used Trevala or look into an Ugly Stick Tiger Lite ...tough price range.
  12. Good list. I'll sometimes add crab on a dropper loop 6ish inches above my jig so I have more confidence I still got bait in the game after a couple misses.
  13. Laying asphalt in Phoenix during the summer. Jeans, long sleeves, big asphalt heated boot boots, 110+ temps ...brutal. I was a laborer and pretty much shoveled & raked that hot mess all day long.
  14. I'll throw shads quite a bit when they're on peanuts. If they're being picky I add a dropper loop with a treble above the shad.... if I feel peanuts on a retrieve I just snag one and stop reeling. Cutbait Bob - who makes those tins you got up there?
  15. I've broken some off using bailed reels that accidentally close during a cast ...getting rid of the bail fixes that.