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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. The pics would be great, looking for a pouch to carry metals”tins” and this may fit the bill. As long as it has life left in it I’m interested. Are the loops good and any tears in it?
  2. Looked at those seams nice.
  3. Ever get a chance to take some more pics and how are the belt loops? What are the dimensions of the bag?
  4. Bag or holster?
  5. Thanks for the pics looks almost like a thin mess inner lining, I can see why hooks get stuck. I assume one could cut it out and sew up the holes in the corners.
  6. When you get time send the photos. Thanks
  7. Thanks Jonathan I didn’t read anything about that but thanks for that info. The bag isnt expensive so I’m not expecting top quality just a bit of convenience at a good price. Nothing else I’ve looked at seems to fit my needs without spending a lot more on.
  8. Thanks guys, I read about both problems. The holes in the corners and that trebles get stuck. My metals are all single hooks.
  9. I’ve been looking around for a pouch big enough to carry metals and bucktails. I’ve done some searching here and homework. It appears this bag will fit the bill, the size is right for me. My previous Lowe’s bag worked for years but the zipper finally crapped out,not looking for another DIY bag or looking to drop $80 on say a GU bag that looks great but to big. Those who use or used them how are the TA pouches and what is the inside layer made of which is my only concern? I can’t put my hands on one so it will be a online buy. Any input would be helpful and a pic of the inside. Thanks Mark
  10. Those dark spot are patches a few imperfections. I did d the funnel on both like you said. Thanks
  11. Can I get a pic of the mak bag inside,bottom and back. Thanks