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  1. I give it a F, saw my last blue on May 27th when I was out fishing for weak fish. That Taylor blue must have been lost.
  2. Went to a local beach at 5ish yesterday afternoon with the wife to sit and have a few cocktails. We both took a few casts and came up dry not even a searobin Saw some snappers harassing some shinners but that was it. The water was like bath tub, I can see why there are zero fish around.
  3. VS tubes are I believe 2.5” in diameter not the standard 3” tubes so if your bag bag is a 4 tube your gonna have to down size to a 3 tube. 4 won’t fit in the bag or you can try eBay. Look up clear mailing tubes with caps they may have what you need. Good luck
  4. I’m sorry I love my wife but F that idea. I enjoy the quiet time catching fish or not.
  5. Lmao couldn’t have said it any better then that. 16 was a good summer I almost looked liked I knew what I was doing. But then again when fish are everywhere, everyone looks like a sharpie. That’s why they call it fishing not catching.
  6. In 2016 Taylors Harbors and large blue were thick in my area all summer do to the endless schools of peanuts feet from shore. I can remember one could seat on the beach at dusk and just watch a line of blues just coming toward shore. It looked like a rouge wave coming right at you which kept me busy all summer into the fall. We need peanuts, the fish went crazy for them. Haven’t seen peanuts like that and it’s not looking good this year either.
  7. I believe they just shut the gate but don’t lock it. I’ve gone there early morning and just pushed it open, plus there is street parking around the area. I couldn’t tell you what happens if the police see a lone car in the lot but I will ask my friend he’s a detective in WH.
  8. Tim, Here is the CT reg chart well some of it anyway
  9. I use the 3/4-4 rod and it casts lighter plugs like SP’s pretty nice and it work 2oz pencils well. I agree with Gary it is faster then moderate, but I would like to hear what others who have 2-6 think of it. I was told it was more moderate then the 3/4-4 rod.
  10. 200 yds of 50# suffix 832 with mono backing worked well for me. I don’t chunk anymore but have used that reel in a pitch to chunk with. I feel you have to use backing since this reel was designed prior to braided line.
  11. Tim and Bobber thank you for your depressing thoughts on the bass fishery. I thought I was just in a slump or just darn right stink at fishing. Well maybe I am a bad at it but you guys hit the nail on the head. I personally think for me it’s just luck when I get a nice fish, even blues seem to disappearing of the radar in years past. Sad to think about it, I’m gonna go have a beer thanks all.
  12. I fish the center shore line of our great state. Haha I’ve seen schools of adult bunker for weeks now from shore. Well within casting distance of any plug, but nothing on them. On the other hand my brother in law who is a bait man. He has been killing good size bass the hole fning month. He sends pics every time he goes out. So fish are here but they seem to be on bunker chunk. I don’t bait fish anymore but I’m a bit green with envy at his production thus far.
  13. Dude that’s wrong. Yikes Is the cup deep infront??
  14. Lmfao that’s a good on. But it looks like a gags to me. Is it plastic?
  15. I did look at a bunch of CG tins to get ideas.