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  1. Can't seem to be able to send pics from iPhone 5 to anyone or to my email........Any suggestions
  2. There's a Kovalovski reel collection on fleabay that's going for 200 grand and there's 63 people watching it. Should be interesting.
  3. I know ,Bolt was 12th.I had a few bucks on him.
  4. Did you forget we live in NJ....if all of NJ was on fire I wouldn't take a dump on it.
  5. What happened to Bolt ?
  6. I like braid from the sand, less weight to hold bottom and ,extra casting distance .
  7. thinking of that sheet makes me gag.
  8. Looks like an old bomb shelter ? Duck and cover .
  9. why would anyone want to live where it rains everyday ?
  10. My buddy told me the last time one of his kids needed stitches he did himself
  11. If she saves half her tip money for restitution she'd have to live to be a 100 to pay that back.....and considering the women she stole the money from is "elderly" I don't think she's ever gonna see a dime.5 bucks is 5 bucks though.
  12. No way they had 0 grams of sugar
  13. Now that's sick.
  14. That reminds me, it's my anniversary ..........I'm in trouble.
  15. I'm an excellent driver.