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  1. Cocksville ? ?
  2. 5$

    people suck.....that's all.
  3. 20 bucks is 20 bucks
  4. Once...….Back seat of my Dad's woody station wagon, kind of ironic huh ?
  5. I usually use mine to take a dump in ,why does it have to be "high performance "for that...…..bucket that is, not cooler,but in a pinch I'd use a cooler too.
  6. A guy came into my B&T the other day and tells me there were two guys fishing next to him on the beach and they get tangled-up and the one guy gets cut off and loses his fish. He walks over and grabs the other guys rod and breaks it in half over his knee and walks away...… about an hour later the guy comes back and hands the guy a new rod and apologizes .
  7. Interesting,never thought about that.I ground off the barb on some of my lures,I'll have to re-think that......My wife was in San Fran a few weeks ago, barbless only for Salmon fishing there.
  8. I love the Festool products ,top quality though you pay a premium ,but I don't mind.Gonna use it for ripping sheets of plywood. I like tear out is important because I'll be mostly using for cabinet plywood......and I like the fact there's no offset.
  9. Last day while he's carrying out his stuff a stiff kick in the balls .
  10. I was pissed when he got rid of that avatar......Couldn't believe that was the same girl though.
  11. Not gay but Guido …….all my Eye-talian friends in south philly have one.
  12. Looking to buy a guide or rip fence for my circular saw. I want one of quality that's user friendly.
  13. A kick in the balls the day he leaves would be appropriate .
  14. I own a B&T ,people come in and tell the crazy ways there get bait out over the bar. Drones ,air guns, giant slingshots ,crazy stuff.
  15. I had a MacBook pro, best I had so far.