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  1. This doesn't seem like something a middle aged woman would get caught doing. There's cameras everywhere now.
  2. You could take him for a walk...........or maybe a drag.
  3. He's probably smelling like Brazilian food right about now.
  4. We wondered why you haven't had a date in 10 we know.
  5. Crazy as it is, there are people with their heads up their arse that need to be reminded .It seems like more so today than years ago.Maybe too many people trying to multi-task and accomplish too many things throughout the course of a day ,but it seems like it's happening more and more lately .
  6. I got some Lefty's I paid 70 bucks for I'd use them to fish with
  7. Are you talking the boat or something else ?
  8. we want, video, police reports ,something.
  9. Damn, all I got for Christmas was socks and underwear. Have fun
  10. Something you can score based on accomplishment, not opinion. Wrestling was almost eliminated from the summer oly., yet their going to keep wakeboarding ? Things millennials do ,kids games ,not sports, whats next video games.
  11. Not saying it doesn't take athleticism ,or skill or anything, it just doesn't seem like a sport to me, although a lot of events in the Olympics don't seem like a sport.
  12. The sandwich place down the road has a tip jar at the window where you order and another at the cash register . I'm supposed to tip cashiers now too ??
  13. Yeah, I never tip for pick-up. If I have to go and pick the stuff up, why the hell would I tip them ? Eff them.