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  1. Lot of variables, but Mid April to early June. We have been getting Large Blue fish last few springs with the bass. I usually like the fall run better as it has been more consistent for me(Nov/Dec)
  2. The 1-4 rated mojo is pretty stiff. the 3/4-4 is solid for many applications but definitely not the best rod for lighter bucktails and Sp minnows, but can work. I would think about the range of lure you are going to be using and think from there. If you looking for throwing heavier stuff with wind and high surf the mojo can work out. If you looking for a lighter lures on calm days this might not be your best choice. I had the 1-4 ounce mojo for a while and traded up for the older style legend 3/4-4 and love it. But with small fish and calm conditions I have other rods that I like to fish more. hope I could help
  3. You can get a new VR150 for $500 and most places will throw the line on for nothing. Cant help with the VSX to VR comparison but i do enjoy my VR and Van Staal customer service is great.
  4. I am in. Thanks
  5. Rest in peace. Thanks for sharing. I am in
  6. Pop up blocker app, and turn the setting on your phone on. Problem solved
  7. I downloaded a pop up blocker app, and I stopped getting them. I was getting the same messages
  8. Hearing great things about Daiwa BG reels expecially for the price point. I have a 3000 but haven't fished it yet. Got mine for 75 bucks. Before this I was using older model Shimano Spheros FB and love those things.
  9. I like both mag and SP but have been a little more confident in the mag darter lately. But both are always carried and used often
  10. I usually keep 1 or 2 a year. Usually 28-33 inches only if I have time to clean and prep it right.
  11. change those split rings out
  12. Many good ones mentioned. I am reading "Striper Chronicles" by Leo N. Orsi JR. Very good and easy reading. You can get through this book quickly.
  13. SS bullet like many have said are great in rougher surf, heavier winds, or when you just need to launch a plug. Had a great night this past fall with a SS Black bullet (heavier version). South east wind in a nice cut on the side of a jetty. Could only get hits at the top of my cast, off the back of some rougher breaking waves.
  14. I apologize, but no longer interested. Good luck with the sale