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  1. That's what I'm talkin about. Thanks again I'll keep you posted. Lou
  2. I would be honored to fish that plug and when I get a nice one; I would release it too David. I'm in Lou T
  3. It is inevitable that we all must leave this earth one day. What really matters is what you contribute, and do, with the precious time we spend with family, friends, and your fellow man. It sounds like your half-brother David Goodman spent his time here well. I'm sure God reached down with his landing net, and rose him up to the heavens where he found eternal peace. I hope you and his family can look back at the good times you shared, and that it places a sense of well-being in your heart. Here's to Brother Goodman, bend a rod. Lou T
  4. That's the Fat Cat, It got a new set of hooks this morning as well. Every Fat Cat has a tail... Lou T
  5. Here is the Rip Runner I took for a test swim. Even with the hooks I tried. It still has a aggressive swim; so I decided to give it a tail. I will show you later what I come up with. Thank You HH Lou
  6. Nice HH, I took that Rip Runner for a test swim. All I can say is I'm expecting something large to eat it one night... HH, how dose his cousin Hound Dog swim, and what type of conditions did you have in mind when you built it? Lou
  7. Never tried it but; leather shoe stain. The one in the bottle with the sponge applicator...
  8. Okay great, just shoot me a message. Lou
  9. This rod is no longer made. I'm located in central New Jersey, and I will be at Surf day. Lou
  10. You're welcome to take a look at it if you like. Lou
  11. Big will, this rod is rated for 6 - 16 oz. Is that the one you want?
  12. Thanks Big Will, it needs to be fished. Lou