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  1. No problem Bob, but the truth had to be told. and your right, you can not race a... Be Well Lou
  2. No, you did not, it's the bias zone. Ounce you enter it, you must be astute too what is going on. The general you crossed paths with needs to grow up and I believe he lost sight why he is really there. Or plain and simple he should not be in that position to begin with. Maybe the day he was punching lures into a forty knot gale; something hit him in the head besides the Bass he has catching.
  3. Just google it. I do not think RH can get the blanks any longer. For the Trollers, Slim Trollers you would want something like the CTS S-7 rated at 4 - 8oz. that should take care of your needs nicely. I personally cast Troller Slims with the rod and it handled them with no problem. Another rod that will cast the Trollers and cast them well is the ODM Jigster. It's a parabolic rod that will cast a 7 or 8 ounce plug with no problem. The NEX 1 is a one piece moderate fast blank rated for 3-8 ounce. It's another rod you may want to take a look at casting big plugs and doing some serious jigging as well. Hope this helps. Lou
  4. Thank's Bob, it's been a while..... Hope all is well with you, as well..
  5. He is Yiddish Bob, when your panties are in a wad, your in dismay. Hence (oy vey) *here's to the Fallen fishermen
  6. Thank you HH, keep on plugin. Lou
  7. Tadpole
  8. Good for you, congrats with your new build.
  9. politician, nothing gets done. We should vote for the one, that will vote to get it done.
  10. Why certainly, Woop, Woop, Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk... But you twin brother don't get any...
  11. Happens all the time; Mike's Beast....