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  1. Good luck on your trip Kil. Hope you land a new personal best... Lou
  2. Amazing, six pair of boots for $89 dollars. Is the owner your Great Grandfather?...
  3. Exactly; tomorrow will be a great day for the body shops.
  4. A great company. How long did you have your boots before the defect showed, and what kind of warranty came with the boots? Lou T
  5. Perfect example. I have read and seen what goes on with illegal netting in Maryland/Virginia. That truly is ... The spike on your chart was the last HOOAH for them. Lou
  6. Yep, Published on Jan 20, 2011 Lou
  7. I believe those video's where recorded in 2011 Lou
  8. They wiped them all out, in just six years... Lou
  9. You left out NC Tim. The netters selectively pick thru there catch to get there biggest buck for the day, and waste the rest. They should of been restricted to tonnage for the year. Ounce that is met, season over, and that's it. But that is the logical thing to do. I find it amazing how a person that makes his living fishing can be such a poor guardian of his own lively hood. How do they sleep at night. Watch this... Lou
  10. There you go, you got allot of good information here. I personally tested the drag rating, and backbone on this rod, and its true to its ratings. Lou T
  11. Jonathan You received allot of positive feedback from the members here. If your only remaining concern is if this rod has enough backbone or not; put a reel on this rod that can deliver 18 pounds of fish fighting drag with 60 pound test line on it. Before you set the hook make sure your boots are lased up tight... Maybe a professional rod builder can either confirm weather or not a 6" butt extension will add to this rods backbone without taking anything away from its performance, or not. Best of luck Lou
  12. What happened to the guy that gets tired with a 10' rod, and wants to cast 1/2oz. bucktails.... Lou T
  13. Hi Jonathan Since a long rod gets you tired, I will not even go there. You mentioned 9' 6" five times as a rod that works pretty well for what you like to do. Your other main concern is having a moderate rod that can throw light plugs in the 1/2 oz. range. A while back I was given the 9' NEX1, Here is what I had to say about it in another post on a 9' rod recommendation : Take a good look at ODM. I have been testing there new proto type NEX1-935 that is going to be released this fall. It's a 9'- one peace - moderate action rod. With a lure rating range of 1/2 - 3 1/2 oz. On the high end side of the lure rating, this rod will cast a 3 1/2oz. plug no problem. The rod loads up comfortably, and puts it out there. The amazing side, is the low end side of the lure casting range. The other day I caste this 5/8 ounce Stan Gibbs, wooden Polaris popper into a 2 mile an hour head wind, 50 yards. The rod has a maximum drag rating of 18 pounds, with enough backbone too put a smile on your face. Hope this helps; Good Luck and tight lines Lou ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By the way the plug was stopped as the line touched a 25' tall pine tree at 50 yards. So since your main concern is the low end of the rod; why not start out with the NEX1-935 with the low end you are looking for, and add a 6" butt extension. I recently got a custom 10' 6" Frontier X with a 6" butt extension and could not be happier with the results. You will get the low end you want, and if anything increase the high end side of the rod. A win win on a rod you are looking to build. Hope this helps. Lou
  14. I typed in FSC rods, and ended up in the same place... go figure....
  15. sinfish Your welcome. Lou T