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  1. I bought the one piece 10 weight! The Spring sale starts today $85.00 including tax Shipped free to the Atlantic City Store. 6 - 10 day delivery window. I'll do a drive by on the SA rejects. RJ
  2. Mikey, You blew it. You forgot the Poles and their Onion Skin Nymph's. You will have to step away from your "All Knowing and All Seeing" Status! Your mistake has taken the Onion off the Table. Consider your Bellvadear Vodka privilidges suspended forever.
  3. Fishing Technician, Deep dredging flys with sinking lines isn’t pretty because the lovely casting that is sacred to a hard core trout addict is reduced to lofting a T-12 or T-14 super sinking line of 32 or 36 foot sinking head attached to a running line in to the down side of the tide on either port or starboard sides of my 15 foot Dory. The Goal is to present the large fly at the deepest depth possible. The loft seldom reaches 35 feet. Each loft is set up by stripping the running line in a bucket or on the deck of the fishing vessel and half of the T-12 or T-14 outside the tip of the fly rod. You trail the sinking line the sinking line in the water to use the water as friction to load the rod as you sweep it forward to toss it 35 to 40 feet ahead of the boat. This alllows the sinking line to sink with out the pull of the water moving down tide. It will go straight down with the least drag to impede it. In the Dredge trade, we don’t Cast line we dump it. Once the T-12 or 14 is tossed the dumping begins. The sinking line will head straight to the bottom and the line in the bucket or on the deck can exit the boat a lot faster than stripping off the reel by hand. Once it hits bottom stop the dumping and crank the excess back on your fly reel. Watch the tip of your rod for taps. The tide is moving down and Striped Bass are facing the moving current just like trout. They might indicate a striped bass smacked your fly with it tail to stun it. The take will be a cow inhaling your fly or attacking it aggressively. I recommend Circle hooks on your flies. They won’t stick in the belly of the target, but will 99% of the time hook the fish that took it in the corner of his mouth and allow you to bring it in with minimal injury. Tie some 12 inch flys in Black over White or Blue over White on circle hooks. 6/0 pr 7/0 Circle hooks work well. River Herring is the main source of Sustenance for Striped Bass on the Spawning grounds. If I have another angler in my 15 foot dory I have him Toss his set up forward of the Starboard hull and I will pause 20 seconds and toss my line forward of the Port side of the Dory. the Port hull. The running line is stripped back to the boat only after the sinking line Comes near the surface. I expect hits as soon as the weighted line starts to rise up the water column. It is sort of like nymphing, you cast and then follow the line down stream and when it is straight down from your position start striping it back and coiling the line in a bucket or leave it lay on the bottom of the boat. The picture you see on my “avatar” is a 30 pound 42.75” male striped bass. I caught while live lining herring after I launched at the Coxsackie Ramp. I was a good two miles into the Drift when I got the hookup. On good days, I will drift past Catskill NY and fish that “reach of the River” to North Germantown, NY. The Ro-Jan River feeds into that stretch of water and is a spot to consider fishing the mouth of it as the sun goes down. The eel grass flats on the eastern shore south of there are so thick they will choke out a outboard motor. My Dory has a 15 hp, 4 Stroke Johnson Outboard motor. It will cruise at 18 to 20 mph. I ride the River tide north to get to my starting point ten miles up the river. I stop and fly fish several inlets on the way back. There is a killie species that likes to spawn in some of the the Bay mouths in mid May. I switch to my 8 weight Rods and to smaller flies to see if I can catch striped bass sitting in the out flow of the tide.The Hudson River Valley has been Settled by Europeans since the 1500's. The Eastern Shore line has a ribbon of steel blocking off a good portion of the River. Railroad Tracks line the river from NY City to Troy, NY. Some of the out flows were man made by the Railroad Builders to offset the rising tide with bays behind the tracks. The 110 mile spawning ground provided by the Hudson River can be accessed on both shores. Go to NYS/DEC and look for the Access Maps for the Hudson River. 20+ years ago I did the River with a hand held GPS and tagged every possibile access to the River. The State put together a group of maps to inform you where the Hudson River can be accessed. For about 6 to 7 weeks the millions of Mature Striped bass will be waiting for the right weather and water tempature. They are hungry and super wary. If you catch a Spring time Hudson River striped Bass you have done very well! RJ
  4. I picked this off Yahoo. Trumps changes has rebalanced the ACA and reduces prescription costs. most of us are near retirement or retired! This will benefit you. RJ President Trump signed these Medicare changes into law. Here’s what to watch for Making Sen$e Feb 14, 2018 4:51 PM EST Seemingly overnight, big changes to Medicare morphed from being an item on various congressional wish lists into reality as part of last week’s budget deal, diverting me on my way to this week’s reader questions. The Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the financial impact of the budget deal includes five pages of detailed health care changes, and I suspect there are others that have yet to be reported. However, the law has already been signed by President Trump, so whether these are good changes or not is moot for the time being. Medicare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board has been killed. It was authorized by the Affordable Care Act to serve as a check on higher Medicare expenses. It was quickly labeled a death panel by opponents and became such a lightning rod that no board members were ever named. The rules for Medicare’s Part D drug plans were changed. The much-maligned coverage gap (or donut hole) in these plans has been shrinking for years under the Affordable Care Act, and was supposed to end in 2020, at which time consumers in the gap would pay no more than 25 percent of the costs of their drugs. That end date was moved up a year to 2019. Consumers who have spent a lot on drugs and have entered the so-called catastrophic phase of Part D plans will pay no more than a few dollars for each prescription or, for costly drugs, no more than 5 percent of the cost of the drug.While this percentage will not change, the responsibility for paying the other 95 percent of the cost will be borne even more heavily by the government, and is expected to save pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars. Taxpayers, of course, ultimately will be on the hook for those higher government expenses. It’s a more significant if largely invisible change. Medicare’s caps on covered expenses for outpatient therapy have been officially repealed. People with persistent therapy needs have bumped against these caps for more than 20 years, and Congress has regularly eased those rules. While claims above current cap levels may be subject to review, people who legitimately need extensive therapy will not have to depend on year-to-year congressional fixes. Medicare’s high-income premium surcharges will carry even more of a bite for wealthier enrollees. Those making more than $500,000 a year ($750,000 for couples) will pay 85 percent of the actual costs of Part B and D in 2019, up from 80 percent this year. Most Medicare enrollees pay premiums that equal about 25 percent of these costs. Congress also made numerous and potentially far-reaching changes to the rules for Medicare Advantage plans. That includes allowing such plans to pay for limited long-term care expenses – something that until now has not been covered by Medicare. If this wasn’t enough, the Trump administration finally seems ready to make good on its repeated commitment to do something to lower high prescription drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries. The Council of Economic Advisers issued a report late last week laying out many ideas. The White House reportedly will back a plan to permit those on Medicare to share in substantial discounts that drug manufacturers currently pay to Medicare drug insurers. People with commercial health insurance regularly get manufacturer discounts, which can save them thousands of dollars a year on costly medications. Medicare prohibits such manufacturer discounts, and while pharmaceutical companies do provide hefty discounts to Part D insurers, they are not passed along to consumers. The law has already been signed by President Trump, so whether these are good changes or not is moot for the time being. Part D insurers generally oppose the change, saying that the industry currently uses the discounts to subsidize Part D premiums, and that all consumers would face sharply higher premiums if discounts were shared with the relatively small number of consumers who need expensive medications. The Trump budget also proposes removing even the 5 percent that people in the catastrophic phase of their drug plan must pay, permitting them to get their drugs for free. While this would be a great deal for the million or so people who spend that much money on prescriptions, other elements of the proposal would raise out-of-pocket spending for other people with Part D plans. I have loads of unanswered questions about these new Medicare policies. Below are some questions that I hope I can actually answer! Terri: My husband turns 65 in June 2018. Our financial planner suggested that he take my Social Security benefits, as I am the higher earner. However, does that mean that I have to take mine as well — I am 62 and still working — and does his receipt of Social Security money obligate him to go on Medicare? I have your books, and while they are very helpful, I cannot find the answer to these questions. Phil Moeller: Changes to Social Security laws enacted by Congress in late 2015 have eliminated your ability to file and suspend your own benefit so that your husband could file for a spousal benefit based on your record. So, you would have to file for your own benefit to make him eligible to file for a spousal benefit. If you did want to pursue this, I’d suggest you wait until he turns 66. At that point, if you filed for your own benefit, he could file a restricted application for just a spousal benefit while permitting his own retirement benefit to earn delayed retirement credits. Unfortunately, you are too young to be able to wait until your full retirement age to file such a restricted application and claim a spousal benefit based on his earnings record. The best course of action depends on the difference in your benefits, your relative ages, your financial needs, and your health. Major gains in longevity have convinced me that it’s usually a good idea for people to wait and file so they can maximize their monthly benefit. Finally, as the higher earner, there are strong reasons for you to delay filing for your own retirement benefit until as late as age 70. This would guarantee that you receive the highest possible benefit. Also, a surviving spouse is entitled to the larger of the two spouses’ benefits, which provides another reason to consider maximizing your benefit.
  5. They are scandals! Stimulus that has donors getting our tax money, building a Green Factory and going Chapter 11, in less than a year. Or the Battery Company in Michigan built with Stimilus money given to A Chinese Company. Just two examples of stimulus scandals. Obama Care has failed. Poorly constructed and a gift to the Insurance Companies! The Rate increases to high to Pay for most Middle Class and sloppy management, not to mention forcing American to Purchase stupid coverage. Maternity Fees for 70 and 80 year old women used to drive p the costs to the consumer. How many state have shut down their OBC because they couldn't afford the taxes to pay for them? "They were policy issues." Believed by Dude! Policy Issues? A snark too far!
  6. The feds were dangling Flynn Son by Threats of indictments against him. Didn't you know that? That's the Wowzer 800 LB Federal Gorillia in the pot
  7. Whistling in the Dark? So Soon? Tick Tock, as the changes make by Trump's Executive orders, the Tax package and the Economy boost more ad more Americans will begin to get on the Freedom Train. Show us where the Democrats have given anything to improve the lot of the Poor. The Dems promised the world and deliver Dog Droppings to the poor and untrained portions of the economy. Trump is delivering on his promises. 80% of Americans are enjoying the new tax deal, the other 20% are the top 20% and not the bottom. Business is booming, low un-employment, a mere trickle of Food Stamps and the highest employment numbers ever for Black and Hispanic workers. Billions of investment money coming home to America making manufactuering a goodly number of good paying jobs. Obama the only President who failed to increase the GNP above 2%. We has seen 4.0% and are look to pass to 6.0% +. Promises Made and Promises Kept!
  8. I got it. ad I crafted a great answer for about 30 minutes and then touched a wrong button. It went GONE! Post it again here again. it was a great Question and we should share the answer to other SOLer's who might benefit from it and my answer. Bob
  9. Tomorrow is Catchers and Pitchers Day! A sure sign Spring will be here soon. By mid March the Hudson River will begin hosting Atlantic Shad, Striped Bass and two species of River Herring. Jamaica Bay, Raritain Bay, the Shrewsbury and Navesink Rivers will begin to warm up and produce bait to supply striped bass who will start looking for Herring to arrive. Once the the Blueback and Alewife Herring begin their annual trek up the Hudson River to spawn in the 110 mile freshwater tidal breeding grounds that start about the I-84 bridge between Newburgh to Beacon, NY a end at the Federal Flood Control Dam above Albany, NY. The trickle starts in March and the arriving striped bass will Stage at the mouth of the River and select herring schools to ride up the River feeding on the herring. By the middle of April all the mature Striped Bass and herrig will have settled in the portion of Hudson they were born in and await until the water warms up to 58 degrees. Mid May usually sees spawning Striped bass in mid May. The spawning out will last 2 to 3 weeks. in April Large Blue Fish will arrive from far off shore to Raritan Bay and the Two Rivers in Monmouth County. Huge heads full of teeth and long skinny bodies. Tick Tock, The Clock is running. Surf Day at Brookdale College is this Saturday at 9 am. It won't belong now!
  10. Kelly will be there a long time. He is too good to dismiss because of a wife beater. He fired the goon! Move along know! the Show is over!
  11. Chuck, I have two Froggtog fishing jackets. They are excellent. I also have a pair of breathable waders by FT and like them very much. The Price is right. I don't know if they have a warentee, as I have nto needed to call them to find out. Bob
  12. Mully, Most Irish claim to Decend from Irish Kings. I know, I am from Irish Druids and since the 8th Century from Irish Bards. God Bless All in the House! There is mention in the "Book of Kells" the name of an Bard whose name was Thomas Creeden who was the strongest voice against the ******* Norse invaders. With out any knowledge of this ancestor, On 6/5/1965 I named my Oldest Son Thomas Aquinas Creeden! I told the Trinity Professor who told me about Thomas Creeden the Bard that I had named my oldest son, Thomas. He commented on that fact by telling me I had a little bit of "Fey" in my DNA. It's a heavy Burden to carry! I'm considering writing a song. Title "Fey In My DNA, Baby!" I was planning on BB King Singing it for me! "King of the Blues!" I wear a Columbia, 50 SPF wt, hat that looks a lot line HillTops hat. The label on mine is Columbia "OMNI-Shade!"
  13. hmarchetti, Welcome Aboard! You are going to like it here. You need to post 15 times and then you will be able to Post Messages to the rest of us. In Rich Murphy's Great book " Fly Fishing for Striped Bass" in his Chapter Coastal Estuaries, and the salt marsh Complexes (pg. 278) he describes fishing The Essex River and the marshes around it. Google Earth for the Essex River Ma and it will show you the wonderful opportunities just a short drive from where you live. The area includes Castle Beach, Ipswich, Crane Beach, and a number of other spots. Murphy uses a Canoe to fish the estuaries, rivers and marshes north of Cape Ann. He lives somewhere along the North Shore. If you can contact him, he will sell you his $60.00 book for $20.00. Your timing is perfect! You can scout out most of the spots between now and March. Good Luck! RJ
  14. If daddy is a Veteran and a Citizen, His Wife and Children are American. You need to complete High School to enlist in the US Armed forces. IF he marries while in the Service and his kids are born here they are American as much as you or I. It is sad that there are only 800 or sow in the armed Forces. Out of more than a million DACA'