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  1. It was an opportunity to review the sins of obama and his multitudes. The left is starting to gibbering! Yesterday Sen. Chuck U Schumer lambasted the success of Trumps Economy by blurting out The President Trump is all Cattle and no Hat! The day before that Andrew Gov. Coumo told his Supporters that "America was never great! And it never will Be. Our economy is "ROARING" Trillions of American Company dollars have already returned to the USA and are bring manufacturing home to America. 16 steel mills are under construction or upgrading! Investors are coming to the US because we are the most stable economy in the world. we will rise to 4.8% by the end of August. The Neigh Sayers on the left can not believe that, their Cult leader to all of us that the new normal will never exceed 2.0% and told the American workers that "US Manufacturing is never coming back!" The Boom has surpassed the growth rate that is faster that Ronald Regan's turn around, Trickle Down Boom.
  2. The judge in Manaforte Trial, refused to tell the MSM the names of the jury. His refusal was because his life has been threatened and he is guarded 24/7,to and from the Manafort Trial. He told the Media that he is afraid the Jurors would be threatened or physical harm. The jouriors do not have the protection sources he has.
  3. How can you say that, when you know obama’s Lazy ways and It’s all about him and nothing about you or the Democrat Party, He and Hillary broke the back of the party by taking every penny in the Party Coffers! Didn’t you read the book by the Lady who was the head of the DNC. The one who was caught feeding Hillary the Questions of an upcoming debate against Trump! She had to resign in disgrace! She he was replaced by the loud mouth Jewish Broad from Florida Debbie W Shultz! She was the Mastermind who facilitated the theft of the DNC Campaign money. Debbie also colluded with the Super Reps to fix the Primary by stabbing Bernie Saunders in the back in the hall that was full of BS Supporters! Debbie had to resign! Stoney, My Condolence’s! You and all real democrats were abused by the effete elected leadership who believed you were as stupid as the Republican DEPLORABLE ‘S! I can can still hear The Screams from the Host of BS loyalist! ”Oh, the Humanity!” Then Bernie blinked and put his tail between his legs and Quit on all of his supporters: Zero cojonie’s! Very Not Presidential material at all. A Wimp! The Dem Effort was dead before it started,
  4. Brian, Thru our history there have been immigration policies to slow the flow from different countries to allow foreigners to assimilate and join the rest of us as Americans. Italian and Irish immigration to the US were some of those nations that were cut or reduced serverely. A lot of the Irish still hate Ted Kennedy for reduction of Irish immigration! The Presidents current policy is to limit immigration to allow individuals who can assimilate and come to us as people have skills that will help the US continue our Nations sense of purpose, and continue to hold Freedom and Liberty the American Way. Hillarys 500,000 Syrian unvented refugees would have been a disaster! Leading Democrats in the CIA, DOD and others said that Syrians could not be vetted because there were no records available in that war torn nation. Norway has a small population and very few apply for immigrant status. President Trump was with the Norwegian President or Ambassador an he joked with his visitor. Don’t be losing your sense of humor now!
  5. 54% of the new jobs are manufacturing jobs. Lowest level of unemployed Black and Hispanic minorities. Latest law passed by Congress will help train 11,000,000 students and workers looking to train for skills that will pay them Better and get then on the way to success!
  6. This is like a 9 on the kook scale, no? Bunker your handle should be BONKERS86 That is a lot of HATE to br carrying around! Laura Ingram has been spreading common sense and kindness for a long time. I like her style. I also like Ann Coulter's feisty style! Care to share you opinion on her as well? What is it about strong, women who at conservative leaders that causes your angst against this breed of ladies? Their Truth to Power and not Fake News.
  7. The She is lying on that tape.
  8. JohnP. The source she claims played for her denies he did that and that tape never existed. Her ear best friend , another whitehouse woman of color has released a statement that Amarosa is lying! Both true statements can be found in today’s Real Clear Politice side bars. Amarose’s secret taping in the whitehouse are felonies and she will be charged for those crimes.
  9. The girl friend was going to be the ewe! When she realized that her boyfriend and Mc Cabe set the up she ran to the congressional oversight committees and regurgitated everything! And she brought the files with her! A woman scorned is nasty. A woman lawyer is Toxic! The clock began ticking faster for all of the traitors! I can’t wait for the Book to come out! oh yeah! A FBI Trained Woman Scorned is a present that keeps on ticking!
  10. Show us the meat! TDS is decimating the Democrats! Examples are sooo easy to find. If if you put on your foil hat it might energize you to crawl off the couch and show us our idjits!
  11. Have you checked that number lately?
  12. Yeah right, Joe! The Dem party and all of those poor beknighted fools who can not admit we have a Democratic Elected President Are ALL About PARTY and not the Democratic Republic’s rules laid out in our Constitution. The Atifica,The Resitance and BLM are the traitors. A US President can only be tried or Impeached is he fails to protect the Constitution, and the Nation, If y’all force President Trump Out, anode lead a seditious revolt the American People who believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will come after those traitors. Every American Patriot who has taken the oath to Defend our Nation and its Laws, Freedom and Liberties against the enemy’s, Foreign and DOMESTIC, is bound to up hold the Law, The failed revolt will overcome the liberal and progressive leftists in no more than two months! Our Sons and Daughters in the Volunteer US Armed Forces will not be on the side of Traitors, Our People want Peace, but will defend the nation to keep our Liberty and Freedom! We have more guns, bullets and weapons training than the masked pisants, as Americans who own guns and how to use them. The socialistic Democrat Party is broken, and a minority! The #Walkaway Movement” is departing the DP and The Dems have no idea how any have moved Right out of their ranks, Heed the Warning, Joe!
  13. Yawn! Maher is Wrong headed in most of his thoughts! A stopped watch is right twice a day Maher’s watch is missing the second hand!
  14. Came across this today. It is an informational gold mine on how our Ground Forces compare in their Aviation components. The smaller service has more aircraft than the US Army. The Army is restricted to helo's by congress. The Air Force worked real hard to box the Army in this role. Marine Aviation has the full boat choices thru their Naval Aviation History. They have retained their Fighter Air Intercepter Defender role, their Fighter Bomber Air to Ground Team to support Marine Infantry, Armor and Transport. with lift capability in larger and faster lift capability for Infantry Air Assault. The F-35 Marine version has Harrier Vertical lift capability so they can support Marines from closer locations that allows them to refuel and rearm ad get back into the Fight much faster the conventional fixed wing air craft. that need landing platforms like Carriers and Airbases. Knight771 is one of several retired Army Aviator's active on SOL and a I'd like to see his opinion of this article. This thread isn't political, but it has legs in the politics that go on between the Services jockying for their piece of the Defense Budget! FORBES Aug 6, 2018, 10:36am Why Marine Aviation Is Leaping Into The Future And Army Aviation Isn't Loren Thompson, Contributor Aerospace & Defense During the two difficult decades following the 9-11 attacks, the U.S. Marine Corps transformed its aviation arm. Aging CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters were replaced by far more capable MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotors, which combine the vertical agility of a rotorcraft with the speed and range of a fixed-wing plane. Meanwhile, the Marines became the first service to begin operating the F-35 fighter, a multi-role strike aircraft that in the Marine version can land and take off vertically (similar to a helicopter) while remaining invisible to enemy radar. While these revolutionary developments were unfolding, the U.S. Army tried three times to replace its decrepit fleet of scout helicopters, and each time it failed. The service finally decided to simply retire the fleet even though it had no replacement, turning the armed reconnaissance mission over to heavier Apache attack helicopters -- helicopters designed to conduct different missions in wartime. The difference of Army and Marine experiences in revitalizing Cold War aviation assets since 9-11 is emblematic of a broader divergence in their modernization efforts. No service has done a better job than the Marine Corps at innovating within tight budgets. It has managed to radically improve its approach to combat while claiming less than 10% of the defense budget. No service has done a worse job of modernizing than the Army, which has squandered many billions of dollars on programs it later decided to abandon. In fact, every one of the Army's top technology initiatives today is a successor to earlier efforts that were killed after considerable investment of time and money. As a result, the Army is still relying on weapons that came to fruition during the Reagan era -- before the advent of the Worldwide Web -- to wage war in the information age. The service has repeatedly upgraded and remanufactured those weapons, but aside from a handful of programs like the Stryker troop carrier, it has surprisingly little to show for 20 years of "modernization." The closest thing to an excuse that the Army has for this sorry performance is that it was heavily engaged in fighting throughout the post 9-11 period. It provided most of the U.S. forces deployed to Southwest Asia, and it took most of the casualties. It's hard to step back and think about future military requirements when you're already engaged in combat. The Army did a decent job of fielding urgently needed gear in Iraq and Afghanistan, even if that gear wasn't suited to beating the near-peer threats on which it now must focus. But the Marines were deployed in Southwest Asia too, and a lot of other places to boot. As America's 9-11 force -- the first responders to arrive in-country when troubles arise -- they were just as distracted as the Army. Somehow, the Marine Corps was able to sustain its vision of future combat built around agile air power and a resourceful infantry despite the frequent effort of political forces in Washington to undermine its most cherished modernization programs. So today, the Marines are poised to be the nation's dominant ground force, even though they have less than half the active-duty headcount of the Army. In the case of aviation, the Marine Corps stuck with its plans for modernizing through hell and high water, while the Army couldn't seem to stick with any plan for more than a few years. The Army's helicopter fleet is still capable, but that is due as much to the debility of recent adversaries as investment in new technology. How it would fare in a fight with Russia or China is anyone's guess. Which brings me to Future Vertical Lift, the Army-Navy program that supposedly is going to provide a replacement for all of the Army's Cold War helicopters. The basic concept of the program is simple enough -- a family of five rotorcraft sharing common technology and equipment in order to save money. If FVL, as it is usually called, were executed as currently planned, it would fix pretty much everything that ails Army Aviation. However, it probably won't be. First of all, spending on the program is scheduled to ramp up toward the end of the next decade when federal funding is likely to be scarcer than it is today. Second, the Army and the Navy don't really agree on what should come first; the Navy needs to replace medium-size Black Hawk helicopter variants deployed across its fleet, whereas the biggest gap in Army Aviation is all those missing scout helicopters. Without new scouts, it isn't so clear who will provide recon for the other gear the Army plans to buy. And then there's the Army's perennial inability to stick with a plan. As FVL is currently scoped out, full-rate production of new helicopters doesn't commence until President Trump's successor is about to leave office (assuming he or she serves two terms). Think of how many Army leaders will come and go during that extended timeframe, and how tempted each of them will be to tinker with the plan. The Army needs to start bending metal on new rotorcraft a lot faster, before it has time to change its mind. Fortunately, there is a solution. The Army has been leading a "precursor" to FVL called Joint Multi-role that has already generated promising options for new rotorcraft. One industry team, led by Bell/Textron, has developed a third-generation tilt-rotor that is flying today. The other team, led by Lockheed/Sikorsky and Boeing, is proposing a fast and agile conventional helicopter. Either option would greatly out-perform existing Army helicopters in speed, range, payload and other key performance parameters. What the Army and Navy need to do is leverage technology that industry has already developed to compress the schedule of Future Vertical Lift. The Army in particular could have a new medium helicopter for moving soldiers around the battlefield, or a new scout helicopter, in less than ten years if it just skipped the superfluous early stages of FVL that have already been covered by the precursor program. Why wait until the 2030s to bend metal when solutions have already emerged from a robust, digitized, competitive development effort? Rumor has it that a team formed by the Army chief of staff to rethink aviation modernization has already come to the same conclusion: it has the data it needs to begin Future Vertical Lift in midstream at the engineering stage, rather than starting over. This could be the Army's best opportunity to prove it is still capable of developing next-generation equipment expeditiously. Coming up with a successor to current armored vehicles may need two decades of investment before production can commence, but aviation solutions are in hand. Obviously, the Marine Corps has modernization options the Army does not, since it operates both fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft. The Army only has helicopters. The Air Force's F-35s would have to provide air cover in a future European war. But with a bigger budget and more focused aviation requirements, there's no need for the Army to wait until mid-century to field replacements for helicopters that commenced development in the 1960s and 1970s. FVL needs to move faster, and Army Aviation needs to begin its own leap into the future. END