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    Your typical post-WW II baby boomer Army Brat...heavily influenced by the early days of TV, Sci Fi, Hot Rod culture growing up in the Fifties. Was fortunate to live overseas a few years ( Rome Italy ) while in grade school, experiencing other cultures.
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    Surf casting barrier Islands from Rehobeth DE to Assateague MD-VA. Try to get to the Outer Banks at least once a year.
    Even tried Laguna Madre TX once...sight casting jigs to a huge school of black drum. Also dabble in a little artwork and scale modeling in the winter months when I can't fish.
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    Estimator Project Mgr - commercial Stone and Tile for 30 plus years. Contemplating where I want to live when I retire in 5 or 6 years as I write this....hopefully it will be near a nice body of water somewhere.

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  1. Be kinda interesting to see what the regs and catches looked like 55 years ago.....
  2. A really lovely .....but depressing story.
  3. Wife jokingly remarked it happened at the end of the month and the officer had to make his quota. I'm still flabbergasted that I could've reached 42 mph in the short distance traveled ...thats why I got out of my car to look back and see how far I had driven....eliciting the cops angry response...but in court it will be his word ....and the radar's ( no matter how calibrated ) against mine...so I guess I'll just waive the court appearance and pay the hefty fine and court cost. ( Although a trip to Manteo in January to appear before a judge would enable me to try a little casting lures for Specks in the surf around Kitty Hawk/ Nags Head .)
  4. Thanks to all for your input. I received three more letters from attorneys in NC Saturday offering assistance in the legal process for a "small fee"....thats ten now since the incident last Sunday.
  5. Update....in today's mail I received no less than 7 letters from attorneys in Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, Currituck & Elizabeth City....all claiming that for a small fee starting at $150.00 they could help me navigate my way through the court process and perhaps even have the charge dropped to something less than a moving violation...and prevent the points I may incur on my driving record and insurance. Sounds like they've got it down to a nifty system. My wife asked me if I waive my right to a court appearance and paid the speeding ticket...why should there be any court costs piled on...I thought that was a good question.
  6. The answer is obvious...Chris T sold his soul to the devil.....
  7. Dang......where was that photo taken? Dunkirk?
  8. Nice report....and that's what's nice about the OBX surf...never know what you'll hook up with. I was down in Buxton Friday-Saturday-Sunday...it blew pretty hard out of the NE first day down...but settled down into a beautiful fall weekend. We heard that the bite was on Tuesday all up and down the beaches...guess the NE blow dispersed the fish...they were harder to come by later in the week. Got me one good puppy ....on a glob of bloodworms no less....first time that's ever happened.
  9. Allright...Ive been fishing the surf for a little over 30 years...admittedly further south than you guys but nevertheless for the same species. Fishing from a beach with bait is about the toughest fishing there is .....fishing from the beach with lures is harder still if you're expecting a catch...and I can see the challenges due to the greater interest because of the technology and internet etc...it has become something of a fad and perhaps ruined it for many...but fads don't last forever. From my own perspective....my step sons and brother in law ....having tried it....wont stick with it....mainly because the return on invested time alone isn't worth it...theyd rather be hiking....white water rafting...whatever. In the long run this separates the pretenders from the contenders...and ultimately leave more of the beach to us....the guys that love the ritual...whether we catch fish or not.
  10. Congrats to you and the lady for making it happen... Sounds like you both have salt water in your veins. My first trip to the Outer Banks was in 1971 when a bunch of guys who just graduated high school decided to pile into a Mercury Montego convertible and go camping at the beaches in Maryland, Virginia & NC before we all headed off to our respective college destinations. I started going down to Hatteras on a regular basis when I took up surf fishing 12 years later in 1983....back in those days it was slammer 14-16 lb bluefish in the fall...every trip we took we learned something new about what to fish for...when and where. We always envied the locals who could stop what they were doing....put down a pen or hammer and grab a rod and reel and hit the sound or surf when the fish were in the neighborhood in great numbers. We were lucky to plan one or two trips a year in those days and hit it just right ...weatherwise....and with no cell phones or internet back then it was a real challenge. Nowadays we have many conveniences but the challenge persists. I know the feeling you two shared on your trips home...wondering when.... or if..... you'd make it back to the Outer Banks. Here's hoping your transplant is successful. ( Attached is an old pic of me at the north beach in Buxton 1987....my brother and I envy the locals who can drop what they're doing and go Speck hunting ..... )
  11. ....he was on his way back to my car with the ticket in hand when he saw me get out of my car. Holiday weekend...out of state driver...theres no way I was leaving town without a ticket.I hope the county puts my $240.00 to good use...I'll consider it my contribution to the welfare of the island.
  12. Logically....dont you think a motorist standing in plain view by his vehicle with both hands empty and clearly visible presents less of a threat to an approaching officer than a motorist sitting behind the wheel almost totally obscured?
  13. Courtesy works both ways don't you think?
  14. ....as I explained, I got out of the vehicle merely to look back and see how much ground I had covered since leaving the tackle shop and being pulled over....I had no intention of arguing the point....and both my hands were clearly visible...as the officer even admitted after the initial exchange. I did not contest the claimed speed....nor did I raise my voice or act argumentative in any way. The officer may have accurately recorded my speed....but his attitude was totally unwarranted.
  15. Guess so. I have always treated law enforcement with the utmost courtesy and respect, and can probably count on one hand the number of moving violations I have accumulated in my 46 years of driving...which only reinforces my shock at the attitude this guy was giving me....seemed totally unwarranted for the situation...but maybe that's the way they are being trained nowadays...to get on top of the violator early and with total dominance...probably works to their benefit I guess...but it might elicit a very different response from a motorist who has some issues that I dont. Word of advice my dear old dad used to give me...never get in a pissing contest with a skunk...you'll lose.