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    Love to fish all types (fresh and salt). Have a boat for LI Sound fishing.
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    Philadelphia Flyer, NY Giant, Yankee fan.
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    Own a Home Remodeling Company

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    Stamford, CT
  1. I'll take it if GG passes, give him a shot first
  2. Good stuff, that Colt custom shop I heard is awesome!
  3. Yep, I think that's the only differences pretty much, fatter grip and 2 more rounds. I love my 220, been around forever but I'm sure the 227 is fine. Good advice on the used guns too. I guess I've been lucky as hell with mine!
  4. If you're going to go 45, why not a 220?
  5. Good point. I bought always slightly used, never had an issue, but agree, on a heavily used gun I wouldn't.
  6. Nope, I don't mod the trigger. I'm also a proponent of buying used, in great shape
  7. I have two Sig 226's. The Legion and the Stainless Elite. The Legion sounds like what you are looking at comparing to with the MK25 as far as weight goes, the stainless is heavier. I have nothing at all negative about any of my sigs. The Legion is what my son, who's 12 uses at the range. He has no problem with the recoil or balance for a lighter gun. It's one of my favorite guns. Hope that offers a little info
  8. I'll take these for $160 shipped
  9. I'll take this
  10. Any styles or you don't care?
  11. Grs

    Nice fishy lures/colors
  12. Any colors slims you're looking for?
  13. RH Slim M I have if interested
  14. I have tons to trade.
  15. Aha....the ol' "mine" trick......... Can't steal the copyrights!