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    Love to fish all types (fresh and salt). Have a boat for LI Sound fishing.
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    Philadelphia Flyer, NY Giant, Yankee fan.
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  1. I let this topic run without giving my opinion just to hear others' opinions. I have the exact opinions as the above post. The last statement is the one I learned from the most and realized but never formulated. I like the challenge of the fish hooked in the corner of the mouth. That is why I prefer bass to blues and why I started the topic Don't get me wrong-I don't complain about catching a blue and love the fight-but it gets annoying dealing with landing it on the boat and the safety concerns. There is no doubt they fight different. For me what I find more of a challenge with a striper is: -When they drop down right under the boat/pulling them up-that fight is challenging and exciting to me. -When they run, to stop them from screaming drag to me pulling it in -I actually like that they give up, because pulling in the dead weight (so to speak) makes me exciting knowing "I beat the fish" . But again, a blue fights totally different and is a different fight. I just lost my vigor to catch them as much and am more satisfied with a bass than a blue.
  2. Will check out that model.
  3. Good stuff guys-appreciate it! So would you say it's hard for me to get in/out or the water displacement-appreciate the feedback, I'm new to this.
  4. Ok, I'll buy it then, you got it, thanks
  5. Actually, you can answer his question or accept mine/any offer, but I like shortcast/respect him, so see if he wants it first, and if he declines I"ll take it.
  6. Ok, thanks man-appreciate it
  7. Let me pass on this at $115, I already have one... If you reconsider $110 I'll do it, otherwise, thanks for the offer-appreciate it
  8. I have one of these 2, I'm looking to fish it, can you add $110 to it, let's call it that?
  9. If you can do the same $105 and throw it in the bag I'll take both......
  10. Yep, send payment info when I get into office I'll pay
  11. Offer $110 shipped for the blue and can i see a top pic?
  12. Hey thanks for offering that up, I have one, if you'd take $105 shipped that would be my second.....
  13. Yep, please post pic and price, thanks!
  14. Nah, I wish-but I do get notifications for Shark/Megaladon tooth for sale still looking for one for my son............
  15. .....mine (lol)