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    Love to fish all types (fresh and salt). Have a boat for LI Sound fishing.
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    Philadelphia Flyer, NY Giant, Yankee fan.
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    Own a Home Remodeling Company

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    Stamford, CT
  1. I have one already, not as mint, offering $100 shipped and I'll take if you'd like
  2. Looking for hard to find colors, custom colors or basically anything. Please post pics.........
  3. Which version is this the V1 or V2?
  4. I disagree with Andy's chime-in. CT Jim wants to inquire about it and learn, he's getting opinions from others to open up discussion. I take the opposite stance I'd rather have CTJims out there with guns than those who take the NRA class, get a permit, have the right to carry, carry and don't educate themselves on it or ever practice it but have the false sense of security that "at least I have a gun that is always there"...so my 2 cents is ask away CT Jim, educate yourself and make the decision.
  5. Cool, pm me pp information, thanks
  6. I will-it's mint right-no dings or nothing? Just making sure please.
  7. Nice, love the concept of a pad! Less recoil IMO than the 870
  8. Well if its a giant I will go 160
  9. I have this in jointed and 2 slims already. If it's a giant, I'll take for $145 shipped if you can Thanks
  10. New to kayaking too-I'm in Stamford, pm me, let's chat
  11. Anyone try this Benelli Nova, if not you should. The Remington 870 I thought sucked.
  12. Benelli Nova