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  1. Interesting points found on wikipedia...........I like the "show a gun or fire a warning shot" requirement....which in this case would have been a common sense better choice. Stand-your-ground laws are frequently criticized and called "shoot first" laws by critics, including the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.[23] In Florida, self-defense claims tripled in the years following enactment.[23][24] The law's critics argue that Florida's law makes it very difficult to prosecute cases against individuals who shoot others and then claim self-defense. The shooter can argue that he felt threatened, and in most cases, the only witness who could have argued otherwise is the deceased.[23] Before passage of the law, Miami police chief John F. Timoney called the law unnecessary and dangerous in that "[w]hether it's trick-or-treaters or kids playing in the yard of someone who doesn't want them there or some drunk guy stumbling into the wrong house, you're encouraging people to possibly use deadly physical force where it shouldn't be used."[25][26] A counter argument is that implementing a duty-to-retreat places the safety of the criminal above a victim's own life.[27] In Florida, a task force examining the law heard testimony that the law is "confusing".[28] Those testifying to the task force include Buddy Jacobs, a lawyer representing the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association. Jacobs recommended the law's repeal, stating that modifying the law would not fix its problems. Florida governor Rick Scott plans his own investigation into the law.[28] In a July 16, 2013 speech in the wake of the jury verdict acquitting George Zimmerman of charges stemming from the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Attorney General Eric Holder criticized stand-your-ground laws as "senselessly expand[ing] the concept of self-defense and sow[ing] dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods."[29] The defendant, George Zimmerman, claimed he was restrained at the time of the shooting, thus allowing no option for retreat and making 'stand your ground' irrelevant to the case.[30] Florida's legislature is currently[when?] considering a bill that would allow people to show a gun or fire a warning shot during a confrontation without drawing a lengthy prison sentence.[31] In 2017 there was a bill proposed in Florida's state legislature that would require the prosecution to prove that a defendant's use of self-defense was not valid.[32]
  2. Jetty, I'm forming my opinion on the reasonable assumption of what I saw in the video. If the guy "pumped his gun 3x more than the shot, I can't tell", but assumed it was 4. I didn't look for muzzle flash, etc. I also prefaced my point by stating if the victim reached in his pockets for something, etc. To me, laws have to be made universal, for the betterment of mankind. I don't think the stand your ground law should apply pretty much all the times. To me it's simple, if you feel threatened for your life....shoot, but have a duty to retreat. If this victim lunged at him the second time, and he shot him, I'd be better with it. I'd feel a lot better and prouder of the shooter if he would have threatened to shoot him, and nothing happened. To me, that was an easy scenario to create. And, to one of your points-all are a-holes involved. The wife, the wife getting out of the car, the victim pushing the guy, the shooter. I wouldn't have acted in those ways.
  3. Sorry Billy, I won't agree with this. Even if the law, I don't want to live in a society where a ccw doesn't think first. He could have easily avoided the situation and backed away. Even if the shooter was a non-trained timid woman. Check out the other topic here and a woman pulls out her gun in the back of a resturaunt counter, she doesn't fire away. Nothing personal, as it's just a discussion topic....but strongly disagree! How would you feel if collateral damage was done? If a kid or kids or another adult behind the victim got shot.....curious as to your thoughts........
  4. Good point, here's my swirling around in my head playing devils advocate. If the hubby made vocally threatened, (I'm going to kill you) or the hands in the pockets really warranted that concern, I initially have no concerns. But, based on this video, I see the shooter as a "trigger happy ccw guy"....the mere fact that he engaged this woman, escalated this scenario over a parking shot and whipped out his gun and literally "shot first asked questions later"..I think the law has to protect from people like this. I as a person practice and preach "use your words first until you can't" and "don't get yourself into situations then play victim"........
  5. I rewatched this video with fresh eyes from the Revolt Room video on my previous post. 0:06 seconds, shooter points at woman (confrontational), hubby comes out of market sees this happening and knows a verbal confrontation with his wife and a man who should have just not confronted his wife in car....... 0:09 seconds, hubby comes towards guy to defend his wife. Sort of makes no sense why his hands in his pockets. His intend (rightfully so) is to de-escalate/protect his wife. He then pushes guy to ground 0:13 seconds, after shooter pushed, he puts his hands in his pockets (or maybe adjusts his pants/pulls them up) and shooter IMMEDIATELY as he falls pulls gun out and stars shooting. 0:14 seconds, shooter immediately puts minimum 4 rounds into this guy, and as the guy is backing away. Reports say 1, I see the gun bob 4 times..... Here's what I see wrong on this by all accounts.............. *Woman shouldn't have parked in handicapped..and with kids in the car didn't need to get out *Shooter shouldn't have engaged woman/yelled at woman and by pointing at her, went too far to discipline someone as a civilian and should have called the store or cops or at least been "nice about it"...."hey do you know you're in the spot".... *Hubby should not have had hands in pocket, and if it was to pull up jeans, ok, but obviously it posed a threat imo. Also, hubby didn't have to push him that hard to the ground (if the shooter would have cracked his head on the ground) so that's assault in my book. As a man, I have no problem with him but pushing the guy that hard was wrong *Shooter definitely wrong. I don't buy the stand your ground law, and for practicality, he didn't survey the situation before shooting. I saw it with my own 2 eyes, he got pushed and came up shooting and could have done a lot of collateral damage. He has to live with killing a man in front of his kids and can try to convince himself and even if the law is on his side deep inside it's wrong. He got pushed to the ground, attacker backing away and you shoot? I don't want this mentality in my society. IMO, this is a bad precedent if allowed. Basically, if I'm carrying, if someone pushes me I can start shooting. Not good for society in my heart.
  6. https://revoltroom.com/posts/19472 Unedited version, played over again from a shock site. (SFW), the ONLY thing I think the shooter can make a ground on is the guy put his hands in his pockets after pushing him down. I doubt that's what made him shoot, but that's the ONLY thing I can think of. Other than that as many have said the anti 2nd amendment guys are (and should) have a field day with this. I am so anti stand your ground and this confirms it for me.
  7. LOL Dabig, I'm 50, from the grainy video on another site i thought he was in his 60's. Agree this is going to be a bad prescedent.
  8. Jetty, I respect your opinion, thats how you feel. I am familiar with the drill (had to look it up, I just refer to it as 21 feet). My issue is the fine line. She was perfect, she diffused the situation and no harm. If he lunged at her after gun out fire away. Curious your opinion in the other thread. Good discussion. Thanks!
  9. In another thread, I talked about my anti "stand your ground" logic, this is imo horrible what this old man did. It's pretty obvious the black guy was an a hole and a jerk, but simply put should not have died for this. If the old man whipped out his gun and the guy lunged towards him, fire away, but this is never going to be acceptable in society for me and I think this is a good case for duty to retreat........
  10. Got your logic and agree. My discussion is "what is the fine line"...and I'm no lawyer. Keep in mind, imo, I personally would try to retreat and obviously if can't fire away. I think the world is a better place with a duty to retreat mentality vs shoot now ask questions later....that was my point..
  11. My apologies, that's not what I meant, it's a typo I didn't write out my sentence complete and will edit it. I think it's totally wrong which was the premise of my post and I will edit it now
  12. Best loader ever made. You get a good rhythm going when you figure it out.
  13. For me, I think she did the right thing. I'm a "duty to retreat" guy. He posed a threat, she excercised her rights, did it well and did not fire. That's the point. As much as he's a scumbag he IMO should not die for this. She neutralized the threat and no one got hurt. I use this point in discussion with many friends about duty to retreat. Let's use this scenario....it's winter, in your house, you have a long hallway connecting all your bedrooms with a bathroom in the hall. You have a daughter who's 18. You are dead tired and go to bed early. You have a gun in your fingerprint safe right by your bed.... All of a sudden, it's 3 am, you hear a footstep in your hall. You grab your gun. A tall male with a hood over his head comes out of your bathroom, you have never seen...his chilly hands are in his overhead hoodie front pockets. Immediately you think "intruder" and shoot-you pump him full of lead...intruder right..your protected your family/daughter. Good job right...excercising 2A!!.."Shoot first ask questions later"....(does that course of action seem fair)-I think not. Comes to it, your daughter's friend who you never met broke up with his girlfriend and just wanted to chat that night with her and he had to use the bathroom. He tried to tiptoe in and tiptoe out. Whatever curfew "rules" you had with your daughter don't matter. She and the guy were just dealing with his depression and he wanted to talk. Now imagine that was your son who broke up with his girlfriend and this happened to him in his female friends house. Would you be happy he died because someone excercised 2A?
  14. Pbau please