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  1. My nephew is active duty Army, we can still get on. The change we noticed was that he used to be able to bring 2 guests, now it's down to 1, and the fee went from $30 to $50.
  2. Never caught a white perch there lol. Just about everything else, though.
  3. Got out early today, MoCo out back. Picked up a few fluke, 1 keeper (or real close, let him go) on a jighead/gulp shrimp. Tons of bunker and small 1-2 inch bait all over.
  4. @Sudsy, you should make a sticky post in this forum about the MC55 bug method haha
  5. I've had the Clash 5000 paired up with my 10' surf rod. Love it. Casts like a dream, drag is smooth. No issues with it since I got it (the month it was released for sale). Also have a Battle2 4000 which I love.
  6. Try to keep other conversations, inquires, and rants in the appropriate threads. If you have a question about something that would make a good thread on it's own, please start one. For all of you new to the site, this is how you should make your report. It's up to you how much information you give, but please keep it within the rules and no spot-burning or specific locations. Out front (oceanfront) or In the back (rivers, bays, and inlets), Conditions What you were fishing for, What you were using, What you caught. You can say that you caught fish in Ocean County but saying that you got them at Ocean Beach is a no-no. The location terms to use are.......... Monmouth County Ocean County Atlantic County Cape May County North Jersey for the Hudson and other waters north of Raritan Bay. County name plus "In the back" for Inlets, Rivers, and Bays.
  7. If it catches fish, it's a real plug lol.
  8. John Skinner did a video about 3d printed lures a while back.
  9. I think it depends on where you are. If I can scout dead low tide and find some terrain changes/holes/etc, I'll target them at high tide.
  10. Yup, I always use a bucktail/teaser combo for surf fluke. Usually it's a gulp minnow on the bucktail and a gulp shrimp in the new penny color. They LOVE that color since most of the action near the surf is on mole crabs it seems.
  11. Yup, that's why I don't understand why people are so tribal when it comes to Dems vs Repubs. Both parties are corrupted by money and that's what they listen to, no their constituents. I vote on issues, not because someone has a D or R before their name.
  12. I didn't get out much. Some bass and blues, a few fluke before the season opened. Nothing special.
  13. That was really nice of them to tell you that instead of taking you out and getting skunked.
  14. Using them for bait is waste as well if you wanna conserve blues. I don't see people using baby sea bass or stripers for bait. Blues should be no different.
  15. Nobody needs 15 bluefish a day. Drop the limit to 5. Even with 5 that's plenty. Plus make the minimum length 12 inches. I dont care if the guys using snappers as bait get pissed, so what. Plenty of other baits to use.