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  1. Does he make sets for spinners? I'm aware of his work on conventionals like senators. It's Bryan Young for those interested. Most of the applications can be seen over at alan tani's site.
  2. They both have great offerings as far as spinners are concerned. Spheros or gosa if you go shimano. The ssv and slammer can get on the heavy side, the clash is a less hefty reel. I think the spheros is probably one of the best spinners on the market when it comes to balancing price, weight, water/salt resistance and performance. Coming from a non repentant penn diehard.
  3. The Truth. Crispy bacon is overcooked, more like a crispy steak. The only reason it's palatable is because it's sliced so thin. Thickly cut strips, light sear is the way to go. Slab bacon is also the greatest thing in the world to start potato soup.
  4. I will never understand the fascination of thin, salty, crispy bacon. Thick cuts off a slab of bacon, pan fried lightly with some onions on the other hand...
  5. You don't actually rest it on your jewels, even when you're fighting or working the rod, you put it against your inner thigh at an angle, load up your rod with a hook on the fence or something and get a feel for where it comes to rest naturally. If you're right handed in controlling the rod, you'll be pulling into the right thigh at around a 50-60 degree angle if I had to guess.
  6. Think I got it, 6 turn surgeons and a standard dropper loop.
  7. You can do a triple surgeons and then do a standard dropper loop. I'm not sure what the initial knot is though. Possibly a spider hitch.
  8. What constitutes a reel bombing out? Drag failure?
  9. Yeah, this method is awesome though. I like to splice rope when I'm bored, I think i'll try to see how a loop would work out if weaved back on itself.and back down to the loop.
  10. Yup, you should see my reels, there's at least 4 or 5 double uni knots throughout from taking line off and putting on other reels. 90% of the time I'm fishing a locked drag for bottomfishing, so test your knots and you won't have to worry.
  11. I just tried that braid stich on 80lb, surprised it works pretty damn good but it seems it's a lot easier with a loosely stranded braid like j braid versus a tightly wound, round braid like sufix performance braid. I couldn't get the needle to go through that at all, it's almost like a solid core, how tightly woven it is.
  12. Double uni works well, test it yourself.
  13. You need to use a circle hook, even with a dead bait like a mullet. Mustad 39960d. never had one get loose. They'll spit j's and trebles all day, 100lb fluoro leader.
  14. Yeah, the sargassum is already here in Trinidad. Don't forget to include some baitfishing, barbados waters has nice snappers roaming around. Squid, cut grunts, spanish sardines will all work. As for lures, the Ghost x rap is great or a casting spoon.