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  1. The raptors are fine and generally all their high end cow reels, I think they were specifically introduced to address the issues they're well known for. You just might want to grease your drags because they still believe and recommend dry drags for some strange reason.
  2. Considering what he does is bottomfishing and it's well known that the non raptor avets all have binding issues, it's most likely pinion bearing failures that turn the reel into a grinding mess. Then there's the odd events of them coming apart but it's probably 1 in a million. It was funny when I first came across it though while researching options. The reel literally came apart in the rod holder and according to avet's engineer, confirmed what happened lol. "I received a response from Avet reels regarding the failure of the reel. This is from Robert Meyer at Avet reels. sorry bill for the delay, but it is now our busy season and this season is in full swing. i have spoke to Scott and the designer/engineer of all our reels. we have come to the conclusion that the screws did in fact back out. our owners manual states that all screws and fasteners must be checked prior to operation. You wouldn't drive away in your car with out making sure your lug nuts were all there. unfortunately you must look at the fact that we have no control over what happens with our reels once they leave the factory and any and all liability leaves with it. yes we cover defects in craftmanship and workmanship as stated in our warranty but this issue is considered negligence. hope this clears things up. All you Avet reel fans had better check the lug nuts on your truck before using your beloved Avet reels. Customer service at it's finest." I think they have some great reels but I don't see what they can give you over something like the penn torque star and US Senator that are both bombproof star drags, USA made reels. If all you do is pelagics, open water stuff where you don't need to push the drag, I'm sure for the most part they're fine, pretty reels.
  3. What do you think avet is going to excel at in a star drag that the others fall short on? They specialise in lever drags yet the majority of their lineup eat pinion bearings. Capt Greg Mercurio who runs the Yankee Captains has this to say about them. "Well if you know me and what I do take this for what it is worth. After 32 years of watching gear used in very tough conditions Avets are by far the most busted up reels I see on my trips. In fact the top Avet dealer in the NE tells me the same thing. He says he says away from selling them unless the customers has made up his mind. I realize most of you never see the abuse I see but I just wanted to get that out there. I hate seeing a customer with tackle failure on a trip. Like I said this is what I have seen. Greg"
  4. Tombstone is a great western, Val Kilmer is probably the best Doc Holliday on film.
  5. You're either confusing me with someone else or, so paranoid about a youtube personality, you're finding nonexistent 'attacks'.
  6. Hating on blacktipH? lol Some guys must be born omniscient in angling I guess.
  7. ssv liveliner.
  8. max-age%3D864000%2C max-stale%3D86400&rsct=application%2Fpdf&rscd=inline%3B filename%3D"McKenzie_85_FAO_Wooden_Fishing_Reel.pdf" HANDBOOK No. 25 (1985) NOTES ON THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE FAO WOODEN FISHING REEL For those of you who want to try their hand at a wooden samoan handreel designed by FAO for deep sea benthic species.
  9. The guys who are dropping your spools into buckets of water, you remove your drag washers? Or just pray they dry before you go fishing.
  10. The tug is the drug.
  11. Kil lets see some cubera action too, if there's any fish that can test a rod it's that beast.
  12. Oh please.
  13. Clearly it is a joke, JOKE RODS. BLACK HOLE RODS LAUGHS AT THEM. Flimsy rods that need smart market punchlines of "better value" and breakage warranty , black hole don't need warranty if they don't break.