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  1. Did you take this picture? Seems like a strange subject to take a photo of to me, but to each his own I guess.
  2. Your in depth knowledge of all things faggy, lends respectability to your opinion on this. I feel ashamed now.
  3. All entertainment awards shows that are not the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, or Tonys.
  4. Something over 60 million since 2009. Prior to 2009, players stayed in the locker room while the anthem played, and no one said a word about that. Displays of patriotism at NFL (and other sports) have become recruiting tools for the Armed Forces and the DoD has been paying for them. It's strange deal IMO. BTW, I'm a combat vet and always stand and take my hat off for the anthem when I'm at any game. I don't do it at home, but I do shut up and don't talk again until it's over.
  5. Well played. Although I stand by my opinion that Harry is ok.
  6. Didn't watch the wedding, but do kind of admire Harry. The guy did two tours in combat zones in Afganistan, spent ten years in the military, and prior to that drank more booze and banged more broads than most guys could ever imagine. The guy is twice as manly as all you yams put together.
  7. Wonder if that's due to fears of a wet track (which doesn't look as threatening now, but this was early betting), or just that's Jack isn't a bad horse. You're right though (as you seem to be with all things horses), 30-1 a day or two ago and down to 5-1 now is quite astounding. Good luck in the Oaks!
  8. I had the opposite happen to me a couple of years ago. Kid I went to high school with (had known him even longer) was nic named "Binky". He grew up, got a law degree, was even mayor of our town for 12 years. I ran into him in a bar on one of my infrequent trips to my home town and addressed him by his real name, "Ron", thinking "Binky" was a little undignified for an adult in his late 50's. He looks me right in the eye and says, "for Christ's sake, I've known you over 40 years, call me "Binky".
  9. "There is now the potential for another round of showers to move through during Saturday," Thompson said. "With the potential for showers increasing, the odds of a fast track are diminishing, and if showers linger into the afternoon, the track could be muddy or sloppy for the Derby." "There is still the potential for the rain to mostly stay to the east, but recent trends don't look promising," he added. I got this from Accuweather. They also said they expect the track to be "muddy or sloppy" for the Oaks, with rain during the early races on Friday. We got a ton of rain in St. Louis early this morning and it's headed east toward Louisville.
  10. Chance of rain tomorrow and Saturday. That might throw a wrench in things.
  11. Saturday is the big day. Anyone got plans? I'll be getting together with a few others for bourbon and cigars. Gotta run over to IL to place a few wagers in the morning. Belmo, guy from the Washington Post likes Bolt d'Oro at 8-1. He's one of the few that seem to like him. Everyone else (at least the guys giving free advice) seem to like Justify, Audible and Mendelsson. You still high on this pony Bolt d'Oro? I'll probably take a flier on My Boy Jack for fun, but kind of like Bolt in some sort of bet for real.
  12. As long as it's MY choice to not realize my full legal rights, I'm ok with it. If I'm forced to surrender my rights, I would be upset and maybe considered a dick. I take these types of things at the micro level. I'm not a dick to my friends and family about rights and legalities, but I might be to a stranger.
  13. Tell that to NATO. We have parts and such made in Europe per NATO agreements. Been that way for a long time. Last one to bring up the idea of ending that practice was Ross Perot, and he was dismissed as a crazy protectionist. His views on NAFTA and domestic production of all military hardware were spot on it seems to me. There are several NATO countries I wouldn't trust anymore than China.
  14. You'd never know it by the amount of traffic this site gets during the day!