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  1. I saw him play in New Orleans over 30 years ago. A great show. I have to admit, I didn't realize he was still alive as of yesterday. RIP
  2. A lot of white parents don't want their kids getting mixed up in all the BLM nonsense that happens on the Missouri campus. Missouri State, in Springfield has seen it's enrollment skyrocket and there's a big housing shortage there now. That's where a lot of kids who would have gone to Mizzou ended up.
  3. Oddly enough, I completely agree with you on this one.
  4. That is a good question, but I always thought Rivers was a middle of the pack talent. I see Eli as just a little above that.
  5. My point is, you can't BE mediocre and have a long career in the NFL. Not at QB.
  6. That's the assesment of a fantasy football player, I've seen you do better than that. How many QB's that were in the league 10 years ago, and are still in the league now, do you think have been better for that time frame?
  7. You don't get the kind of stats and longevity Eli did by being "highly mediocre". Jay Cutler is a better example "highly mediocre". Eli has had a very good, solid career. He played on some very good teams, no doubt, but he played solid QB on those teams. He's been good for the Giants franchise, and they got their money's worth out of him. He's not Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees or his brother Peyton, but those are the best QB's of his generation. Does he make the Hall of Fame? Maybe, maybe not, but he's got nothing to be embarrassed about. LOTS of QB's have come and gone during Eli's time in the league. He's done very well for himself IMO. Much better than more highly touted gems like Philip Rivers and others. Heck Ben Rothlisberger may be the most over rated of them all in this generation. He's played on some really good teams that won the SB, and he's racked up some stats in, what's been a terrible division for most of his career, and he's missed a boatload of games in his career. I'd take Eli's career over a lot of them.
  8. Eli's is on the downward side of a very good career. It happens to almost all of them. Only the Elways, Peyton Mannings, Montanas, and a few others play play really well at QB past 35. Time for the G-Men to get very serious about moving on. Eli has had a very good run.
  9. I swing an ax left handed. I don't know why, I do everything else right handed.
  10. I was a catcher from LL all the way through High School varsity. I played a little first base too, but in general, I think your assesment is correct.
  11. +1. I think the rhetoric may light the fuse, but I also belief these crazies are looking for a match of some kind. With the internet, it's easier to find the match than ever in history.
  12. +1 had good times there in the late 70's, early 80's.
  13. I have not heard a definitive definition of what the news called a "shooting platform". I would assume they are talking about some sort of bench rest to stabilize the weapon and make firing easier and more accurate. BTW: Have we blamed Trump for this yet? I figured by first coffee break we'd have that taken care of. In all seriousness, what a horrible tragedy.
  14. Yes, we are in a place where a movement like BLM can be based on a lie, like "hands up do't shoot".