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  1. It doesn't take long to toggle back and forth. Unless you take a lot of quick candid pics.
  2. On an IPhone go to Settings/General/Accessibility/Display Accomodations/Color Filters/ choose "greyscale". I think on Androids its under Accessibility. It's been working for me.
  3. A little off topic, but in the spirit of this thread, I started doing something at the start of the year, that I'm finding satisfying. I changed my smart phone to "greyscale". Now everything appears in black and white on my phone. i read an article about how much time is wasted staring at smart phones, and although it's a pet peeve of mine, I found myself doing it too often myself. By changing my phone to black and white, I don't see it as being as interesting and it doesn't catch my eye as often. I know it sounds overly simplistic, but it works for me. I've cut down on my phone usage by over a third. I also starting charging it in the kitchen at night and not next to my bed. No temptation to look at it that way. I'm getting a lot more productive reading done (kindle) now. Nobody asked, but I thought I'd share.
  4. I've brought that up a few times in here.
  5. I'm very happy with the Samsung fridge I bought in October. I didn't do French doors, and oddly enough you have to pay more for those. If you need 'em, you need 'em though. I did a lot of research before I bought (was totally gutting and redoing a condo I bought), and Samsung kept coming up as a good value. Good luck!
  6. They were just talking about Jo Jo last week on sports radio out here in St. Louis. Called him "without a doubt" the greatest player ever to come out of the St. Louis area. Sad to hear this news. RIP
  7. I'm holding my position that the former residents clogged it. At least that's my public position!
  8. So, I sold my house this past August and bought a condo. I had the condo almost totally gutted and remodeled to suit my needs. We moved in on October 1st. Well, as luck would have it, I had a blockage in my lateral line that caused sewage to back up into the condo last Wednesday through a floor drain in the basement. Lost a bunch of drywall, all the carpet in the finished part of the basement and a few boxes of stuff we hadn't unpacked yet (all my wife's stuff that I had told her to unpack, but that's another story). I hired Roto-Rooter to come unclog the lateral line and their restoration division to clean up the mess, disinfect and dry everything out. All is fine, State farm did well by me, it's all cleaned up the drywall has been replaced, and they are installing new carpet as I type this. Nothing on the main level where we spend 99% of our time was affected. Here's the tip I learned. Don't use Charmin toilet paper! The guy who unclogged the line and the project manager who oversaw the clean up both told me that 8 out of ten "soft clogs" (not tree roots or that sort of thing), happen with people who use Charmin. I guess it doesn't break down very well. Not sure what the folks who lived here before us were using, as we haven't been here long enough to cause this clog, but I threw away all the Charmin in the house and replaced it with the cheaper stuff. I know some of you are unfamiliar with toilet paper and it's use, but for those of you who are civilized, this is my homeowner tip of the day.
  9. Time becomes so much more important as you get older. I'm 58 and I'll be all done next year (like you, I have a side gig for income, but at a much lower time commitment). I'm starting to see a lot of old friends my age, and a little older, dying off. Cancer, heart conditions, strokes, etc, etc. Some of these guys kept themselves in pretty good shape too. Life gives no guarantees. If you can decrease your stress, work a little less, and still be financially sound, by all means do it. You have done well to put yourself in this position, take advantage of it, you've certainly earned it. Good luck with your choice, but I know what I'd do.
  10. Thanks, I'll look into that. I have to say though, I think, for me at least, the ability to record isn't that big a deal.
  11. Good luck, I cut the cable in October when I moved into my new place. I have an antenna that gets me all the local channels (Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC) and PBS for free. Then I have internet, with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon (part of Amazon Prime that I had anyway). That gives me more to watch than I could do in a lifetime. My bill for all that is a little over $100 a month, down from $250. I took a 30 day free trial of HBO's streaming service, so I could binge watch Game of Thrones, and then I cancelled. The only thing I miss from not having cable is the inability to record programs, but that becomes less and less important with each passing day.
  12. +1 I don't like it either. It's got nothing to do with being homophobic, it's just an invasion of space that I don't like.
  13. It had to be said, with no debate required.
  14. No