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  1. I've always had respect for you and your opinions Gami, but this thread is beneath you. Let others, and there are others who would, start this kind of troll. Have a good weekend!
  2. Until he issues an executive order mandating something, it's just an opinion, not a violation of the Constitution. President's give their opinions all the time. It's not what you say, it's what you do.
  3. The many Republican elites don't like Trump any more than the Democrats do, maybe less. The rub is, they don't speak for a lot of the rank and file anymore. Otherwise, we would have been watching Ted Cruz losing to Hillary on election eve.
  4. The story of what happened in Venezuela the past 30 years, should be taught in every American high school history and economics class. It won't be, but it should be. Put an end to this nonsense that socialism is a viable alternative to free markets once and for all.
  5. One of the things I like most about fall, is that when so many guys are concentrating on hunting, it leaves the rivers and ponds more open for guys like me. I love fall fishing. Oh, and pumpkin spice anything is disgusting.
  6. While I don't totally disagree with your premise here, I believe there are several people on this site and in the real world who would have their egos hurt if they had to acknowledge what is being done to help the poor and violent in this country isn't and hasn't been working for decades. The conventional wisdom of the root causes and by extention, blame, might just be way off, and many can't except that, because it's what's been force fed to them for so long.
  7. No problem, I enjoy sharing my experiences with guys, because there is a lot of misinformation or guys just won't talk about it. The worst part for me, was waiting on the results of the biopsy. That's when you find out if things are about to get real. The first PSA test, wasn't a big deal, because I wasn't expecting anything. They redid the PSA in case there was a false positive, but it came back the same. Then I went in for a biopsy on a Friday, and they didn't have the results until the following Tuesday. I threw myself into research about the disease (which helped out a lot later on when choosing doctors), but I was a mess. The waiting was damn near as bad as finding out I had the disease! Thankfully, I had done all that research and had a pretty good idea of what my results meant. I still believe that PSA test should be done by all men by 50 and guys with a family history by 40. If nothing else, you have a baseline to compare future results to. Like I said before, I'd be willing to help anyone who needed it on the site via PM. One thing I did learn along the way, talk to several doctors. When dealing with prostate cancer, they are not all the same. It's your life, and your decisions, and ultimatly you have to make them and not leave them up to an MD completley as many men do.
  8. Both are disfunctional and in a shambles. They are certainly very similar in that regard.
  9. Mine was not the aggressive type, and I got a second opinion on my slides from John Hopkins (one of the top 1-2 labs in the country to interpret slides and results of prostate tests) to verify. I decided to go for a less invasive treatment, that had a good record of not causing side effects (none can claim 100% that something might not happen). My decision was based on a lot of factors and research. In the end, I thought I was young enough to warrant treatment. I could have gone with monitoring, but that can be an every 3 month thing with once a year biopsies. I could have just gone with an every 6 month PSA test, but to be honest, waiting on the results is not fun, and can really mess with your head. If i had been a lot older, I may have just gone this route, as the chances of dying of heart disease or something else would be higher. Although not common, death from prostate cancer is not an easy road (I'm a member of a couple of support groups, and I've heard the stories first hand), so I made the decision to have it treated. Each guy has to make his own decision based on the facts and the opinions of a few doctors. It's a very personal thing with a few risks, and every case seems to be different, so that makes it even harder to decide what to do. It's certainly not (in most cases) a death sentence as long as it's not ignored.
  10. Wow. The real animal in that place was the screaming woman. I'd let the dog sit at table with me before I'd have a meal with her.
  11. Good advice. I'm a prostate cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at 53 years old after a routine yearly physical. I had regular blood work done and my Doc asked me if I wanted a PSA test run as well (left it totally up to me). I said yes, and I'm glad I did as they found (after a biopsy) that I did indeed have prostate cancer. I had SBRT radiation done and 5 years later my PSA is at 0.2, which is deep in the safe range, and I have no side effects that affect my day to day life. I had absolutley NO symptoms when I was diagnosed. Most guys don't. If anyone on the site is ever serious about discussing Prostate cancer, I will be happy to help. Just shoot me a PM.
  12. If you go back to the original article that started this thread, it's pointed out the African Americans were making steady economic progress in this country and were holding together as a family unit very well. Then came "the Great Society" and it all went south for them. African Americans did "start off" in a worse situation than anyone else ever did, but they were making pretty good strides in less than 100 years. With laws coming on the books to insure they had voting rights, access to education, doing away with "whites only" anything, etc etc, things were getting better by almost every measure, but the narrative. Then the welfare state was established, the black family has crumbled, there is more desperation than ever before in the black community, and any of us who point that out are called racists.
  13. Great episode and series. I'm learning a lot I didn't know. I didn't know anything about the Morley Safer and CBS thing. I knew he was there, and I've seen recordings of his reports, but didn't realize the controversy around some of them.
  14. "That the problems of today’s black Americans are a result of a legacy of slavery, racial discrimination, and poverty has achieved an axiomatic status, thought to be self-evident and beyond question." "The undeniable truth is that neither slavery nor Jim Crow nor the harshest racism has decimated the black family the way the welfare state has." There you go guys, these two quotes sum up what Professor Williams is talking about. IMO until we can get past the "self-evident and beyond question" mindset that follows the issue of black poverty, crime, and failure in academics, we just end up with a bunch of nothing and name calling as this thread demonstrates so well.