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  1. Does anyone here wear the Striker ice jacket / bibs ? If so ,... any info would help .?thanks
  2. I know what Trimar thread is and also varigated. They are not related in any way . "spaced dyed " thread is entirely different from these two . Was just interested to see if anybody has used it in wrapping rods ,and if there was any photos old or new to give me some ideas.
  3. Seeing lots of it showing up on Ebay . Has anyone here ever used it to wrap rods ? Or is it for butt wraps? Not seeing any examples in photos.
  4. Arrogant Bastard ,.....Whew ! That is a tough one to drink.
  5. Would like to see more plugs in the clear amber color.
  6. Good one!
  7. Okay . I have the 4000 also . Somebody should take it soon .
  8. Why not take it back ,exchange it for a smaller one.
  9. Made a deal with another fisherman. The deal was If I could remove a reel seat from one surf rod,replace it with a new one. ...He would let me have an S-Glass spinning rod .(its old with steel spinning guides,cork tape grip, no reel seat>) Looks like a good project for the winter. has anyone apply Permagloss to an S glass blank before re-wrapping it ? Thanks in advance for any info.
  10. And how would you know that ? Mind me asking ?
  11. For sale , Husky cargo liner . Will fit "99"- "04" Jeep Grand Cherokee . $50:00 . Prefer local pickup , will ship within reasonable distance. -
  12. Makes you wonder how long these "no speaka English " idiots have been getting away with this . They know they are doing something illegal, but when the time comes , they get caught red handed , what do they say ? " me deed not know , me so solly!
  13. Correction ,.. Daiwa BG , not BH as previous posted . Well , maybe there will be something in the future to do this .
  14. Cannot agree more ,.... Steiner Marine 7X50 focus is nice !
  15. Is there a kit out to make a Daiwa BH 4000 and others bail less or anything like that in the near future ? Thanks .