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  1. I get that part , just wanted to know if anyone has done that and how it is working out , with a normal reel seat . Not the plate type .
  2. Has anybody ever tried to epoxy a reel over Cork tape ? Just a passing thought , more like a dumb question , just throwing it out there .
  3. Not too bad at my spot, blows everything ,weeds ,etc. to the far end of beach. NICE & Clean !
  4. Still fish around ,... A 35 inch, and a 26 inch . Using bait on bottom . "Might" go tonight .
  5. Need some input regarding cutting back this blank ,.. pos./neg. responses . Thanks
  6. I have 2 Rebel lures that are small stripers , a popper and a jerk bait .
  7. Will make this my last weekend (maybe not ). Good tides for me tonight and Sat . night. Been doing good with bait , will bring an extra rod to do some plugging .
  8. Knuckle draggers
  9. Thatchers, Children's,
  10. Gooseberries
  11. Did they do away with the National Anthem on tv ? So sad !!!
  12. Heading to the Cape ,early next week for a few days . Should be some stores that will have some in stock .
  13. Still available in stores?
  14. Not a bad night , 25,27,and a 35in. .And a few smaller schoolies in the mix. Last 3 hours of incoming. Should have packed a swim suit ,so warm & humid last night. From a reliable source, still fish in Maine.
  15. Whatever happened to all the photos ?