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  1. Have an Abu Garcia 7000iHSN reel for sale $100.oo shipped . Ram Ball Mount (model#(RAM-2023-23) $20.00 shipped. Still in package ,never used it. Photos upon request > Thanks
  2. Cabelas ice team
  3. 6" or 8" inch ? Did I buy a pop up from last year ? If so , getting a lot of use this winter . Somewhere to get out of the wind or just sit and relax while waiting for the flags to go up.
  4. Why did get rid of the ION ? Mind me asking ?
  5. Been ice fishing since Dec. . Gas auger is getting heavier year after year , holes are closer to each other now .
  6. Okay ,...who uses them and which one do you have ? Likes & Dislikes. Planning on getting one in the future.
  7. Was there a few years ago ,....nice and quiet. Snook may be cruising in close to shore ... I was awestruck when we checked in . Wish I had a few golf clubs, nice little course with grass so green , Very nice area.
  8. Does anyone here wear the Striker ice jacket / bibs ? If so ,... any info would help .?thanks
  9. I know what Trimar thread is and also varigated. They are not related in any way . "spaced dyed " thread is entirely different from these two . Was just interested to see if anybody has used it in wrapping rods ,and if there was any photos old or new to give me some ideas.
  10. Seeing lots of it showing up on Ebay . Has anyone here ever used it to wrap rods ? Or is it for butt wraps? Not seeing any examples in photos.
  11. Arrogant Bastard ,.....Whew ! That is a tough one to drink.
  12. Would like to see more plugs in the clear amber color.
  13. Good one!
  14. Okay . I have the 4000 also . Somebody should take it soon .
  15. Why not take it back ,exchange it for a smaller one.