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  1. Yes ,... the Atlantic Ocean
  2. Then why is it legal to use it in RI,NH,? Possibly different rules ?
  3. Going to back out . Thanks
  4. Shipping ?
  5. Are they the "Mag 9/10" reels ?
  6. Just a quick question ,.... Is my Ma. saltwater license good in Fla.?
  7. I have an S Glass 10ft spinning rod (1 piece)that has been sitting in my cellar . It needs to be stripped ,maybe some Permaglos applied to blank and re-wrapped. I would like to sell it ,but would not know what to ask for it. I have too many rods as of right now , Open for any suggestions ,...Thanks
  8. I have had a couple ,.... my recommendation is to drink plenty of fluids , beer ,wine.etc. Make that 2 years in a row on Christmas Eve.
  9. Where did I say anything about a "tube "? Just selling that one ball .
  10. $ 20 . Shipped . I will never use it.
  11. Reel is SOLD. Thanks SOL.
  12. I have inlaws in Venice. Always telling me to come down whenever I want. I fished the jetty at Venice Beach ,....lots going on ,boats ,people ,dolphins. There is a bait shop there (if it is still there.) "Sharky's " on the pier is another spot .little busier with people from that resteurant walking out checking the action. DO NOT FORGET THE SUNBLOCK !! Then after fishing ,go to that Irish bar downtown for couple cold ones.
  13. I do not have paypal , postal money order works for me .
  14. Not getting anywhere , taking forever . Would have photos hours ago by a simple text .