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  1. One thing that is always available regardless of season (if living in coastal areas) is the water and sunrise's and sunset's...... a sunrise in mid winter can be just as beautiful as a sunrise in mid summer. Good shots all!
  2. Mike after seeing that snake I’d be focused on the ground too
  3. Kross inherently when trying to get everything in focus with a single exposure the photographer is forced to use a higher aperture. That means less light is coming in, a slower shutter speed, and a higher iso. Movement both at the camera and out in front will cause more issues with blur. The camera movement can be controlled by shooting the camera supported and using a remote shutter release or the timer. The motion out front? Not too much you can do with a single exposure but it can be resolved much better by taking multiple exposures and using software to create a stacked image with priority on one of those images area where motion exists.
  4. I remember last year at Bombay Hook a hawk carrying a live black snake with snow on the ground and most of the waters edges having ice. Guess hibernation hs it’s limits.
  5. Thanks Toe Time to start thinking about a subject for March.....
  6. FT, Instead of facing less performance than I once had I just switched sports to one I could continue with without having to make compromises for health issues. I found there was life after fly fishing and many other activities that I could enjoy as much or better. You have to know when to hold them and when to fold them.......... tough as it may seem at the time.
  7. Shiff reminds me of the kid in school everyone picked on....... now he has a bit of power and has no idea what to do with it
  8. Mike, if I had to limit myself to just one fly for Stripers the rest of my life there is no doubt for me it would be a Tabory Snakefly For Strippers it would be dollar bill flies.....
  9. Mike, nah... you can handline cast them off the rocks and they cast fish all on their own...........
  10. Appears like these "monthly assignment" threads are going the way of the "whatz-it" and "Let's See" threads
  11. Black snakefly's .....
  12. I hear 100' casts and ask why more than how every time! I can grab a 2 hander and hit 100'+ all day long cast after cast as pretty much anyone else can as well but when I fish I rarely ever catch fish more than 60' away. I just can't feel the fly much further than this and to feel and set a hook on a fish is what catches them for me not casting as far as I can. As stated above, my fish are 60' and in from me most every night I fly fished the surf. I did not travel that far to practice my distance casting... I made the trip to hook fish. There are some types of fly fishing that require distance sight casting... like flats fishing for poon or bones but not the type fishing that I did most often. I used TH rods to get to 60' at night with whatever the conditions or size of the fly I was force to fish because of its inherent line speed not distance capabilities.
  13. Excellent....luv the pier shot
  14. Nope........ the a7rII kit is the easiest access then the a99 kit and the a77II wildlife kit.... the H is down with the Sigma DP2, and underwater housed cameras.After the cruise I have not used the H much at all.... wife did on a couple of family vacation and that is about it. Nothing wrong with the camera and it shoots great it just doesn't see much daylight like some others its with. The a7rII kit see's the most use for my personal shots. The a99 and a77 were my work cameras because it was all studio lighting.