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  1. I tend to sympathize with the railing guys on a situation like this (not that I condone slinging a sinker at anyone for any reason). The boaters have a whole friggin ocean to fish and down this way the railing guys have very few places they can access some fish. They get there early and wait out their tides till the conditions ar right then some yahoo wheels a motororizedboat right over the water you have been waiting to fish. It may take two to create a problem but one usually lights the fuse.
  2. I like them a bit flatter but it will do
  3. M4F, If he would of done that along IRI and gotten that close to the railing guys he and his jet ski would of surely sustained some sinker damage......... riding that close is just asking for it!
  4. Rick there are Pileated Woodpeckers at Conowingo just down the south trail.... you can hear then from the lower parking lot...
  5. It's getting near that time again..... what would we like for Octobers Assigned Subject???
  6. Don't forget ventilation
  7. And trashed every bottle of Tequila in her house replacing them with Jack
  8. Earth City wasn't even thought of when I left.... I used to drive across the flats to Busch Wildlife and fish and hunt now it's one very long group of malls where once were MO river flood plains...... I have not been out to Busch wildlife since I left .. is it still there?? I got my first bow turkey there and lots of lmb's from lake 33 and 8
  9. Yeah the highlight was Gibson's arm there is much to say in favor of having major municipalities within two hours of each other like here in the mid atlantic. The cities are forced to compete for a chunk of the population and businesses to make their cities successful. St Louis has their people sort of isolated and dependent on what is served to them. Wife still has relative out their and talking to them you hear just how twisted that city has become.
  10. Want to see war zones cross across the river to East St Louis it's like Camden on steroids. I lived out in the west county areas of Manchester and Ballwin MO and worked in Fenton. After '79 the facility had to hire from the cities chronically unemployed banks and that ended up as the killing blow to those two facilities which both were finally closed putting 7500 back into the unemployment offices. Gangs after '79 became a major problem for LE and employers and still are today. Add to that a very liberal government leadership and ... well you get the picture. Few vote in elections and many whine about fabricated issues.
  11. I lived in St Louis from 1964-1979. It's a somewhat isolated city 300+ miles from another major city. They have some very different ways of dealing with things and I don't miss a thing about no longer living there. Seeing Ferguson and now this crap just reaffirms I made the right decision to transfer. I could see St Louis was on a downward spiral in the 70's with industries moving away from there. Less jobs and more people equal people with excessive time to social network and get fired up over nothing....
  12. With a side by each no less...... great shot
  13. Absolutely nothing wrong with trout and smallmouths.... time with the fly rod in hand is quality time no matter what the targeted species..... Florida is hard to beat for quality fish that can be taken with a fly rod (shallow water tarpon own my soul)
  14. Just getting transients on their way south...... very spotty and just hit the feeder and fly