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  1. if you go waterproof there are comparison tests of the big 5 for every year on the net and they are fairly reliable but IQ is only part of getting optimal P&S images. It has to feel good in the hands and a user interface you are comfortable with and have confidence in. These by nature are small cameras and if they don't feel right you may get shutter punching movement and destroy any advantage one lens may have over another. You have to have confidence in the tool and it has to be with you when you need it then the IQ will be predictable
  2. Oh you do lose some with a housing but if you need to you can remove the camera from it and get the best it can do for a shot you feel needs that sort of IQ. Getting a waterproof camera it is what it is and its a compromise you have to live with on every shot in or out of water. It all boils down to need and wants and what the individual is will to live with or pay for
  3. You can have both using a housing
  4. There are a bunch of great P&S cameras out there today. Some have good mega zooms some focus on weatherproofing. I will not recommend a camera for anyone else but I do know with the Black Friday sales going on your $450 budget can get you some very nice ones. Remember also a bunch of P&S have waterproof housings you cans use them in if needed and take them out to get a bid more IQ when needed. I have used Pentax, Olympus, Canon, Sony, and Hasselblad P&S camera and all of them did all I asked from them. i did read about a new small weatherproof stacked 20mp fixed lens camera being offered that is getting a lot of attention but I see it as a specialty unit more than a general use one. You can’t go wrong with any of the major brands you just have to decide on the compromises you will accept and that it feels great in your hands and the UI makes sense to you. Take advantage of the sales and you can more than double your buying power on models one to two years old that still fully suit your needs and wants.
  5. BFD, I am the reverse....I went down to FL 2 Mondays ago and got back that Thur knowing I wasn't feeling right that Saturday...... But that Monday I was in full SAS mode and went to the Dr, Blood O2 was down, X-rays showed Pneumonia so on to antibiotics and steroids. One week later I went to work today and after a minimum of activity became lightheaded and exhausted so home I came........ I think I picked up some tropical bug at Orlando Airport with all the refugees coming into that airport from the Caribbean. I can not ever recall being this sick from a cold/virus/flu/pneumonia my skin even stung but never ran a fever above 100
  6. Look ok to me with what you currently have but we all lust for more magnification........... and we never have enough. I have a 800mirror and if I need it and use it I wish for more
  7. Mako, just remember FF has some disadvantage for action shooting compared to apc. One your DOF will be shallower requiring much more exacting focus. Your frame rates will be slower and if you are shooting a sir the vibration of larger mirrors will also become a possible issue to pixels sharpness. Your images "when all the stars align" will have better overall capture of light in its photo diodes due to sensor size and easier to manipulate without a load of deterioration but you will lose the crop sensors magnification advantage in the process. If you are shooting a apc with a 100-400 and you have a 1.5 crop factor (I think Canon is different than 1.5 but I idon'thave time to look it up) your 400mm has a effective equivalence to a 600mm on a full frame. Essentially in telescopic values you have gone from a 12x to a 10x if you now shoot a 500mm on a full frame. Things to consider and why many very good wildlife and action photogs shoot apc cameras(which have improved tenfold in overall performance and image quality) or put their full frames in apc 35 mode where shooting these subjects. Larger sensor sizes and larger photo diodes have some excellent advantages in many genre's but apc cameras also have advantage to consider in some genre's. My .02 if I was shooting surfing I would grab a 150-600mm Tammy or Sigma and anchor it to a high frame rate apc with a 20mp or larger sensor and pop it on a gimbal equipped sturdy tripod and have at it. Hard to argue with 18x magnification equivalence and a sensor size large enough to have some cropping ability.
  8. So far so good today Tim.... no pop ups
  9. Yes it is with even more verbiage in the pop up I am clearing everything and doing this am's iPhone upgrade and will see if it fixes it on my phone....... TimS fyi so far this site is the only place that it appears on my phone none of my shotgunning, archery, or photo forums this am did it appear. I hate all the spamming and malware issues in the net anymore... seems the high the security the more determined these hackers are
  10. mako.... I have no idea what Canon or for that matter most all other camera companies are coming out with or what they have. I barely pay attention to what the brand I shoot offers anymore. Sorry. I can't think of anyone at the moment who posts here that shoots Canon except maybe Doorgunner. Most of the people shooting SLR's who post here are shooting Nikon's. Hopefully a drive by Canon shooter will see this and offer you some comments.
  11. all the more reason to wear them..........
  12. RJ and one of his apples did not fall far from that same tree.....
  13. November 2017 Assigned Subject will be "Giving Thanks". As in previous Assigned Subject threads these pictures should be taken during the Month of November 2017 and not archived pictures. Please keep in mind our intent to be a family friendly forum when posting your photographs. Let's see what we come up with on this one........
  14. Fluke I will put that up Friday when I get back
  15. This tragedy has not done anything but strengthen my faith