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  1. Tidewaterfly I agree that it does have much to do about market hype! Also I feel it has a lot to do with freshwater trout guys going to the salt too. A 9-12 weight rod to many of these guys fall into the catagory of clubs when die in the wool saltwater guys see them as very light tackle compared to 8 n bait surfrods or trolling rods. I have never ever seen a 12wt in my hands in the salt as overkill. You never know what is going to take your fly next and the fishing I do my fish are never line shy. I see a 12wt as a way to cast and fish when and where I want no matter the conditions.
  2. Hi Mike....... Cough ... that goes for long heavy TH'ers as well I have heard the fatigue excuses of long heavy line weight TH'ers from the SH fraternity since the 90's........... Something is wrong if a person is so weak a 16' TH'er wears them out in a night of surf fishing one. Not only is the weight and effort dispersed between two hands but we are talking ounces not pounds in weight. I know at my old age I would NEVER admit a fly fishing outfit whooped my arse or even had a chance of...... we are casting 12wt lines 80' with effectively a single flip up and back backcast to a single forward cast...... feel for the rips or tugs, strip a few times and repeat. It's not hours on a Bowflex...... or hand digging ditches.
  3. Sometimes that is more than enough.........
  4. Its about time that they merge those that "do" with those that just "talk about it"
  5. I always thought that if you were a resident of a State you should pay the going sales taxes if you bought it while in the State no matter at a brick and mortar or online......... I really don't have much more to say as I live in a Sales Tax free State.
  6. Think the rain has pushed them back this year...... I am seeing much less as well and they are really skittish
  7. If it was like Russia they would of been gunned down while attempting to illegally enter........
  8. What person, who calls themselves a parent, would sent their child to the USA border alone? Enough said when 10,000 of the 12,000 children in centers arrived without parents.......... Shumer, Warner, and Pelosi should take the other 10k and house and feed them in their states .......
  9. Vote all Republican for every office everywhere and get Dem's out of politics altogether ........... maybe they will change their far left twisted irrelevant thinking if smacked in the face by how, with the exception of a few coastal population centers, most of this country thinks about their BS. As a person I would not have Trump to my house for dinner but as someone getting this country turned around and regaining ground economically I would vote for a thousands Trumps before voting for one Obama policy leaning Dem.
  10. He caved John .... your right. But the left will graphically prove beyond a doubt their true agenda with their next move...... just watch Vote Republican and get Dems out of politics...
  11. Brian..... how much do you think it costs Mexico for every vehicle a auto company diverts from a Mexican based assembly plant back into a USA based one? How much does it cost the Mexican economy for every person laid off because of lost manufacturing jobs? The more our companies return to the USA the more it costs the Countries they left...... Mexico is paying bigtime and we are receiving with each job that returns and every plant that reopens!!! Trumps actions will add to our economy while taking from theirs essentially using our returning revenue to offset the cost of a wall without so much as a penny of money used that existed prior to Trumps actions. Mexico is paying ...... and they know it! Vote all Republican and gets Dems out of politics.....
  12. Why wasn’t Michelle and her kids threatened on a tweet in 2014 when these pic’s were taken? Oh that’s right Republicans are smarter and realized it was the law being enforced when illegal border crossings were attempted by parents with children. Vote all Republican and get Dems out of politics.....
  13. It just shows how mentally weak and the ease they are manipulated by their own fake news.....
  14. Clueless babbling talking head from CA East..... typical Can’t wait till the very next officer arrest of a parent in Boston and see where that perps child ends up..... hope someone follows up and rubs this AH’s nose in his own words
  15. It is a good idea ... department of labor knows current and forecast job needs and requirements and can filter these avenues to educators to offer curriculum to those who may want to enter these fields...... helps educators, employers, and gives kids focus and a reason to learn rather than just attend schools. Vote Republican and gets Dems out of politics.....