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  1. Button Buck adding some fruit to its diet today
  2. Yeah the original RX100 is 6 years behind current technologies but when used for its strengths can still be a performer.
  3. Today while waiting to leave for a MRI
  4. I have played it...... good game lousy name
  5. August 2018 Assigned Subject will be "Bridge's at Night!". As in previous Assigned Subject threads these pictures should be taken during the Month of August 2018 and not archived pictures. Remember safety first at night with camera gear! Please keep in mind our intent to be a family friendly forum when posting your photographs. Let's see what we come up with on this one.
  6. slowing way down on the photo forum.... last post here was Wed
  7. Small p&s are typically vacation scenics and I tend to shoot anytime and adjust the lighting in Post processing.... today’s software you can make high noon shots look like dusk with a bit of slider work
  8. True..... my original does get tough at times to see.... you kinda revert to poke n hope
  9. Tks..... one of them might be a bit sketchy.
  10. Start thinking about a subject for next month.... I have a few surgeries coming and I am not sure how much time I’ll be able to dedicate to here
  11. It’s always a decision of needs and wants...... my Stella does all I need it to do and I see no need to change for the scenic stuff I use it for