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  1. Marc, in the second pic the grommets appear to be sticking out? If not I will take this at $22. Thanks
  2. Boots would be way too small, any interest in selling just the pants? Thanks
  3. Salty, I had these custom made for my pliers, same price as GU. He can do same for Sargents.
  4. CCW mini darter.
  5. I bought a pack at surf day, the bend/twist is in the opposite direction from TA clips. Not too big of a deal, in the light--but if you have been using the TA's for a while it's a bit tricky in the dark.
  6. Both those guys appear to weigh waaaaaayyyyy more than 58#. Is that who we're throwing back?
  7. Are you posting a WTB in the Main? Seriously check out Gear Up or ODM not the "Best" but really good for the $$.
  8. No need to reinvent the wheel, same as 2013- Corrosion X, Cals, Yamaha blue.
  9. Thanks, Sheisty!
  10. Great! Sending PM now.
  11. 710 PennStaal greenie built by me. New bearings & drag washers. Used sparingly about a season and a half after rebuild. $110 shipped, (continental US).
  12. I have these, pretty old but you're welcome to them. Maybe send me a Redfin or something if you keep them. .
  13. "Thank You Tim S and SOL"
  14. 710 & Akios
  15. Bike flag works as well.