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  1. I built this one 7 years ago still going strong. Never damaged a rod even at Parkway speeds.
  2. Besides the t-shirts, most speakers will spend a bit of time on the topic. The release part was not my problem this past fall, it was the other half of the equation
  3. I'm in!
  4. I went with dressed in-lines on the rear only.
  5. Another +1 for Tinman Tackle! He'll be at that NJ show this Saturday run by those Surfcasters from NJ.
  6. I have it, used it throughout the fall, excellent top IMHO. Couple of those rainy days in December was wishing it had a hood but, I survived. Colder days I used a wool sweater under and it kept me warm and dry. Gaskets are good, adjustable arm, neck and waist but I found unless it's blowing the neck can be left unstrapped and semi folded out of the way. Usually throw my phone in the front pouch (in a heavy zip-lock phone case I have) but wish it had the pockets like my AquaSkinz top so I can slide a free hand in there on cooler days.
  7. Funny how the market is flooded with $30-$40 and the BT keeps coming to the forefront. My suggestion would be to take a day or two, fill your pouch with 1/2, 3/4 & 1oz smiling bills (Tinman make some great ones) otter tails or fat cow trailers and only fish those--no plugs or bait.
  8. Anderson's Flat Glide Needle.
  9. Why not visit the BST and get a $250, 10'6", 3/4-4 for the beach AND a $250, 10' 2-6 for the canal?
  10. $20 and I'll send ck today. Shipped to 08008.
  11. Surf, I'll take this if still available. PM me the address and I'll p/u tomorrow.
  12. Nick, pic of the reel seat and top section w/guides, please. Also is this a RH blank or GSB? Thanks.
  13. I also use the fence post, not the best spike for sure, I'm just cheap. Oh, and they will bend with a 4' brown on the end.
  14. I'm in! Happy Fathers Day, and thanks for the chance.
  15. I have this but it's gonna take at least 40 brand new plugs in packages.