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  1. An a different note, anyone read The Radium Girls? It's the true story of the girls in the 20s who painted radium paint onto watch faces and clock faces and gauges so they would glow at night. They all got cancer, big legal fights. Story is well researched and there are spots where the writing is really good. And then there are times the author just lets loose with a lame ass cliche from the current day. Lazy editor.
  2. Better learn how to locate redfish.
  3. No...but then again I am not that would be weird.
  4. My melanin levels were simply genetic coding....not what I consider my heritage at all.
  5. If your great great grandfather served, you are a veteran, too.
  6. She should choose Rachel Dolezeal as her running mate.
  7. Hey you...pipe down.
  8. If he were smart (lol) he would use the phrase "the Trump economy" a dozen times in the speech.
  9. I'm no Pats fan... defending coaching faux pas is silly. I don't understand why you want a coach who gives away several games a year.
  10. I could do tuna and daughter smears avocado on toast. Weird.
  11. Heritage? Being,white is your Heritage? Pretty amazing.
  12. I don't think the Don was ever a family values guy.