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  1. Do you have an aversion to civil discourse?
  2. I grew up on a horse farm. When they struggle like that, it’s up to us to shoot em
  3. It’s a phrase I keep seeing and hearing in the news. It struck me as odd because I don’t remember hearing it before with other presidents. I am not sure what it means and its varied use makes it more confusing. What part of America is Trump’s? What did he, who works for us, commandeer? What has changed about us fundamentally? To me, the phraseology is reversed...I can understand “America’s Trump.” That makes sense. He is ours. We are not his.
  4. That **** is magical. Last I heard was “roll over in your side.” Woke up like I had been out for 9 hours. Stopped and got a few beers and a shrimp burger and ready to go.
  5. I hope the mortician didn’t dress her in blackface.
  6. Is white wine or rum on the approved clear liquid list?
  7. It’s my prep day, too! Who knew yellow Gatorade could look the same coming out as it goes in?
  8. In general?
  9. She was all right for a racist
  10. An English professor with no grammar skills? They ought to investigate that.
  11. The whole dog and pony show feeling this gives off seems insulting
  12. Pro choice, anyone?
  13. We do this but substitute bacon for butter. A year-round favorite
  14. He never should have closed the beaches.
  15. Rats...we just added more fake sanctions to fake Russia for their fake cooperation in the fake chemical attacks.