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  1. When I posted that chart a few months back, my thinking was that the order of the news sources relative to each other seemed pretty accurate, with the center line fluctuating laterally from day-to-day
  2. There are a LOT of news sources left of NPR
  3. Well, with a hard-hitting news source like that, how could you question it?
  4. Poor tan guy gets ass raped or rich white guy who wishes he could get ass raped.
  5. To whom does the original suit belong? Like who actually has the rights to it?
  6. Tw itter sleuth! That is a hell of a news source
  7. I am not positive about that...I think their knee-jerk reaction is to go way left in response to Trump. Look at what the DNC did with their leadership post Trump
  8. My guess is the party pushed her out...they are pretty good at self regulating
  9. It’s an interesting situation...I feel there will be a correction, but will voters flee to the establishment (Warren or Biden) or continue to shun the establishment and go radical (Booker and Harris)? Dunno
  10. The melting of the parties since then had been astounding...remove social issues and it’s just a ruling class
  11. Book thread without a review? Did Patrick teach you nothing?
  12. Do they sell inch-longs?
  13. Is Steely Dan better than the hoodlums who play their base so loud at a stop light that your head thumps? Nope, worse.