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  1. Skunk is back again. Even with the low water had a few nice cuts to drift the bugs, but nothing happening. Had a small fluke swim around my feet for awhile, but that was the only things with fins I saw this morning. Water cooled again with the SE wind, but was clean and clear.
  2. Biggest so far has been 31 inches. Out of the 100 only 7 were keeper size.
  3. Flat ocean this morning with very little surf action. Water has warmed up again, but no real current to move the bugs around so stayed with the plastics today. Did a lot of walking and thought it was going to be another skunk, but just before backing it in found two right in the wash line. One at 19 inches and the other 23. Hit so close to sand they nearly beached themselves as soon as they hit the white eel. Other then that not much happening. Did see a few bunker splashing way way off shore, but that was it. With the nice weather this weekend I think I will stay away from all the crazies and head back again on Monday. Just updating my logs and saw that I hit the 100 fish mark today. Has not been an outstanding year, but I'm over a month ahead of last years very slow start.
  4. Skunk for me this morning. Had a couple of my eels chopped in half by small blues, one fluke hold onto the tail until it was in the wash line, and a bunch of light hits on the bugs that were most likely fluke or dog fish. Water was icy cold with a west wind and a surf starting to lay down. It was one of those mornings you could tell it just wasn't going to happen.
  5. Not the best conditions out there this morning. S to SE wind, big water sets, cooler water, some cabbage pushing in and a new moon higher tide, along with no outbound rips or current was a challenge. Tried to fish the bugs, but was just not the right set up. Did get one at 21 inches with the bugs, but mostly fished the plastics. Got one more 23 incher on the white eel along with a short fluke and a blue that sliced up a black eel early in the morning. Wind shift to the W - NW in the morning should help improve things.
  6. Nothing but the skunk this morning. Water was looking good, just nothing interested in what I was putting out there. Tried the plastics and bugs and maybe had a couple of taps on the bugs, which were most likely fluke, but that was it. Tried a couple of different areas with the same result, nothing.
  7. I haven't seen bunker probably in a couple of weeks. No small bait swimming in the surf line either. Every now and then a tern goes off shore and comes back with something small in its beak, but nothing close to shore. There were so many bugs in one spot this morning you could have picked them up without a scoop. Crabs and bugs are the only food source in shore right now.
  8. Rain and a steady NE wind was blowing this morning. Expected and hoped for a lot more surf action with the wind, but was just a choppy roll. Water temp jumped back up again with the wind push. Fished the plastics for a good part of the morning since there was little out bound current. As the tide started to drop off a few rips started to form so went to the bugs. Picked up two, 23 & 24 inches, and lost a third. Should be a little more wave action in the morning, so will be looking for some nice rips to send out the bugs.
  9. Started out this morning with a calm wind, rather flat ocean and very little surf. Water was also very cold compared to the last couple of days. Not a good combination for a productive morning, and it wasn't. Couldn't find any decedent moving water to drift the bugs so was tossing the plastic. The only thing interested in that was a big old stargazer. First grumpy fish of the year for me. Will give it a rest till Monday.
  10. Not as much activity as yesterday, but still a productive morning. Started by throwing the plastic and pulled in a short fluke followed by a blue that destroyed the eel. Switched to the bugs and managed to land 3 loose 2 and have a couple of quick pick ups and drops. Biggest was 29 inches, so the keeper streak continues. Water was a bit cooler this morning and not as much surf action. Lots of bugs again in the wash line. Going to move a little more to the north in the morning.
  11. Without looking through my logs, I would say 33 or 34 inches.
  12. Not on quite the roll FunkyBunker is on, but had a good morning with some of those better fish starting to move up here. Stayed with the bugs this morning and finished up with 7 which included 4 keeper size fish, 31 inches, 30 and a couple of 29s. All safely released. Lost 3 others, with one that had to be keeper size with the runs it was making, and had a few other hits and misses. Formula has been, find the current, dig some bugs and feed the fish. Let's see if they are back in the morning.
  13. You don't need a special setup, but it can make it easier. I have a 7' rod with a Penn live liner reel. The live liner makes it a lot easier to feed line. I think you need a lighter action rod to cast the bugs along with the sensitivity to feel how they are moving in the current. Always use a circle hook to avoid gut hooking fish. And never set the hook, just let the fish do that. That's my two cents.
  14. Here you go. Made from 1/2 inch hardware cloth, a length of 1/2 inch copper pipe,some aluminum plate, a few pop rivets, rubber gas line to keep it from digging into me when its in the holder, and a turned wooden handle to cap the pipe. All stuff I had in the shop.
  15. Not a bad morning out there today fishing with Nam1969. Nice white water with a light NE wind that made it a bit more challenging to fish the bugs. Started out again using the plastics, but didn't get a hit. Switched over to the bugs and things started to happen. Bob was fishing a cut with the eel and nothing. I followed up behind him and first cast with the bugs fish on. Made a number of nice runs before it tossed the hook back at me not making it to the sand. Walked a bit to find some better moving water, which I did. Finished the morning landing 3, with the biggest at 27 inches, loosing 3 others along with 3 or 4 misses. No monsters, like FunkyBunker is getting, but consistent activity. Bob, thanks for taking the pics. Will only post the non-spot burning one. Back on the hunt in the morning.