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  1. Ive always been impressed with okumas surf rods. My first one was their original cedros, which is the 3-8 oz. Ive caught so many fish on that rod. It can throw 6 and a chunk and down to 1 oz pencil poppers. I bought my buddy a 10 foot longitude, which I got to fish a few times and another nice rod for the money.
  2. Anyone else get to see or fish this rod yet? I bought the 12 foot 1/2 to 3oz model on black friday. I fished with it for one outing so far. I think it will be a great pencil popping rod and throws and handles 2ozs very well for how thin and light it is, but I didnt go any heavier than 2. A very parabolic rod and sadly its still just a virgin. So far I like it if only just casting it. What is everyones thoughts about the rod?
  3. Could I see a better shot of the chip?
  4. Really cant beat the older reels with the better gear material, they really are tanks and built tough. The battle is also a good reel too, I have the older one and really like. If I had the choice of only one, I would go with the 704z.
  5. Check the spacers, white plastic rings. Maybe theres one too many sitting on the spool shaft, if so remove the thicker one. If only one just remove and respool.
  6. Ok, pm coming, thanks man.
  7. Dont have either of those, sorry.
  8. Its a Bernzy commander I believe.
  9. Yeah, the bottom two ah for the yellow rm and unkown if good for? I really dont have much else I would trade other than maybe one of these.
  10. I would like all three if youre willing to part with all three? Any other plug makers or plugs you might be interested in I dont have listed? If not I like the bottom two the most since it looks about the same size I fish most.
  11. Sorry man, both tms are gone.
  12. Yeah all three do, was there any other plugs you are interested in or let me know what youre thinking?
  13. Not problem, sorry for the delay, thanks man
  14. Just waiting to hear back from jaredmoper on my wtt thread. If he passes or I dont hear from them they are yours for $60.
  15. Im waiting on jaredmoper to get back to me on my wtt thread. If nothing by tonight dbemiri23 gets first shot at them since he asked first.