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  1. Crosswind block might need some grease. Usually that thump and or knock at the the top and bottom of the spool cycle comes from there, usually.
  2. Well the reason I passed on the lot was because meet up wasnt possible and he doesnt accept pp. My question was rhetorical hence him not repling. I also didnt want to run and get a mo. Maybe its not my comprehending but yours. And why put your nose somewhere it doesnt belong. Thanks SOL and thanks Tim, please close this down.
  3. Double post
  4. Damn and no paypal, right? Thanks man, but gonna pass.
  5. Where are you located? I live on the east end of long island, hamptons area.
  6. Thanks man, nice lot
  7. Thanks man, but I'll pass.
  8. Probably not, just like the first one. Too bad they didnt make a smaller verison especially after all the same questions and requests I saw from the first torque. Also probably has something to do with not enough demand to warrant a smaller verison.
  9. Ok, is that the a40 or the jr? I believe I have the a40. I would hate to pass up the pencil so Im thinking about it.
  10. What the length for the squid?
  11. I have the parrot scaled swimmer but I really like the pencil. Is that a black purple over white?
  12. Want to see whats out there. Looking mostly for pencils in any size and type, dannys both large and small, polaris poppers and swimmers in all sizes.
  13. Yeah, we all have done that one time or another, but its best not to dead stick when fishing bait. Theres more to baitfishing than throwing it out there and letting it sit. My first few casts is more about feeling and getting an idea of what the bottom structure is like judging from how the sinker feels. Does it feel like its quickly skipping across the bottom or is it more like a slow drag with an occasional bounce like you pulling it up hill. So on and so forth.