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  1. I'm looking for a nude fishing friendly beach, any suggestions?
  2. White perch, plenty over 14" and a pound or so...
  3. It was a 48lb'er decent fish but nothing to get excited about- one of the few keeper sized fish this year. This area is dead.
  4. Yeah I remember you, the sharpie who catches zero fish
  5. Fireline original on all my VS reels - best stuff I have tried and I have tried them all.
  6. Color does not matter, you can use rope and chain for a main line as long as you use a leader any color will do.
  7. Wouldn't even bother wasting your time until a month from now - the water out front is 75 and back bays even warmer. You might start to see mullet moving out back but nothing will be on them, the main population is still up north.
  8. It's pretty ugly in AC, can't imagine anything being in close now, the sweeps are brutal.
  9. I'm still hoping for a left hand retrieve Baby Baja Special to come out of the Penn camp.
  10. Buy in bulk and buy the tubs- much more durable than The packages.
  11. Spring is usually best for stripers in NJ - the fall is heavily over rated, tons of bait with high water temps and no fish on the bait schools.
  12. You know it's slow when guys are posting pics of short fluke...
  13. Water has looked like dirty brown dish water for the last 5 days, only a few small fluke off the beach for me.
  14. You want to use a broomstick for a rod - can it handle an 8oz sinker plus bait plus a 100lbbfish at the end of it? Can your reel handle pulling that 8oz sinker all nite? Would not use a spinner, pick up a big conventional reel with plenty of line cap and drag power. You can shark from any beach in NJ, not like stripers where it's better in North Jersey - I live in Atlantic county and do well here and points south.
  15. Nothing complicated about sharking from the beach. For NJ I like to use my OM 12' rod matched to a Penn 113H, 80lb braid with 6' rub/bite leader of 100lb mono and a 12/0 hook. I like to use skate or sting ray wings or Bluefish filets. You don't have to cast far from the beach they are often 10-15 yards out. If your in South NJ you might want to kayak or use a surfboard to get the bait out. Some 6-8oz sinners will hold bottom. People would be surprised to see what's swimming close to the beach.