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  1. Thanks for replies. S.S. idea sounds solid. Fly line first and then backing, remove line and reverse it back onto the reel. Thanks! I plan to use this for river smallmouth bass mostly. I originally thought 20 lb backing but was only thinking larger to fill the spool since I doubt I'll ever need the backing. I'll use 20 lb backing. I may advance to fly fishing the surf someday but for now this is for some peaceful summer river fishing. Thanks
  2. How do I know how much backing I need under my fly line for a ROSS 6 wt reel? I bought the reel off ebay and the box doesn't show what I need. I'd like the spool to be pretty full once I add the fly line. Is 100 yds of 30 backing good? Thanks
  3. Beautiful brown there TJ!!!
  4. I did this once with one of my brothers 20 years ago. Shot two carp and said never again. Thought it was kind of senseless, not insulting those who enjoy it since it's legal. Losing your sucker population can certainly negatively impact your muskie fishing. If the suckers disappear in a section of the river, the muskies will look for food somewhere else. I'm OK with carp shooting but not suckers for my own selfish reasons
  5. That’s a Susq river fish TJ. 47”. I didn’t have a tape for the girth, wish I did but guessing that fish may be 30 lbs.
  6. Tim, you right that it works from my mobile phone to SOL. Thanks just tried it. Still an issue from my laptop but as long as I can use the phone that's fine Thanks!
  7. Here’s a big eggy girl for ya RR
  8. Not a SOL issue but I've taken iPhone pics of a fish, emailed them to myself, rotated them right side up and saved them. They appear correct on my laptop but when I post to SOL they are upside down... Does anyone know what I need to do to the pictures to post them correctly?
  9. Had to delete this post. No matter how many times I rotate iphone pics and save them, they still post upside down. ????? :/
  10. deleted
  11. Thanks RJ. Actually looking for a Fly rod for river smallmouth bass. Picked up a nice ROSS 6wt reel on clearance for almost half price. Looking of r decent used 6 wt rod to pair it up with
  12. Man, RR and TJ you guys are the smallie kings. Everyone, including me, are saying the rivers too high to fish and you guys are nailing them. Good job
  13. That helps, thanks!
  14. That's helpful. I assumed it was older but not 25 years old. I think the guys asking too much for it. Thanks
  15. Anyone recall what a GL2 FR1086 6 wt. 9' fly rod went for new/retail? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks