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  1. Blackened bluefish, corn, avocado, lime, crema, cilantro in a soft corn tortilla is pretty damn good.
  2. There's no way you're this dumb. Good troll Bernie, really, I'm impressed. You had me going for like 18 pages
  3. You asked how the hubble telescope can withstand the 4,000 degree temperatures in the thermosphere. I explained it to you. Wait, you are questioning the very existence of space now?
  4. Finbition
  5. Bernie I gave you a perfect example, that you can test in your own kitchen, of how molecule density affects heat conductivity. You're back to the same silly "I don't understand so it can't be true" reasoning. Give it up buddy, you're embarassing yourself.
  6. Few, did you intentionally get your ex-wife and mother of your children fired from her job?
  7. How the hell do you know of someone is ODing? Half the kids that get on the train at Stamford after alive at five look like that by Bridgeport...
  8. As crazy as it sounds, Kim and Maggie are the best they've got right now by a long shot.
  9. Its anathema to anyone who values liberty and understands how to ensure it.
  10. I never said heat and cold arent an issue - they are huge issues for anything exposed to solar radiation without the protection of an atmosphere. What I said was that your reasoning: its 4,000 degrees at the altitude hubble orbits, so why doesnt everything melt? was flawed.
  11. to me, yes. are you saying its impossible to put someone on the moon with limited computing power? we broke the sound barrier without computers. humans navigated themselves all over the earth in boats made of wood with no GPS a thousand years ago. ****, the Nazis had ballistic missiles before transistors were even invented. You can do a lot with mechanical systems, not everything needs modern electronics to work. "I don't know where they pooped in the lunar landing module" is a pretty silly argument. and that's really how all your drivel is coming off man..."I don't understand it so it can't be real"
  12. so, what is your question?
  13. I never trim mine other than to top them once when they're like 6 inches tall to encourage more bifurcations/branching.
  14. What is your question?