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  1. Yeah, what do I know, its not like I spent 7 months in Korea as an army medic treating real injuries....
  2. Flush it out with bleach then cauterize with a hot nail, NOT galvanized.
  3. Empty office and a computer..... I know what I'd be doing.
  4. which you are not.
  5. I doubt many people come here looking for friends, just like people don't go to work/school/fishing to find friends, but it is a nice side-effect of being a generally pleasant and likable person.
  6. perhaps, but so do a whole lot of normal, easy-going, fun, friendly, successful, people who all seem to get along with each other pretty well. you ever stop for a second and ask if maybe the problem isn't everybody else?
  7. gonna be warm tomorrow and the wind is all wrong for my stand, but I need to get out in the woods so I'm going anyway.
  8. fyi - this is why nobody likes you.
  9. I've been dying here for like 3 days....constant headache, eyes hurt, brain all foggy, sneezing. What the hell is out there that's doing this?
  10. Eff rav
  11. Yup, still gross.
  12. Christy Canyon looks like Mick Jagger.
  13. Just in case you're not joking... Non-hispanic whites make up 63% of the US population and are identified as the rapist in 57% of reported rapes. African Americans make up 13.3% of the US population but are identified as the rapist in 27% of reported rapes.
  14. like sleeve of wizard
  15. also, I'd like to formally note this moment in time as the point when western civilization collapsed.