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  1. Only reason to use mono backing is to fill space on the spool, like if your reel holds 600 yards and you only need or feel like buying 300 yards. Athletic tape prevents slippage just fine, especially if you tie off the braid then wrap the tape over it, winding both on to the spool together so the tape is locking down the braid for 4 or 5 turns.
  2. Philly sucks.
  3. Look at me, i'm a degererate now too!
  4. Who was actually there and wrote down what happened?
  5. WTB

  6. yeah, damn that whole innocent until proven guilty nonsense!
  7. lol, hitler reference by post #2
  8. your horribly flawed premise is in bold.
  9. When Michelle Obama registers on SOL and begins posting in this forum I will personally make sure that nobody calls her either of those names. In the meantime, learn the ****ing difference between calling a politician a mean name and directing personal, antagonistic comments at the other people participating in this forum. And stop acting like a dick.
  10. you're comparing apples to chicken wings buddy. Here's one for you: Liberals want to make it easier for Mexicans to get into America, but they also want to preserve a mexican's right to get an abortion. So more Mexicans is good, but the answer to a pregnant mexican is to let her kill her baby? Why the inconsistency? You see what I did right there, I tried to tie immigration rights to reproductive rights using the sorta common thread of "more mexicans". That's what you're doing - trying to tie military posture to a private citizen's right to protect himself based on the sooooorta common thread of "more weapons".
  11. Braden, stop acting like a **** or I'm going to banish you to Frank's little port-o-let of a forum a few floors down. I don't check in here very often, but lately it seems like every time I do I see you posting some personal, off-topic, trump-hating nonsense and acting like a jerk. so stop it, now.
  12. I'll be in Iowa that day.
  13. when you going? I'll be out there for a few nights next week.
  14. i'm skinny now. skinnier anyway, although I thought there was a lot more muscle under all that fat than there turned out to be.