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  1. Good for you. My xfinity bill has been running around $300 and I've been threatening to stop paying it for months, but there are only 2 service providers here that offer sufficient bandwidth and neither have an internet-only deal thats cost effective. Throw in a netflix/hulu subscription and its just not that much less expensive. And my wife and kids have bought tons of shows and movies over the years which we'd lose. They all have me by the balls.
  2. Bread and butter is a meal to you people? Are there no eggs, cheese, or meat where you live?
  3. before putting tile down in the living room a few months ago I pulled all the furniture out and had to clean the floor with a rake.
  4. our deer are stupid. half the time when they see you they come closer expecting you're going to hand them an apple or something. its like shooting cattle.
  5. No, thanks for asking.
  6. Oh... i see it now, thought you were asking about the little depressions in this pic, looked like you had placed the two sticks to point to the ones in question, which are ant lion holes. the bigger ones are definitely mole or vole holes. might actually be moles though - voles eat plants and moles eat insects - lots of big fat grubs under pine trees this time of year.
  7. you have european water voles?
  8. they aren't scared of alarm clocks or they don't bed down in regular places with consistent escape routes?
  9. wife's had the flu for the last 2 weeks and the kids have been home from school this week, so it kinda looks like a homeless family moved in with a dozen raccoons.
  10. Reading in England, not PA. Looks legit - story was reported by the Sun, Mirror, and Independent.
  11. they're not going to trade betances now, when his value is lowest - that wouldn't make any sense.
  12. ozonics? you got a buck bedding down in a tight spot you can't get to, all you need is one of these:
  13. Unless there's violence of some sort involved, like forcibly having sex with her against her will, I just don't see how you can charge a husband with rape. of course, we don't know exactly what happened in this case, but its still a pretty scary precedent.
  14. Wait, a wife has to consent? What if she's asleep?
  15. i lose even more respect when they put out some BS apology - would love to see one of these guys go on tv and be like "yeah, I tried to bang that girl like 20 times, and I'm not apologizing for ****, so everyone can F-off"