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  1. I had a fried chicken sandwich at little red smokehouse about a month ago. The piece of chicken was paper thin. The coating on it was thicker than the chicken.
  2. anyone been the the standish show. Wondering if it's any good
  3. It could be modeled after the New Bedford Portuguese festival. You buy a bunch of tickets and all the different food venders take tickets in payment. The food is limited to Portuguese food and some of it is unusual and interesting . Scallop festival could be limited to scallop or shellfish or even seafood . Different restaurants could showcase their best dishes The carnival just ads cost
  4. I drove to fishermans view in sandwich and got cod. $12 a lb. it was amazing. Worth the money and worth the trip.
  5. I asked and they went and looked at the crate the fish comes in. They said it did contain the chemical . The guy told me they treat it to retain water when it’s frozen at sea
  6. I went to shaws in wareham to get some of that cod . It's treated with tryptophosphate ???? Spelling ? I didn't by it. That crap has a chemical taste and I swear it sets off my blood pressure.
  7. Any ideas on how will this effect the guys fishing out of the sandwich basin.?
  8. Ll bean stands behind their products. They are usually high quality . I had a car hart jacket that a snap pulled out. They would not warranty it. Yeah offers me 10% coupon for another jacket. After much complaining they sent me a small bag of snaps to fix it myself. Llbean wold have just replaced it no questions. No more Carhartt for me
  9. Plan on getting some tomorrow but I want a couple 7 lbs ers . Usually $10 a lb
  10. Cheeks ? Never thought to try that ? I've heard cod cheeks are the best part of the fish but striper cheeks ? Hard to cut out ?
  11. M&Ds is my favorite bait shop. Nice people
  12. .
  13. Some just gave me a Piscifun line spooler. Not sure I'll ever use it. Anyone ever had one ? It's new in the package.
  14. Somewhere near canal we could drop off money ?