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  1. I was pumping back a fish. I pull back past 90 degrees and the line broke. The rod hit the rock behind me and shatter 8” off the top. Lesson learn. I will not pulll past 90 degree ever. It’s not necessary for me to do that. I didn’t fall back words and didn’t get hurt. But the sling shot effect happens so fast that I could not stop the rod from going backwards.
  2. This thread is going well and I would like to get more Allstar 1209 and hope that one of them would be similar to the one I broke. If you break a favorite rod and have tried to find the same exact rod, then you know why I am doing this. If anybody else wants to sell theirs, please post. But my funds are getting low. LOL. Thanks for looking.
  3. I am interested but you have to provide the total price.
  4. Ok sure. I’ll take it and pick it up at duxbury. Thanks
  5. Can you do $300 pickup?
  6. Thanks for the info, but I am only interested in the Allstar 1209. The rainshadow is just not the same to me.
  7. Working on pick logistic with levari. I would like to find a second Allstar 1209 if someone else has one for sale. Thank you for looking.
  8. Ok sure. I’ll take it. We could pm for pick up detail.
  9. Can you sell for $300 for repeat customer? Or will you do a trade? I have a vapor trail 3-6oz almost new condition.
  10. Broke my favorite jigging rod last night. So I am looking to find a replacement for it. I can pay cash for your Allstar 1209 3-6oz (spinning or convevensional) or I can trade you with a CTS 1-3oz Surf and jetty rod built by Louis Caruso 10’ 1 piece. I am in Mass. but willing to travel to neighboring states to pick up. Thank you.
  11. Sold. Thank you all.
  12. Cut from butt end.
  13. It is wrap spinning. Heading canal tonight if that works for you.
  14. I casted 2-6.3oz with it no problem. I would say it can handle a little more. This rod is versatile but again it’s too parabolic for me. It’s easy to pull fish in because of the parabolic action and the rod is beefy.
  15. Selling Honey Lami SB1363M 10’ 1 piece rated 4-8oz. Rod was cut down from butt end. Center of reel seat to butt end is 24”. Built by CMS. $200 cash pick up Mass. no shipping. like new condition. I like fast rods and this rod is too moderate for me. Thanks for looking.