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  1. I average 100yard with 5 once jig.
  2. According to the site. The line retrieve is 4000hg 93cm 36.6” 4000xg 99cm 39” 5000pg 80cm 31.5” 5000xg 103cm 40.5”
  3. Found out Shimano USA will not service this reel. Decided to get something else.
  4. Tried for hold over today but no luck. Threw jigs and small swimmers but not even a hit or follow.
  5. Money order sent today. When I recieve the reel, I will close this thread.
  6. Hi, I would like to buy at $500 but you would like to sell at $550. Can me meet in the middle $525 money order? You can send the reel out after the check clears. Thank you for considering.
  7. Ok thank you. Looking forward to the pictures. and your list price.
  8. $500-$550 PayPal is what I have in mind for the condition of a used good model that I have in mind. Thank you.
  9. Looking for a good condition Stella 4000SW 2013 or 2008 model. This has 37” retrieve and it’s about 13.4oz. Looking to use it for my Albie setup.
  10. Just saw that today when I was checking out the sustain price.
  11. Looks like there will be a Stradic SW 2018. I wonder how it compares to the Sustain 2017 model.
  12. Tape up the blank ( wrap it with masking tape) first. Draw a line on the tape where you want to cut. Then go slow with a hack saw. But it I prefer to use a dremel or Roto zipper and cut with the cutting wheel. With a rotary tool, there is less chance to cause splintering of the blank when you get close to the end of the cut. But a hack saw would work.
  13. Can you say what size and weight the jig head is and the length of those tails? thank you