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  1. Yes Thomas.
  2. This weekend.
  3. My firs rainbow on a spoon. An the large mouth is my first fish of the year.
  4. My fish ever rainbow on a spoon.
  5. Received reels today. Reels are as discribed. Thank you very much.
  6. The green band is on top to the black. The wheels are offset because when I first build them I was concern that the tip end of the rod would fall between the wheels. Off setting them, the rod will not fall between the wheels. But I have sense used new wheels and put them side by side now.
  7. Money sent. Thank you.
  8. Cool thanks. Do you take PayPal?
  9. Can you do $220 shipped for both?
  10. Thanks everyone. Attached is a video in slow motion that I took while test casting with the guides taped on. It was taken with my iPhone. So I don’t know if android users will be able to view it. F224F3EF-D7FE-49F2-B048-C4C51A8ADACC.MOV
  11. Got it at mudhole.
  12. I agree with Marty and would like to add make it extra fast action if you can.
  13. I use bucktails most of the time last year. I always check and sharpen the hooks before the next trip. It would be very costly for me if I tost a bucktail if the hooks are dull.
  14. I will take the 1209. Looks like you are in New Hampshire. We should be able to meet.
  15. If you are crawling back a lure, I would say you would not feel the wobble.