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  1. Those are 2 creepy stories and they both wanted to take something from you. Maybe your kidneys. People like that make fishing not enjoyable anymore. I prefer to fish by kayak or boat to avoid encounters like this although there are still plenty of creeps hanging around the boat launches but at least you can leave them behind stuck on land. Unless it’s some real lunatic like the second story that waits for you. Yemista are you nervous about them having your phone number and possibly figuring out where you live from that? Things like this make me want to get my LTC.
  2. The Sahara is the “nicer” more refined Wrangler. It has a nicer interior and heated seats, etc. For the same money you can get a 4Runner TRD Off Road which is more comfortable, has a much nicer interior, more space and is more capable off-road. The only thing it doesn’t have is a removable roof.
  3. I’ve seen a few big bass heads on the beach this year. I’m assuming this is probably from seals because the spine is completely gone. Doesn’t look like they were filleted by fishermen.
  4. The beach fishing at Racepoint was pretty poor today. There were some micro stripers around and one guy near me caught one around 40” dropping his bait out deep by kayak. Saw a few boat fish caught also. I don’t think you can match the bait much better than this.
  5. Has anyone fished the Racepoint beaches this week? Any bluefish arrive yet? I’ll probably spend the day there tomorrow.
  6. Maybe the boat captains told the fisherman the rules and when they didn’t listen called the EPOs on their trip back to the dock.
  7. Ask AC/DC
  8. The 4 runner is not AWD. It is rear wheel drive with an old style lever actuated 4WD & 4WD Low
  9. Caught on a Hurley Mouse Tail
  10. The plastic Fish Grip works good on pickerel. The clamping part is much wider than a Boga and doesn’t tear through the bottom of the fish’s mouth.
  11. I fished racepoint Saturday on the Hatches end and also as far south as is open for a few hours mid day and a bit in the evening. I caught a few stripers from 20-24”. Had a lot of followers but not many biting. I had one follow right up to my feet that was well over 30”. The only thing I could get a bite on was a Hurley mouse tail.
  12. I came across these morons when I was leaving the beach this evening. No ORV permit and it was a rental car. I let them borrow my shovel for a few minutes until they tried wedging it under a tire and using it as a ramp. I promptly took the shovel back and said call a tow truck and drove around them.
  13. Anyone know the story behind this boat on the jetty in Ptown
  14. Just because a dog is barking at you doesn’t mean it’s going to rip your face off. Dogs bark. It’s what they do. Did you talk to the dog’s owner after this incident? Also the best way to get a dog to release it’s grip on something is to push its lip under its teeth so that it is biting itself. Works every time.
  15. It’s got to be aliens! Or it’s been high and dry since winter and all the growth fell off.