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  1. I drive a 2014 Tacoma and my wife drives a 2017 4Runner. They are both great trucks but don’t expect to get good gas mileage. Each of them averages 16-18 mpg mostly highway miles.
  2. Looks like a Chevy Astro van in the middle of the photo which were made mid 80’s and 90’s.
  3. This tree is huge! About 3’ in diameter.
  4. This is what a lot of the town of Norton looks like.
  5. There’s a lot of trees down in the Norton Foxboro area. Wind really picked up this afternoon. Lost power around 3:00
  6. Sandy Neck only sells yearly passes. They're $170. Race Point in Provincetown does weekly passes for $50. July is a tough time to drive on beaches on the Cape. Most of them are usually closed or have minimal open area due to plovers nesting.
  7. It doesn’t look like there’s any leaves on the trees in the background of the video...
  8. I made my first kayak trip of the year Saturday afternoon. Of course it started raining as soon as I launched. I was questioning my sanity of fishing in the rain in February but the fish were biting good. Caught a few bass and around 30 crappie. Everything came on the same jerk bait.
  9. I like the fit and comfort of Oakley’s but the lenses only last about 2 years before the finish peels off. I’m on my 4th pair of lenses. I think I’m going to get Costas this spring.
  10. Turkeys are the new pigeons. They’re everywhere. I saw this one near my work in Cambridge yesterday eating some bread on the sidewalk.
  11. There’s a big difference between 55K and 70K. You could get a Raptor and a little commuter car for that money
  12. Yes you’re wrong. 99% of people in the US can’t afford a 70-150K vehicle and most of those that can won’t take it off-road.
  13. Are you joking. There are more than 100 deer hunters in single towns in New England
  14. That's a new way to lube a chain!
  15. OH NO! Not the dreaded IFS vs SFA again. One thing that is a guarantee is that Toyota will sell as many of the TRD Pros as they make and many will sell for more than MSRP. They must be doing something right in the marketing department. The snorkel is a gimmick just to get some hype at the auto shows, and it worked. It will be an add on accessory. I think it looks hideous and is too tall for the truck.