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  1. how is the heartbeats book, good read? sounds similar to the big oyster which was phenom
  2. Dedicated Euro Line Leader Setup copy.pdf
  3. It is. Have one for my 8wt switch with skagit. Perfect balance
  4. i have a #4 new in box disc reel make offer
  5. how is the carp book?
  6. start with a single hand spey cast with your wf line then look at a skagit but i dont think a skagit for a 5 is what yur looking for with where u fish
  7. the TNT cast tight loops at 100 ft but not at 60 where as the H3 cast tight loops at 60 ft but not at 100ft right there is enough for me to not ever take these shootouts seriously ever
  8. Need that 6 above?
  9. Obviously if u see a rise near your attractor set the heck out of it
  10. Didnt read the previous replies but i use an indicator fly 12-16 inches and then put the midge fly after
  11. Long indeed. Got 2 lil ones now. Hows by you?
  12. Well done. Do you have a donut sticker on it tho?
  13. Yes, should be perfect And balance well
  14. How was the pricing?
  15. They dropped the price i understand