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  1. played with the reel and the drag is a bit itchy, you dont want it bud, sorry need to get it serviced before i could do anything with it in good faith
  2. I have a sweet salt 6 orvis hydros (helios blank) that was my go to carp rod if interested
  3. Oops. Will find the reel in my cache and txt
  4. Got it, will find the reel. You know how it is after moving... Older in gold, also have a new orvis t3 4 pc rod
  5. Interest in a orvis mirage 6 for the glx?
  6. Orvis bank shot
  7. $125 for the pate?
  8. wow, congrats! smoke em if ya got em
  9. orvis 10 wt switch line or Leviathan by Rio
  10. same here but it put them in the basement in a closet keep em out of UV and temperature swings
  11. have a mirage 6 in gold available
  12. how is the heartbeats book, good read? sounds similar to the big oyster which was phenom