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  1. Long indeed. Got 2 lil ones now. Hows by you?
  2. Well done. Do you have a donut sticker on it tho?
  3. Yes, should be perfect And balance well
  4. How was the pricing?
  5. They dropped the price i understand
  6. That would be my choice but its more for the wife
  7. As in I need a new family truckster... First hand Thoughts on either (2017, 2018)
  8. selling my h2 11ft switch rod with 8wt orvis switch line very little use, looks new great for steelhead and salmon, lmb and stripers $600 shipped
  9. Kids on the fly NJ
  10. There is a good group in NJ helping kids learn to tie flies
  11. Sold to drum
  12. Meet half way at 33?
  13. New price $36 shipped
  14. 6 books all in great condition $45 shipped
  15. Whoops