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  1. not sure about everyone but my 832 makes noise kind of loud.. Jbraid and Trilene tracer are better in noise
  2. i'll give you $5 more to cover your shipping/pp fee 40 shipped
  3. they were in quincy last 3 weeks but not many.. i don't see them anymore since.. i think the water is too warm for the Macs.. October is good a time to catch them i think
  4. Payment has been sent
  5. Give me your paypal pls
  6. $22 shipped for 2 silver 2 green 1oz
  7. oh ok.. good luck for with your sale bro
  8. $300 pickup some where in dorchester
  9. What is your budget? Catalina 4k is 15oz, 5k is 22oz
  10. shimano keeps in secret or they didn't have one at all? any rumor?
  11. Hey folks, Do you have any info about new generation of stella sw? i have many of daiwa reels and want to try the shimano but i don't want to buy the current gen which is going to discontinue soon Thanks