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  1. did you read what the OP said? VS is over his budget and penn ssv 7500 is heavy then you direct him to Stella 20K even more expensive and heavier Ciscokid27 Catalina/Isla 4K is a good match for your Mojo
  2. I will cast that darter out into the cold world that we know and endure Thanks
  3. I believe TFO has 2 versions of this rod but they have the same model.. The early version is 2-6oz and the current version is 2-8oz. the color of the current one is a bit darker, the text on the rod is a bit different too and it clearly says 2-8oz. The info on TFO website is correct it referred to the current edition/version or whatever it is... I was in Redtop last 2 weeks i saw it.
  4. I have the blue TFO 2-6oz not the current model 2-8oz. It is 10 3/4oz on my scale while TFO said it is 9oz they lied to us.. The rod is great for jigging and it casts very well but one thing i do not like is it is way too fast no good for plugs.. It is all about my personal experience, everyone is not the same. I bought the VPR for the plugs and i love it. The paraflex is a lot heavier than the TFO.. I do not have the paraflex but i compared them when i was in the tackle store. The VPR is about the same weight as the TFO
  5. Payment will be sent as soon as i got your info
  6. I will take that if the asking price is shipped
  7. Length and weight please
  8. Hey everyone, I'm thinking to go to Canal in this weekend.. did anyone catch anything lately? Thanks
  9. Do you want to split? I am interested in the heavier one.
  10. Weight?
  11. Offer retracted.. Sorry i did not notice no Paypal. I am so sorry buddy
  12. 30 for 2.. Red head and a large one.. Thanks
  13. I will take them if they are 2oz or above 2oz
  14. $22 shipped for the 2 3/4oz bunker
  15. black please