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  1. Here's the part where I take it to the rack & break the new Abu's down for 'ya! There is hope so read on & please, do yourself a favor. Pop the hood & put on some glasses.
  2. Ohhh my. yum. So. We're going down the Abu road are we? Well. Those look like some quality older model reels you have there R.R.! Indeed. Beauties.
  3. Who me? Would I do that?? Naaah. My guess is that you were tipsy & shared it on the dark web. mmmmaaahh Booohhhhooooo hahahaha!
  4. ain't this better than getting a freaking Silver Surfer Comic Book, a pack of Hava Tampas & some Gansetts just because Pop luv's ya' ?
  5. "Dead - Drift" ...get it? A tin head skeleton sitting on a blow up Orca? hahahaha.
  6. Hi R.R.!! Whoo-whoo! LOL How are you budy!? Great to see the gang is here. Well. Yes WE can do just that. We're at the point in the thread where we've really hammered & polished just about all things White Metal, Plated Lead & Tin. It's time to blow the doors off this post & make some serious noise. So let's not only discuss extreme pimped out reels, but let's take a G.D. dive into a whole bunch of value added topics. I want guys like the Newell loving Stewy to surface & chime in. I'm calling all Ditch Trolls on this one. With the dark powers of Block Tin - I summen every last one of you bastards (including me). Yogi. Where the H are 'ya? What we need to discuss is PLUGGING, slinging Bottle Necks and Darters and Sliders and Plastics with Lead Jigs and of course...Tins! Why the hell would anyone want a Conventional Reel these days?? Where are you fellers? Let's do's been a long time & comin' & it's freaking Yes. I believe we were!
  7. Thank you Phil, good to be back & great to hear from you! I watched Deadpool 2 a few days ago & decided to get fired up again! LOL Have I missed any good garage sale takes lately? I need a professional garage sale person to work deep into Long Island's coastal regions, perhaps the Jersey Shore as well. There must be a mother-load of old Tin's out there just waiting to be liquidated! Speaking of garage sales, I encountered a very nice elderly lady who's husband passed away recently, she was having a garage sale & I was bike riding by, so I pulled in with my young protoge, his name is Nate & we noticed she had cleaned out her husband's rods, reels & tackle. He was apparently a bait dunker, but I noticed a vintage vinyl boat bag (possibly toxic) filled with old beat up reels. She wanted $10 for the lot, so I offered her $5 & we split the difference. I cleaned them all up with the little protoge doing most of the work (great learning experience for him) & will edit this post in a little while & put up a few photos of the nostalgia - circa '70's I believe.
  8. Sorry for the really late reply scoob, these are improved manifestations of the old Spro, they are Toro Tamers Wounded Swimmers. Chief improvements are the welded ring at the front (for optimal action) and they are Tuna equipped with awesome swivels & hooks. They also have thru-wire construction & less brittle bodies that seem to be much more crack proof - I of course changed out the hooks for New England Stripers & Blues. Have used them on Tuna off Block as well. Perfect when you want to cast something & get down. They have a nice wobble on the retrieve & they flutter on the drop too, so at 3.5 ounces & 5 1/2" profiles, they are for deeper cuts & spots like the Canal, where you have large fish present & need nice Mack & Herring sub surface options. I have been slinging them on Century SS 1506C (12'6" 2-5oz), 1327C (11' 2-5oz) & 1328C (11' 3-7oz) conventional rods paired up with my various extreme pimped reels - I really like heavier metals at times that lend themselves to working down into the water column & when bass are on the usual suspects, these baits will do the trick & let you explore the water column, even in heavy current. One thing about these is that they load the heck out of a blank so you need to be sure to have a rod that can handle objects of these mass. By & large I throw 3/4 to 2 oz plugs & tins, so when I step up to heavier metals I switch to slightly heavier set ups. The Wounded Swimmer casts pretty good though, even in wind which is another advantage. They do a nice job holding & wobbling in current and providing you have depth, you can free spool with some light thumb pressure after a cast that lands in or around the feeding lane and then dead drift them nice, long distances. You can also opt to cast, sink & retrieve or, just cast & retrieve depending on the depth you need to be at. Earlier this season, I picked up a couple nice fish in a sandy bottom area on Canal when we had some Tinker Macks & Herring present. Finding fish is always the trick & if you are successful in doing this, you can pick fish up on these pretty easily - providing they match the bait present. Another technique with these that has worked consistently is to zig-zag retrieve them 1 to 5" down, kind of like working a Super Strike Stubby Bullet - the only difference being the Wounded Swimmers are substantially heavier than 2 1/2 oz, which is the heaviest SS makes the Bullets in.
  9. Looks like some very nice flies being put up, glad to see a few people getting into Crease Flies! I've been playing around myself, mainly with decorating as I'm very happy with the basic construction method & materials we've all talked about. Reason for the post is I wanted to post a link to a Salty Fly Rodders club member's Innovation, the Articulated Crease Fly by surf legend Mr. Johnny Timmerman, neat way to get some length on the back end, some improved tail kick & move that hook point more towards the middle of the fly. Really nice pattern from one of the best Crease Fly and in fact Saltwater Fly Tyers I have seen.