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  1. Wow! Super fun story! Great collection of Tins too! You're sittin' pretty for this season.
  2. But then we'd have a bunch of old crusty you know what's like me talking to/at people like you, who are actually my/our pleasure to commune with and discuss things with. Sometimes the quietest voice in the room makes the most valuable contribution. In my humble opinion the whole point of this place for sure is to share information but it's also a chance for us all to be together as part of a community who will be here long after we are all gone. We treat each other with respect and that's saying something because fisherman can be, as I mentioned, quite crusty ! As you can see - I say let's do this together and if the threads are a little long and perhaps even off-topic at times then so be it! Just my two cents of course.
  3. Can someone make me a nice IPA Herring? Should work during a nice Jersey Blitz!
  4. Sexy as hell!
  5. Thank you codfish! I appreciate your feedback man! Like I always say, "Those that run this site and all those who have fish before us are the real heroes." Besides I'm just doing my job. We all learned from someone and many of those teachers are up in heaven now. So that makes it my job -and our job if you will- to pass along what those younger than us would care to learn. Please take the time to try out a few things and pass along what works for you and while you're doing it it's not your job to contribute here brother! Together we're a pretty damn good team!
  6. Thank you codfish, summer's a comin' but first we need a little spring & a lot of rain! At least it's not snow!
  7. Sounds like a fun way to pass the time. You should go to a good junkyard & find yourself a few old refrigerators from the 50's. Strip the tin coils out of 'em!
  8. Nothin' beats a wounded swimmer slashing around in heavy current. Much more durable than a jig head with a soft plastic.
  9. The advantage of using Metals when you would normally choose a plug is that you can get up on top and create a disturbance just like you can with a Pencil, or you can get down below the surface and just wobble her in.
  10. Now let's see where was I? Oh yeah, right. So you have a Mackerel Blitz out in the middle of the canal , they're taking under the surface cuz they're not hitting Pencils and it's windy as F%#k and you not only can't reach 'em but they are finicky - so you're in for a tough day right? No worries.Break out at Tady 45 set up on a sick little long casting conventional reel equipped with a Magnetic Breaking system & you're in the game! Of course they'll cast pretty far on the spinning reel of your choice as well!
  11. Some Cedros Suuid's ( the ones with eyeballs) with the hand tied UV & Ostrich Plume tails that God makes me stick on them. LOL. The Tady pictured is the one without the eyeballs. These suckers are deadly out at Watch Hill in mid mid-spring.
  12. When you're fishing in places where current is strong and you need to get down a little bit you have to switch over to metals. One of my favorite imitations is a wounded swimmer with a single In Line hook, 5/0 VMC preferred.
  13. The "winning team" is easily judged as the last "intact" team. One by one, the bears will eat the "lesser" ice fishermen. The more skilled at jigging & singing softly an "athlete" is, the better his chances.