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  1. nope.. just BI
  2. yeah. PBS came and did a little documentary on me last year. Its been making its rounds around the US Thanks to all for the kind words. I have always resisted making stuff like a sea horse, but I need to kick up my wholesale biz.. I want to see this in gift shops all down the east and west coasts...
  3. Nebe blows seahorses by the seashore...
  4. I dropped a moose of a bass in the bubble weed under that seawall 15 years ago. It still haunts me.
  6. yes exactly. Your 26 is so close to my 27, but If i remember right from the pictures I have seen, the 26 did not have a V-birth.. My Girlfriend and I just spent a week on here sailing from newport up to woods hole and back. enjoyed cuttyhunk, hadley's harbor and a few little coves in-between. Hit almost 10 knots broad reaching with the tide.... SO MUCH FUN
  7. ohh.. A 26 D is a rare bird! nice. I never thought i would love this boat as much as I do.. although, i wouldn't mind going up to a CD 30 to gain a better galley
  8. I second the laser suggestion. I used to race them competitively. A sunfish is an uncomfortable slug compared to a laser. But... if you want to bring your family sailing, forget the sunfish and forget the laser.. go with an okay daysailer or some sort of trailerable sloop with a main, jib and a little cabin in the bow to stash your such and stuff... I bought a Cape Dory 27 this spring and have been having the time of my life on it and am sort of upset with myself for not doing this sooner..
  9. I read threads like this and i realize how out of the sphere of normalcy my life/career is. I haven't received a paycheck in 20 years. Retiring to me is something i can not grasp. I will probably die on my glassblowing bench when I'm 85.
  10. Levon gets my vote.
  11. True.. this is the best bet for fin based action now.
  12. Thats an awesome score. Esta's was Block Island's 'department store' back in the 50s 60's and 70's. There is a little square on water street called "Esta's park" in memory of Esta Grey. These plates are a hot commodity on the island and I know a few people who have the full set. If you want to know more about this, i can put you in touch with a store owner out there who knows all the details.
  13. ​give you - "The Purple Clam" Enjoy