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  1. The first time I met Bernzy in person was in a beach side condo he was renting in weekapaug. ( i think Jigman and Gary2 were there too). Throwing Timber and I got out of my truck which was hundreds of feet from his condo and I immediately smelled roast pork smells. After calculating the direction of the wind in relation to Bernzy's condo, my pace quickened and I burst into that door proclaiming " DO I SMELL PORK!?!" Bernzy handed me a plate and a new friendship was formed. Rest in Peace Bernzy... you were a good man.
  2. I used to do well with a gary yamamoto senko hooked on a single small 3/0 live bait hook. Just cast and reel really slow like your retrieving a needle fish. savage hits. black was the best color at night.. go figure.
  3. Hey Man, sorry... I missed your post. That is where I learned to make glass back in 1989... So, id say neither friend or foe- Mentor? I don't have any foes in the glass world, We are all buddies....
  4. sorry man.. loosing a dog hurts like a mofo
  5. I edited the post title.. first time i have used my buttons in 5 years i think... hehehe
  6. and they ate 8 pounds of meat a day...
  7. pearl white danny worked slow / erratic then slow/ etc..... late afternoon on a warm day. darters too.. The hit on a danny in broad daylight on a glass calm day is what dreams are made of.
  8. he was a frontiersman and I believe he was somewhat detached from the direct conflicts that brought the revolution to a boiling point. Had he lived in Boston and was a merchant or a wealthy land owner with skin in the game, I bet he would have had a different viewpoint. Just my opinion of course.
  9. oh man... my back hurts just seeing that thing again. I made 30 of those for Fairhaven Mass Town Hall... they were replacements for the old sandwich glass co. sconces that are on the outside and inside of the building.
  10. awe shucks! Thanks. I used to teach at CMG in the late 90's when I was going to school up in Rochester. I have a plan to up my glass game within the next 10 years and hopefully the CMOG will see what I am doing and throw me a bone. currently my situation is that my studio has severely limited what I can do because it is so small and Im moving it in a month into a much bigger space. This in theory should allow me to tool up to do some really cool things. Seahorses are just bread and butter stuff... gifts you give someone else. Time to make gifts that you would only give to yourself...
  11. yes you do. P.S. I am moving my glass studio next door to the mews next month. major upgrade!!!