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  1. Sure miss seeing Earl on the beach. Remember this like it was yesterday.
  2. Reel sold pending payment. Thank you SOL!
  3. For sale is the 2nd of my Van Staal VR50 reels. Price is $480.00 FIRM PayPal shipped and insured CONUS. My loss your gain. I bought both brand new with the anticipation of using them this summer for bailing Mahi. Decided to get a nice set of teaser reels so I gotta move some gear to keep my wife happy
  4. Post coming
  5. You got it. Pm coming. I may put the other one up to fund a set of teaser reels too. Thanks
  6. I have 2 brand new ones if you are interested in one. I haven't registered either one yet. $480 shipped/insured paypal
  7. Reel is sold pending payment. Thank you SOL
  8. Could you come up to $95 to help cover shipping? If so you got it.
  9. I used to use McMahon snaps but found that I would break them more often then not. I've been using 2/0 snaps for as quite some time now, or whatever I find at the bottom of my tackle bin Hooks, Mustad (39951BLN, catches everything), Line (Sufix Tritanium 17lb and prospec 20lb), Reels (Abu 6500s, 7500s, Penn Fathoms), Rods (Daiwa Ballistics), Truck (Jeep), Spikes (Gene Reynolds), Bait (Dunno yet), Wimmen (Same one for over 20years ). Is it spring yet???
  10. Sold to fishhappy pending payment... Thank you SOL
  11. For Sale: Abu Garcia 7500CT Conventional Reel - original push button style (Blue) $125.00 shipped PayPal I purchased this from a member a few years back. Serviced it, replaced the drag, and it has sat on my shelf since then. Thinning the herd as I have way too many reels! Those that have fished these reels know these are the most desired models with the original push button design. Overall in good shape. Has some marks on the handle but mechanically 100% sound. No pitting or corrosion.
  12. For sale: Shimano Stradic 5000FJ - very good shape. $110.00 shipped PayPal CONUS Comes with box and paperwork. I've had this reel for several years and it's served me well. I've serviced this myself numerous times. Loaded with 30lb Superslick.
  13. Absolutely awful news No matter how busy I was to come on or leave I always made time to hang with Earl. Just a real great guy to be around. Every season I looked forward to seeing him. Man this one hurts..... May God bless his family....RIP my friend......