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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all!
  2. Must of been good karma for him helping dig out a fellow fisherman yesterday
  3. Did some one say office supplies?? Hi All!
  4. CG, I did. Fished on a friend's 36 Topaz. He's asked me a few times but I always said no thanks. This time I said why not. Here's a recap: Day 1: Seas were calm but we knew weather was coming. Set out lines at 830 and within 30 min had a white in our spread. Dropped back on it and hooked up. Looked like a good fish. Shook it's head and came off. Fishing circle hooks on the troll is tough. About 30min later a blue marlin comes inot our spread and hits a big green chugger. Had it on for about 30 sec and came off. Looked like a smaller blue. About 1130 the weather came. Seas went from 2-3 to 6-8' in tight sets. We pulled lines early and ran home. The worst of the ride was the last 5 miles, seas 6-8, pouring rain blowing sideways, and about 20 big sporties all racing to get in. Made for a real interesting inlet entry 0-2 on billfish. Day 2: Real slow. Only managed 1 bite and boated a 56" mako. Hit a big black chugger blue marlin lure. Not big enough to weigh. Friday: get to out spot about 90 Min early and find bait flying everywhere. See Tuna airing out and a billfish. We're excited but still have an hour before lines in. Finally lines out and the bait disappeared. Slow for a while, pick up a slinger Mahi. Keep trolling with nothing. Well about 310pm with 20min to go we roll over a load of bait. Guys on the tower yell out white on the long rigger. We drop back on it and get hooked up. A BIG white airs out and hooked solid. Guy next up starts fighting the fish. We are losing line fast and fish starts running hard to our starboard. Capt turns hard into the fish and angler moves up the gunnel. The two mates and I are clearing lines. No one noticed that our teaser line ran out far when he turned hard. Fish runs over our teaser line and pop she's gone. Couple mistakes cost us. We turned too hard into the fish and angler pushed the drag to sunset. 7 min left and we rush to set the spread again with no bites. Slow fishing overall but enjoyed it. Disappointing ending but I equate it to gambling. Expect nothing and have a good time
  5. Hope everyone is well Spending some time in Charleston, SC with the family and did a bit of site seeing. Toured the USS Yorktown, USS Laffey, and the US Clamagore. Real good stuff if you're into history. Can't imagine serving in the quarters that these ships have.
  6. CG, awesome catch! Congrats
  7. Y ?

    Haha! Great seeing you Jeff. You make sure to keep that SteveZ in line. Dan too! You guys send some fish down the line this fall
  8. Y ?

    Hey CJ! Hope to see you this fall. Hope you're doing well. Things are well. Busy as heck but all good! Sarah and I said we would never be "those parents". Guess what......haha!
  9. Y ?

    You should stop with the personal stuff as you're making the board toxic... If you have personal stuff take it to pm's or meetup man-to-man. This had always been a friendly board and we all would like to see it continue that way.... Hope everyone is well
  10. Thanks John. All the credit to your paint job! I've re-wrapped it a few times looking for the right combination. Still goofing with them.
  11. Thanks Jeff. Been a busy winter. My son started wrestling this fall so I was roped into coaching. Been lots of fun and has brought back a lot of memories. Still helping run practice this off season. Still haven't forgotten how to beach fish
  12. Slowly getting there. Offshore rods, rated 30-50lb. Just a few more things to complete. Hope to find lots of fish this summer to match them. Special thanks to Fishizzle aka. John for the custom paint job to match my Avet MXL Raptor "Dorado" reels
  13. If you're gonna make a day of it go a bit further south towards Susquehanna State Park. Will be much less crowded then the dam. Smallmouth, LMB, Stripers, and Hickory shad should all be active. Used to live like 5 min from park
  14. Great news! Best to your family.
  15. Here's a way that I can keep a bait pinned closer to my fish finder sinker..... Plug use to do something like this with a bead., think he called it the "pony rig" I just eliminated the bead. I thread a long tag end of my shock leader knot through my sinker slide swivel and pin it down to the hook swivel by threading it through both eyes of the swivel . Once the bait hits the water, the weight of the sinker pulls the tag line out of the swivels and allows the fish finder to move up and down the line as required. Has worked pretty well for me when I feel like firing one out there. i quickly tied this while sitting at my desk so it's a bit fugly