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  1. I lent him my Swiss arny knife. the little scissors made quick work of that green mono
  2. I've always figured that I would receive no social security payments from the government. It has just been an extra 18 percent tax. Don't believe that the government cares about anyone but themselves.
  3. Sorry Bill, I never had a reel with that style handle, but I've certainly had a backlash or two as bad
  4. Lami 121-3M Penn Squidder, 30 lb Big Game. Perfect for trash fish of all shapes and sizes (even scup)
  5. If you can't deal with Gronk, just wreck his head. Maybe sneak a knife into the stadium and stab Brady in the kidney. What a frikken shame
  6. Bye Doc, It was always a pleasure to see you.
  7. Only answer if one of your contacts is calling, anyone else can leave a message. There is, however an app they can use to come up as one of your friends, but they kinda have to know you to pull that off
  8. Nothing valuable, just some good thump
  9. I'm thinking maybe the motorcycle gang told him they knew where his grandchildren lived and wouldn't be averse to killing a couple of them. How would you react in this situation?
  10. Eddie and I, a couple of years ago, photo by Ratty
  11. This is precisely the reason I don't fish from the rocks anymore, er, one of them.
  12. Go see Mike at M&D's in Wareham. He is the guy who supplies most of the canal rats with their gear. He will treat you like an old friend the minute you walk into the shop.
  13. Guess I answered in the wrong post. Oh well.
  14. I haven't seen any of you this whole Summer. I'll do my best to make it.
  15. Not really being a beer drinker, I used to order Rolling Rock(In a quart bottle) at the bars I was playing. Since AB bought Rolling Rock and moved out of Latrobe, I switched to Corona. Probably the best nonbeer, and it's made in Mexico, which is almost America.