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  1. Go see Mike at M&D's in Wareham. He is the guy who supplies most of the canal rats with their gear. He will treat you like an old friend the minute you walk into the shop.
  2. Guess I answered in the wrong post. Oh well.
  3. I haven't seen any of you this whole Summer. I'll do my best to make it.
  4. Not really being a beer drinker, I used to order Rolling Rock(In a quart bottle) at the bars I was playing. Since AB bought Rolling Rock and moved out of Latrobe, I switched to Corona. Probably the best nonbeer, and it's made in Mexico, which is almost America.
  5. ..can of Bud Light at my house. The harp player in my band (harmonica, for those who wondered) always asks if I have any beer in the house. I never do. Should I give it to him, or pour it in the toilet and go buy him a real beer? Seriously guys, I got's ta know.
  6. Gracie, rest in peace. Hope the grass is green and tasty where you are now. Bottom picture is Grace with Michael. They've never been more than 8 feet apart for the last ten years. He's heartbroken
  7. A few months ago, the guy in the truck behind me at a stoplight was the spitting image of my dad, who passed on about 6 years ago. He took a left and I didn't get to see him again. Gave me a chill and brought a tear to my eye.
  8. Another vote for M&D's. You walk in there and you're family. Mike will never steer you wrong.
  9. Can't make this one Chuck, Lots of family here for the weekend, and my wife is heading out West, to give hugs to my daughter, whose horse just died.
  10. Yes I have. Victor even has a video of me hooting and hollering as I fought a canal monster. It nearly beat me. it was about thirty inches long.
  11. Bring back Bill Lee, he may be a little slower due to his age, but at least he was entertaining, and certainly not a prick.
  12. Ready for the heresy? As long as they are sharp, they are good hooks, if they get rusty and ugly, they have become bad hooks
  13. If that was my plug, I'd lose the split rings and cut the eyes. Those belly hooks are just about useless when they are stuck together.
  14. I'm thinking Matty meant "licking"