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  1. the unobtainable short 2 1/2 ounce Krocodile spoon. I still have a bunch (Thanks Scotty)
  2. Dayum! I never thought of that. And to think of all the time I've wasted carving little golf tee shaped objects out of pine or cedar. Golf tees are hard, right Ben?.. How do they work for when you have to move the screw hole, say, a sixteenth of an inch? (miss you, Bud)
  3. Wait, is the hinge loose in the jamb, or is the jamb loose in the masonry rough opening? We gots ta know
  4. Be careful if you are near Ed when he gets windy
  5. Remove the top hinge, use a drill bit one size smaller than they recommend to bore into the masonry, inside the hinge mortise, countersink, drive in a Tapcon, reassemble.
  6. "All of Me" with Lilly Tomlin was his best. No One could have pulled off the part but Steve Martin. Recently, I think he is not worth the time.
  7. Thanks for a good day,
  8. Bringing a big bowl of cole slaw, a batch of home made cookies, a bag of charcoal, a can of starter fluid, my wife and my dog..
  9. I fought something big and slow with a drag set to an honest 22 pounds. I was sure glad Scotty was behind me on the rocks,waiting to catch me when the leader finally parted.. With current and 10 pounds, you are very likely to get yanked off your rock by a hard hit.
  10. Ah, but I never said trash fishing. I said "trash fish specialist" Even I don't consider a shopping cart to be a trash fish, but they certainly put up a good fight.
  11. last week. but it'll happen again. Trash fishermen don't fish that often, but when we do, we catch trash
  12. Kingfish, Sea Robin, Scup, Cocktail Blues and Spider Crabs
  13. Always a blast fishing with you Ed. 5 species today, Woohoo!
  14. I spent an evening at the Cape Cod Canal using my friend Raptite's rod, while he used mine. On our way out I noticed that the rod was acid wrapped. Before that I had no idea. Works great, looks a little funky. If I could go on boats without being a chum factory, all of my boat rods would be spiral/acid wrapped.
  15. strat Jimmy Vaughan les paul Marc Bolan les paul jr Steve Marriot tele Bill Kirchen SG Derek Trucks 335 B.B. King flying V Albert King(lefty)