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  1. Tim, I use 80 lb PowerPro and 80 lb mono for scup and skate, don't want to lose a good one ....and I have landed ghost pots in Maine on 50 lb braid. They do put up a fight.
  2. Use stronger braid and just land that ghost pot, large rocks will usually give up and roll a little, freeing your jig in the process. Heck, you could even land an old Buick if your braid was strong enough.
  3. Annie is my first dog. Never wanted one but liked other people's dogs. I've never had a better friend, or one that could do 35MPH without a motor vehicle. 14 1/2 pounds of happy
  4. If you go for the ones that have their heads stuck in the fence, you won't get any kisses first. Fools I tell ya, fools
  5. Doing good. haven't fished hardly at all the last year, busy being a grandpa. PMs don't seem to work anymore? ...and doing this
  6. Damn! Iggy was one of the nicest people I ever met.
  7. ThrowingTimber talked me down from the ledge. I texted or called him every night for weeks with the number of days I was off them. Been 6 or 7 years now, Thanks Vic! It gets much easier after a month or so
  8. Use it! Think of Gramps every cast. That's what he'd have wanted.
  9. Just remember to work the line to the edge of the spool when you feel the shocker knot bump through the tip top, or you'll lose a chunk of thumb on the next cast.
  10. If you aren't using pencil poppers, a thumb leveler isn't difficult to use. Try removing the levelwind traveler from your reel. As a bonus, once you can level yourself, There are a bunch of really sweet reels available to you. Penn Fathom and Daiwa Saltist among them. The Truth casting reel is really nice too.
  11. There was a man with spirit. When I met him he was a young man who had cancer, but never let it get him down. He always had a smile on his face. Rest in peace my friend.
  12. Yahoo! I can put super drag washers in my Abu 6500(which was designed for 12 lb mono, but now sports 50 lb braid) and crank it down to 25 pounds of drag. "Dang, the gears in this reel are cheap and blew out". Then the manufacturers created reels with bigger gears, robust frames and miracle drags. At least with the conventional reels, the big drags are real. If you should happen to hook a monster in close quarters or heavy current, 25 pounds is handy(particularly if you have someone standing behind you to catch you when the line lets go)
  13. I lent him my Swiss arny knife. the little scissors made quick work of that green mono
  14. I've always figured that I would receive no social security payments from the government. It has just been an extra 18 percent tax. Don't believe that the government cares about anyone but themselves.
  15. Sorry Bill, I never had a reel with that style handle, but I've certainly had a backlash or two as bad