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  1. Dude do you speak English?
  2. What does this mean? "Obviously another Judeo/Christian sect as usual."
  3. He should've stuck with the family business.
  4. How is it phony? It's an easy-to-do sign of respect for our country. That's all.
  5. You are a disgusting representation of a US citizen. Be proud. The anthem is traditional for most of us. Sure it wasn't always around but it's something that we can ALL agree with as a representation of all of us despite our differences. Country first before anything else.
  6. Is the title one of your **** niche searches?
  7. I didn't read it. But I think soon I will take a karate class and maybe start cooking eggs Benedict.
  8. You need a mentor or just a friend who can show you the ropes. goodluck stay persistent. Sure up you tackle and google the basics.
  9. There's only one correct answer here.
  10. Was it a chick with a Dikkk or a guy with TiTTTs?
  11. They should've studied Karate.
  12. The PaloAlto will catch that before it goes off.
  13. To me, finding an action that meets your natural casting speed makes fishing much more comfortable. As a young man, I could snap a XSRA 1083 on a cast. As an older man, I slow down and naturally let the rod do what it was designed to do. Same with golf.
  14. We all retired... from fishing that is...