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  1. Indeed and then dollar cost average your way back up. Good companies are good companies.
  2. Fox News Breitbart NY Post Washingron Times all lean right and I love em. Joe Rogan podcasts - one of the only places where you can hear an honest and open discussion about liberal and conservative views. It’s typically a calm and clear debate without yelling and screaming. Genuine people with open minds listening To others opinions and respecting other perspectives. MAGA
  3. I used to love Rudy. At some point, he kind of lost his marbles. I still like him, but he shouldn’t be a mouthpiece on any side of an argument.
  4. It’s all about redundancy. Lmao English American Mutt Mutt cant live without them.
  5. Incredibly sad. Incredibly stupid. I pray for their families as someone lost their children and regardless of them eating lawn clippings, losing a child is as bad as it gets.
  6. Stone imco Really? He was joking around with a bunch of troops. He gave them a raise!! Then he complimented them by basically saying they were patriots and would gladly not take the raise to help the country. Then he asked “does anybody not want it” and it was quiet so he joked, tongue in cheek, that they weren’t patriots because they actually wanted the raise. Of course they did and that’s what he was celebrating with them. He treats the troops better than Obama ever did simply allowing them to kick complete ass without tying their hands with stupidity designed to appease other effing countries!! Jesus Christ himself could come down and give sight to the blind and you would be pissed because he gave them brown eyes. Trump, however unpolished politically, is America first and for simpletons like me, that’s all I need.
  7. Yeah and then we can let them fester and survive on their own. I wosh we could do divide the country I. Half. Capitalists on one side, socialists on the other. It it would be he greatest experiment ever!
  8. Yeah plus the delirious Dems making such a spectacle of themselves promoting socialism. That will simply have people, even staunch democrats, fearing that their parties stupidity could truly set th country in the wrong direction. Im in for just keeping the pyramid scheme going. We’re all fine, I swear to drunk!
  9. I find the Hitachi to be the great equalizer. That’s the MVP in a marriage. 21 years married next week. I’m 43 years old.
  10. Congrats and God Bless you!! Get ready for a lifetime of drama! Lol don’t worry, it’s all worth it. Enjoy every minute of it. -Erik
  11. So out of 1,000 victimes, none of them had the stones in o go back and kill the a si hole priest? At a bare minimum you pick a fight and beat the piss out of some pedophile priest. To me, these priests should face the firing squad. That’s about the only justice there is for these guys. Hopefully at some point someone takes aome revenge on these guys. I am a practicing catholic. I go to church. I believe murdering those priests would be justified.
  12. Apology. I though you were ranting about too big to fail. Lol And now back to your regularly scheduled program.
  13. You are just angry. That’s a mere battle amongst a great economic system. Did it suck? Yeah it did. But your need is with corruption within capitalism, not capitalism itself.
  14. The point is to better yourself. I guess that’s lost on you. You don’t like it, do something about it. You co tell your own destiny as opposed to socialism where it doesn’t matter at all what can you can do or how you separate yourself from others via education or hard work. Wake up.
  15. Always amazes me how they think they can extend a shore line further east. It’s 100’s of feet of sand against the ATLANTIC OCEAN. ocean wins I s every time. Lol