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  1. Biggest BS article I've seen. Pay it no mind. If you die after retirement at 62 it's not because of SS lol.
  2. It wouldn't surprise me if some entity was putting different strains of the flu out into the world. Big business.
  3. I kinda like it to be honest. Kids should fist fight.
  4. How about in-shape, successful, stoned and smart? Lol
  5. Need to empty the belly? Drink some C4. NO usually gets me going. I travel everyday on train / ferry. I am actually surprised I've not gotten the flu yet. Crazy season... sucks people are dying from it. Unreal
  6. Damn Weed. You used to be a contender...
  7. Seal getting no love lol. Seal I respect you more because you were high. Good for you and peace be with you.
  8. Red Gills are awesome. RichS where are you!?
  9. Anyone know these guys? Also, Fluke? Porgies? OCEAN COUNTY, NJ - Darkness has fallen and soon it will be more than 24 hours since anything has been heard from the crew of the fishing boat Queen Anne's Revenge. Paul Matos, 30, Point Pleasant, and his crew member, Dennis Smallings, were aboard the 46-foot boat when one of them sent out a distress signal around 1:20 a.m. Thursday morning. "At this point, everybody has lost any hope that they'll be found alive -- it's been so long and the weather is cold, we're completely devastated," said Milene Oliveira, Matos' sister, in a telephone interview. "He was in the Navy (and) if there is a person who has extensive training with all of this, it's him -- which is why some of us are still holding on to some hope," she said. The two left Point Pleasant late on Monday night, likely fishing for fluke or porgies. Local fishermen said other local boats would probably be out Thursday night to help the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard was out searching the waters as of about 4:45 p.m. Thursday, according to Coast Guard spokesman Seth Johnson from the Coast Guard's Atlantic City station. Matos and his girlfriend discussed the nasty weather conditions forecast for later in the week before he left. He promised he wouldn't stay out if things turned bad. She last heard from him at 2:36 p.m. by email. He told her things were bad and they were going to head home. Former crew member Eric Herner said he stopped working on the boat a few weeks because he was concerned about its seaworthiness. The boat was around 50 years old, according to the report. The Coast Guard has asked any mariners who find possible debris from the boat to call its Sector Delaware Bay installation at 215-271-4940.
  10. Any story that can be used politically will be massively distributed and overhyped. Both sides.
  11. ***** H ****** man. WTF
  12. Facebook post stating this boat sank early this am around 1:30.
  13. John, i find it fascinating. I feel exactly the same way about the Democratic Party. I feel like we all feel exactly the same about things but we each blame the other party. But for me, I'm all about America first. This doesn't mean we lose our empathy or stop caring about other countries, it means we take care of our house, get it in good working condition and create a good situation for American citizens to thrive. Once that's in place, we can then care about other places in the world. I feel the Dems care about every other country in the world besides us. They apologize and are Cucks to other leaders. They subscribe to the globalist theory. It's my opinion that if Dems got their way and ran the country entirely, we would have no borders and free open access to all migrants. This would be a disaster. You wouldn't let a perfect stranger into your hous without first knowing if he/she was a stable, moral person. So why would we do the same for a massive amount of people from some ****hole country? It it baffles me. If you look at everything that has been revealed, you would see the massive corruption and collusion between the FBI and the Democrats. Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie. She was trying to steal the highest office in the land from Trump. And all of the democrats are ok with that. Aure you can call all of it a lie, but if you allow yourself for one minute to believe what has been revealed, you couldn't possibly be in their camp. My my parents raised me teaching me that life is hard but you can do great if you are smart and work hard. I've done "OK" in my life, I'm jealous of more successful people but I understand that they worked harder and made better choices and therefore deserve more. If you don't like your salary, get more skills and get a better job. Don't demand that you make the same amount as someone who has more skills than you. That liberal mentality is sickening to me and is a slap in the face to everyone who has ever worked their a$$es off trying to better themselves. Just ranting...
  14. Jase that's now considered "priveledge"