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  1. Buy a 3-pack of 3" wide mailing tubes from Staples and cut 2 pieces off of a second tube about 10" long. Split one of those lengthwise. Butt one tube and the un-split piece together and tape with clear packing tape. Wrap the split piece around that joint and tape that good. Write your name and address on the tube. Put your rods inside (after taping the 4 pieces together). Carry the rods on for free as your 1 personal item. Put them in the overhead. Fish. You can still carry a backpack as your "purse" Edit: Only works for 2-piece rods.
  2. I was always sort of proud to be from NJ, even though I knew it was for better or worse. But now I am absolutely ashamed. I too hope to be able to leave in a few years!
  3. Iran:

    This is a lie! The 1st gulf war was the mother of all wars. But that was actually just a bar fight.
  4. Saw that live. Loved it!
  5. I like my Les Baer Hemi, but it is my 1st and only 1911. Couldn't see spending a lot of money on a Springfield or Colt (even though I liked the look of them). Kimber always seemed to be the Glock of 1911's...ubiquitous. All the discussions I read all seemed to say how a particular manufacturer's gun was a great gun, but then they would say "all you need to do is get the trigger worked on and maybe change the mag well, and change the stock sights...etc." One thing I personally can't understand is why people like 9mm 1911's. I have a boatload of 9mm pistols, and even one or 2 .45's. But until I got my purpose-built .45 1911, I feel for some reason like I was cheating. Just some thoughts.
  6. A dead Possum that was stuck in the rafters of my basement. I couldn't figure out how to get it out so I waited a couple days for inspiration.
  7. Sure. Don't panic. If any company has been tremendous to deal with, even in cases where the product was several years old and out of warranty, it has been Hobie. Most people in here feel very passionately about...EVERYTHING! Go back to your Hobie dealer with it and see what they tell you. And maybe even send the pic to Hobie and get their opinion. You won't be left hanging if you are not happy with the boat. I didn't notice that shadow in your pic either.
  8. The only absolute truth in here!! Enjoy the kayak!!
  9. Me too. My buddy and his wife are Pocono Mountain School District teachers and some other Philly friends grew up with a guy that just retired from the Philly school system. All you have to do to graduate high school is skip 2/3 of the year and then have you mom tell the teacher or admin that she won't let you fail their child. What a shame for all the kids that would like to get an education without fear of murder or rape while at school!
  10. So what is the real-world ramifications of the 10 round mag change? Obviously tons of people own higher capacity mags. When are they in danger of prosecution? I get that you can't take them with you anywhere but do people have to move them out of state or destroy them? When are we at risk?
  11. I look at all of these options all the time. I hope to be able to retire in a few years and some type of camper is in my future I think! Maybe a travel trailer, maybe a truck camper, maybe even a van conversion. Not sure yet but it's nice to dream!!!
  12. Trump could kick his azz. Seriously!
  13. Holy ****e! Her mom is Doctor Ruth!