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  1. So what is the real-world ramifications of the 10 round mag change? Obviously tons of people own higher capacity mags. When are they in danger of prosecution? I get that you can't take them with you anywhere but do people have to move them out of state or destroy them? When are we at risk?
  2. I look at all of these options all the time. I hope to be able to retire in a few years and some type of camper is in my future I think! Maybe a travel trailer, maybe a truck camper, maybe even a van conversion. Not sure yet but it's nice to dream!!!
  3. Trump could kick his azz. Seriously!
  4. Holy ****e! Her mom is Doctor Ruth!
  5. 1 ratchet strap through the drive hole to both front tie down hooks in the bed. You can strap the tail down too with a second strap over the tail to the rear tie downs if you like.
  6. Seems like I was vindicated.
  7. You should die of hunger before you freeze to death in the cold water. I responded to this thread because I think that we still don't understand this simple concept. If you fall in the cold water and end up with a not "good outcome," it probably means you had a non-temperature related outcome.
  8. parents and teachers have to be added to the list of culprits I would imagine. Sad but true.
  9. That's exactly my point. I presume by "ready" you mean you are dressed appropriately. If a kayaker has to worry about cold water immersion, he is not prepared.
  10. This should never be a fear to a kayaker.
  11. True! I also find it a little odd that a snake fell out of a tree. I'm sure the event happened, but I doubt it happened like the story says.
  12. Not so far from the truth!
  13. That seems inaccurate. I think it said for aggravated assault.