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  1. Originally from Brooklyn, attended Sheepshead Bay H.S., can't blame Jersey for this crazy biatch !
  2. Here she is in 2 pictures, not bad at all. Full on BAT**** CRAZY though ! Grandmother was 87mother was 67.
  3. That must have been some bird to cause that much damage.
  4. Justified shooting, it all could have been avoided if the young man went along peacefully. No police officer is paid to die in the line of duty, it is an unfortunate occurrence of their job. If the officers felt threatened by that man's actions I can't blame them for protecting themselves and the public.
  5. Yes we have a free press, free to report the news with their liberal bias. All we are asking is to report the facts without any bias left or right, we shouldn't know what political affiliation the reporter has, just state the facts as you know them.
  6. Just another wack job that more then likely should have been institutionalized years ago. But we can no longer label people or judge them by their actions. Who knows it is Miami could be one of those Drag Queens or leather loving, chaps wearing F A G S that could look like the Gestapo. One never knows until it's too late. You know, like these guys !
  7. Trump is doing his best at getting his message out there without the Media. They can't twist his words or use segments of his comments if he puts it out himself, or his people do. If the MSM would just report the factual news without their liberal bias there wouldn't be this problem. Years ago the News Media would state the facts as they knew them, wasn't always accurate but it wasn't done deliberately, unlike today's MSM reports.
  8. I agree Congruent, as a resident of NYC for most of my life I have seen and heard Trump on tv and the news for ever. He was always on the fringe of politics, seemed to like being an advisor who offered suggestions as opposed to actually being responsible for the decision making. I didn't take Trump seriously at first, I thought he was just trying to stir things up in the primary. He made every one of the Republican candidates uncomfortable, made them think on their feet. They couldn't use their normal no commitment answers to questions during the primary. He destroyed all of them by speaking to the people and having answers to the problems we are dealing with. His unorthodox way of doing things is a breath of fresh air to me and probably most regular Americans. Keep doing what you believe is best for America President Trump.
  9. Muff Stuff 13
  10. For our sake no pictures please !
  11. There are some things that we don't need to know about, and that is DEFINITELY one of them !
  12. Without a doubt Obama, she thought it was the Maitre d' coming to bring her to her table.
  13. Mayor Kahn is all for freedom of speech when it comes to bashing President Trump. But don't you dare speak or write anything against these Muslim thugs that are ruining London and the rest of the UK and Europe. You'll end up in jail !
  14. I thought he reminded me of Jack, another loon !
  15. How much did that set you back, to tell you it was a switch !