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  1. Is this a general comment about the big grubs, or something you've noticed that's different/changed in recent batches of Gulp!?
  2. Will, Coming in with experience of fishing and servicing your own equipment would be a huge plus. Flex Tech Assembly is a dual role consisting of both Reel Services and Assembly. I would suggest applying for the one that best suits you and if you are invited to come in for an interview, mention you may be interested in other roles as well. I will ask HR to have the job description added for the Flex Tech. tony
  3. Bumping to the top. Obviously the swimming mullet is the biggest problem, are there any other shapes or colors you've noticed issues (soft, fragile, etc) with? Mike
  4. Haha. Free labor to install the gears don't forget: SOL, The CNC machined gear sets are now available for purchase. A few ways to have them installed: *Call our Customer Service line to purchase and install yourself. Part # is the 7 digit number next to the model. Parts Customer Service Monday thru Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. EST Phone: (800) 892-5444 SSV3500 1415298 - $55.40 + shipping & taxes (Machined aluminum gear, brass pinion) SSV4500 1415298 - $55.40 + shipping & taxes (Machined aluminum gear, brass pinion) SSV5500 1415301 - $63.75 + shipping & taxes (Machined aluminum gear, brass pinion) SSV6500 1415315 - $63.75 + shipping & taxes (Machined brass gear, brass pinion) SSV7500 1415304 - $74.15 + shipping & taxes (Machined brass gear, brass pinion) SSV8500 1415304 - $74.15 + shipping & taxes (Machined brass gear, brass pinion) SSV9500 1415307 - $74.15 + shipping & taxes (Machined brass gear, brass pinion) SSV10500 1415307 - $74.15 + shipping & taxes (Machined brass gear, brass pinion) The SSV5500 and SSV6500 gear sets are inter-changeable. What does this mean? If you have an SSV5500 reel you could purchase either the 5500 set with aluminum gear, or the 6500 set with the brass gear. Same if you have an SSV6500 reel, you could purchase either. No other models are inter-changeable. *Order from one of our Preferred Parts Vendors, Scott's B&T and Fisherman's Headquarters both located in NJ. They will have them in stock in a few days. Contact and locations can be found here: If you were to purchase the kit, it would come with Main drive gear, pinion gear, 2 shims. You would need to shim as needed and be careful not to damage any parts as this would not be covered under our Manufacturing Warranty. *Send your reel in and we can install the gear set for you. If you wish to send the reel in and are an SOL member we will perform the gear swap as follows: $0.00 labor + cost of kit + return shipping and handling. *This applies only if the reel is in good working order and does not need cleaning or other parts. Non Members: $10.00 labor + cost of kit + return shipping and handling. *This applies only if reel is in good working order and does not need cleaning or other parts. When sending the reel in please note you would like the CNC machined gear kit installed, and we also need your SOL Username. Reels should be sent to: Factory Service Department PENN Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co. 3028 West Hunting Park Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19132 (800) 892-5444 tony
  5. J, Because of the longer handle and larger rotor on the 4000 it is easier to flip the bail vs. the tiny 1000 that has a shorter handle and smaller rotor. Without seeing/feeling the reel I cannot tell you whether it is normal or not but the 1000 bail trip is naturally tighter to flip when using the handle. My recommendation is to always flip the bail by hand anyway to prevent line twists and wind knots down the road. tony
  6. Belmo, Ultimately you want to shim as much as possible without binding the gears (within .002"-.004"). Using a pair of calipers to measure the amount of shims you are using is the proper way to do it, adding/removing shims based on how much handle play you have. You can always send the reel in and we can shim properly is always an option as well. tony
  7. Ready for a change? Check out our openings at the PENN facility located at 3028 W. Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19132 tony
  8. Mbg, We would need his Name and address to look in the system to see if he sent in a reel. We do nearly 10k reels per year and do not remember them all. tony
  9. Charlie, You can use your same rotor and line roller/bearings, however you will need both rotor arms, bail arm, bail wire, trip lever, etc. Parts would cost approx. $220. tony
  10. It is really difficult to tell based on the pictures. We can send you a replacement bail arm to see if that helps? Other option would be sending it in and we will take a look at it for you. tony
  11. 10' 15-30 - 13.2oz 10' 20-50 - 13.9oz 11' 20-50 - 16.5oz tony
  12. Bennie, 12oz. tony
  13. They shipped 2/20, I will PM you the tracking #. tony
  14. Go with the Fathom. It just takes time/casting practice. Tape your thumb, practice by launching it 50 times and adjust the internal brakes accordingly. You may throw a birds nest or two, but less likely when using mono vs braid. tony
  15. Be prepared for a burning thumb tony