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  1. Nah no weight in the tail. Going to weight it in the belly where I usually do but a bit bigger to get a bit more depth out of it. Tweak it from there. Thinking the hook on the tail should be good though.
  2. After epoxy was when the jointed happened. Had a spare body and decided to chop it and make it a jointed.
  3. Hey Dave took these pictures and meant to post up a bit of help and truthfully forgot I had the tab open. So here goes. My handcarves are my own shape loosely based on a Redfin. The action is something in between a Redfin and an SP. I make them in 2 sizes, 5” and 7” and I do them in a variety of different materials from AYC to a black walnut a buddy gave me to even maple. I also do them in azek. Both types, wood or azek, can be done with or without a rattle chamber. My rattles are a 1/2” thru body hole behind the belly hook area with a steel sheet metal blank that is recessed in the body to leave smooth sides. The rattle chambers are filled with anywhere from 3-6 small steel bbs. All my shaping is done by hand on a belt sander and finished up by hand with sand paper. I do all of my drilling of belly holes, swivel and weight, before shaping so everything drills easier. Once shaping is done I wire the plug and glue in the lip. I like to prewire the plug to help lock in the nose loop and keep it from twisting. If I’m doing it in wood I seal the blank and then wire. If I’m doing it in azek then I wire the plug and give it a coat of epoxy to give a smooth surface to prime and paint. Heres a few pictures to hopefully help.
  4. My 3 are just about finished. Just need their final coat of epoxy and then hooks and flags and they’re ready. Pretty happy with the paint on these and really happy with the action these get when done in the azek. And then this happened after I was done epoxy.
  5. Well damn Dave. That’s awesome. I have the plans for a 4” and a 5” mag darter in azek as well. Just need to make the time to play with them. Keep us up to date on it. I really like it man.
  6. That’s awesome man. Badass
  7. Awesome pickups bill. Who’s is the bottom glider? Nice blank canvas to play with.
  8. They’re pretty awesome to watch swim. Me and the wife go on a cruise usually once a year to the Caribbean and they’re usually all over the dock areas. Pretty cool seeing how they swim with the front 3/4 of the body staying straight and just the tail slightly kicks and wiggles. Pretty much just like a needlefish plug.
  9. They look awesome man. Great work. Anytime you’d like to make a trade I’d love to get my hands on the parrot 2.75oz for my bag.
  10. Have fun up there guys. Not going to make it up there today. I get the fun of replacing the water pump in the wife’s truck today. If yous want to throw my name in the mix I’ll gladly trade with whoever wants something. Just shoot me a message and we’ll work out all the details. Peter if you happen to have that eagles needle left after today I’d love to trade for it. Also your bunker darter is coming along nicely. It’s all primed and ready for color a bit later today.
  11. You’re welcome man. Only passing on knowledge I’ve learned from some great builders over the years.
  12. AYC definitely has its advantages being easier to run but depending on what exactly you’re looking for it may need lead added. Birch is a bit heavier than AYC and is easier to turn and seal than maple. Maple is usually the goto wood for them. Unweighted it keeps a nice weight and holds well in currents. I do my birch and maple darters unweighted.
  13. Yea man same thing with me. Guy responded to a post I made in the main forum on big darters. He messaged me and said he was interested in them so he’d post a wtb thread so we kept everything by the rules. Tim steeped in and informed us that was against the rules. That we can’t sell plugs we actually made in the wtb threads. Luck had it the guy was in my Facebook so it all worked out in the end but we weren’t able to do anything in the wtb threads.
  14. I believe in that one I used a 3/8” bit and drilled down about 5/16”. Didn’t need much lead, just enough to keep it sitting right. I am experimenting with an unweighted AYC darter as per steel pulse’s advice to try it out.
  15. Gotta watch that lonell. I thought the same thing with some of my larger darters. TimS shut it down. We can’t sell our plugs we made in the WTB forum. Best bet is Facebook honestly man.