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  1. Hahaha well damn. Thanks rui. I appreciate it man
  2. Sweet. I’m still in.
  3. Hell yea man. He absolutely killed it.
  4. Thanks roddy. Awesome man. Glad you like it and I know you’ll crush plenty with it man.
  5. Hahaha damn is my style that easy to recognize? I thought I’d venture away from the norm you guys see by doing a metal lip vs a darter or glider lol. Thanks micodese. Much appreciated man
  6. Awesome man. Glad you like it Bill. Tight lines and good luck with it. Merry Christmas brother
  7. That sir is mine. It’s a thinner profile troller that worked out real well early spring in the back when they were on smaller baits and it shined in the current off the jetties this fall with all the smaller fish around. Digs to about 2-4’ depending on the retrieve speed or current but keeps a nice tight wiggle so it doesn’t roll out in any kind of current. It’s fully thru wired with hook hangers solely because of how thin the profile is, I didn’t have swivels small enough to work. Best of luck with it man. I look forward to seeing some bass hanging from it soon.
  8. Mine is out for delivery now.
  9. Beautiful pluggage man.
  10. And then I got an awesome Christmas gift to myself. I turned the body and linesider69 painted it in his baby tog pattern for me. So psyched to throw this one. Such a beautiful plug.
  11. I’ve been busy lately getting a few plugs cranked out for Christmas gifts for a few friends. The damn epoxy elf finally showed up and got his ass to work. A nice variety of stuff from gliders to darters to a new tweak on a troller I made to a small handcarve for the freshwater or for the salt in the back or when the fish are on small baits to some soft plastics and jig heads in playing with.
  12. Sounds great man.
  13. We need some clarification on the rules antagonizer. Just wanted to make sure on a couple things before I get started. This way I know what direction I’m going.
  14. Nice work man. How do they swim? I’m down for a trade man.
  15. Hmmm just reread the OP and it says not bigger than 4” not counting lip. Now I’m unsure.