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  1. Winch (makes a killer pikie) ls69 ppw Stripercrazy- (makes a mean big pikie that’s always in my bag) Seed420-I’d be a lying SOB if I didn’t put my own name on this list. That is what makes up 95% of my plug bag.
  2. Nice man. Well done.
  3. I completely understand that man. I’ll shoot you a pm with all the details on the gliders this way it doesn’t muddy up this thread and we can work something out then. Thank you for the interest man.
  4. Hahaha still can’t believe this one. That had to have been one of the funniest things to see. An itty bitty baby fluke on the big darter. But hey it caught lol. I’m telling you man that’s the picture I’d get framed and put up on the wall.
  5. Oh yea man it definitely takes a special type of crazy to throw monster plugs like this. Dedicated setup, heavier braid, heavier leader. But the outcome is so worth it at times. Giant plugs tend to cull out the shorts and attracts the larger ones to bite. Not always the case but that’s the idea. Seeing a 35-40lb. bass with 90% of the plug swallowed is an awesome sight. All of my big darters are done in hard maple. I only make a couple that aren’t done in maple. I do a 7.5” in AYC that has a slug of lead in the belly that is for shallower spots, and I make some of my 4” and 6” in unweighted birch for a few certain spots. But for the most part all my darters are unweighted maple.
  6. Hahaha the bigger the bait. Thanks man. The 9.5” should finish out to 4.75oz after paint and finish, the 9” will be around 4.1-4.2oz, the 6” will be right at 2oz, and the 4” will finish out to 1.25oz. The 9.5” is for a buddy that solely fishes large plugs and he uses a 3-8oz conventional and the 9” is for me. I have a special spot for that one, a nice deep hole in a rip about 40-45yds off the tip of a jetty. This will get used with my big plug rod, definitely not for the 1-4oz rod lol. My big plug rods are both spiral wrapped conventionals, ones rated 2-6oz and the other is 4-8.
  7. Thanks man. Here’s a few different ones I’ve done recently. The picture of 3 were ones I did for the lure swap over in the plug forum. These gliders have a slow sink rate, maybe a foot a second. They have a nice tight natural swim pattern. Like they’re just cruising along.
  8. Who makes the white darter there in the center? Don’t have any fatty gliders to offer but I make gliders that finish out to 2.75-3oz. They’re thru wired, made out of azek, and can be done with or without a rattle chamber. If you’re interested I can post a few pictures for you.
  9. Got a few more darters spun up. Did a 4”, a 6”, a 9”, and a 9.5”. All hard maple. The 9” is set with just a single belly hook vs. double belly hooks.
  10. I’m in. Thanks for the chance
  11. Thank you man.
  12. I’ll do that. $30 for the darters. Send me a pm with your PayPal info. Thanks man
  13. Thanks man. I mean it is Halloween time, why not a Halloween darter. The little darter is one I’ve had a lot of success with. A buddy has crushed early spring bass on one in the back bays and I and a few other people have done well with it on the open beaches. It digs to about 3-4’ on just a slow steady retrieve and in a moderate current it’ll get to maybe 5’. I haven’t tried it in a fast current yet. I usually throw one of my larger darters in those scenarios. But in slower to moderate current it works exactly the way a darter should.
  14. Holy crap man. The squid pencils and the parrot swimmers are beautiful. They look insane. Great plugs.
  15. Not off the lathe but all shaped on the belt sander. Been working on this for a while now. Very thick bodied glider. Made with black walnut a good friend got me. Full thru wire and swivel construction and rattle trap. Has a real wide lazy swim to it on a slow retrieve and on a faster retrieve it tightens up. Sinks very slow, about 1’ a second.