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  1. Badass man. Thank you dude
  2. Is it too late for 1 more? If not I'll jump in. I have a fun idea for this.
  3. Absolutely ed. I love getting pictures of my plugs with fish on them from other guys. Truthfully even better than me catching on my own.
  4. That's awesome fishy. Great job man. Really glad you're liking that darter. Keep on catching man.
  5. Way to go Chris. Some great catches on some sweet plugs. Very nice dude.
  6. Sounds great. Let me get together a bit of what I have when I get home from work and I'll post it up. Thanks man.
  7. Yes I do. I make various different plugs. What were you interested in?
  8. Definitely can't help with that. Ideally that's what I need to grab. Looking for something a touch bigger than my lexa 300 for plugging. Let me see what I have to offer when I get home. I'd be more interested in the Toro.
  9. Let me see what I have. Dont have much collector stuff. Most of what I have are plugs for throwing.
  10. Any trades? PayPal is tapped out currently
  11. What are you looking for for the 965? Very interested.
  12. Anything for a sustain 10k?
  13. Awesome man. Thank you. Message incoming shortly.
  14. No worries man. I appreciate you checking and your offer bud.