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  1. Oil has been dipping below $40 per bbl in Venezuela. They don't strike at WTI prices. The country is on the brink of civil war. Maduro begged OPEC for help and they told him to scratch. China threw them a conditional $20 billion bone but the terms of the condition are not disclosed. Possible land deal or takeover of PDVSA. I believe Maduro gave them a. Promissory note that includes their repatriated Gold. If Venezuela defaults, the impact will be felt across Latin America and the US. Thisis all Hugo Chavez' fault. He resorted to the terror tactics as Che Guevara: round up the land owners and business owners force them out of the country or install a leech to satiate the kleptocracy. Venezuela had $4 billion slush reserve before Hugo arrived and liquidated the funds. The big story was that he spent the money on the poor. The truth was he gave the money to his friends like Evo Morales and the Castros. The poor people in Venezuela were allowed to squat in buildings across Venezuela; government sponsored "adverse possession". The magnanimous gesture by Hugo was to confiscate containers from overseas freight companies and build a prefab slum of sorts on the outskirts of Caracas. Hugo decided to give away $250 million worth of oil very year, to Cuba out of solidarity. We got a hint of what was to come last Spring during the protests. I was dialed-in to my counterparts in-country over social media. Did you know that all e-mail correspondence in and out of Venezuela goes through Cuba? Over a thousand people were murdered by the gangs employed by the regime to quell the protests. The western media reported 50 or so and really could care less... Now Venezuela is heading towards default. Had a fund manager tell me that Vene won't default because of the mass resources. They put him on Bloomberg. I emailed him back: "when was the last time you were in Venezuela?" Answer:"Never been". So the pure socialist blueprint results in nobody having toilet paper, soap, diapers, also empowers the gangs. Kind of like seeing Animal Farm come to life if you ever have a chance to visit. I'll be surprised if there is not a bloody war in that country in the next year or two. I'll be just as surprised if Maduro doesn't flee the country by the summer. Even if oil prices stabilize and rebound, the Venezuela economy needs $100 WTI to stay in business. Viva Chavez!
  2. Currently I am in the process of removing Comcast or other cable providers from my home. I am using wireless Internet data (AT&T = already regulated) plus whatever streaming apps I can use with my smart TV. I have TV ala carte whther Comcast agrees with it or not. Some Schmoe out there will come up with a way of transmitting as well as receiving over satellite in short order. HughsNet started it, but it needs to be finished. If I were Comcast and seeing the potential threat to market share posed by satellite + Internet, I'd be all aboard the net neutrality band wagon. Peace love dope
  3. The scare is real threat as id'd by CDC. A few hundred million just went into a triage repsonse program in the US. This has little to do with politics but a lot to do with hospitals and doctors telling CDC that there is not enough "supplies" to go around. Vaccines are the last thing to be concerned with. A vaccine is meaningless if there is a shortgae of intravenous preparations and other supples.
  4. I lost two good friends to suicide. If they didn't rope or cordage laying around, would that have prevented it?
  5. None this year. In my lifetime.... more than I care to remember. One is enough and having happen more than once is awful. I remember one guy threatened to kill our dog and my dad drew a .320 on him and said "get the EFF off my property before I shoot you!" First time I ever heard pop use the F-Word! Before my dad died he told me of a few incidences that happened had he not had a gun on him he'd probably be dead. He was a doctor and doctor's offices in NJ were soft targets for perps. Another time I was cleaning out my dad's office (he passed away and we had to go through files etc). I'm in the garage of the office closing up and I seee two people rummaging through the office. They said they were here to help. I was like **** YOU! and chased them off he property. True. If someone breaks into your home or business or even threatens you or your family in publc, you have cause. Whether you decide to draw and fire is the other half. Good for you. I lived in a lilly white suburb and had an armed intruder enter my home on a Wenesday affternoon. Apparently the guy was casing my place and tracking my movements. I came home from work early to find my bilco doors open. I called out "who's there?" heard shuffling. Slammed the bilco doors shut and slid the bolt closed. I enterd my home, called the cops and grabbed the 12. The guy was in my basement trying to pry open the door to the upstairs with a pry-bar while this was going on.. Told whomever it was that I was calling the cops and I had a shotgun out. I called the cops and pointed a mossberg 500 at the basement door until they arrived. Cops didn't know what to do since the guy was in my basement. Told them if they didn't go in and I get him I would. Guy starts yelling "don't shoot!" Cops go down tackled him. Had a prybar and a knife on him. One cop wanted to give me a summons for having the shotgun out and threatened to take it from me. I was like "***?" Said something stupid like "Next time you call us first" I was like - buddy- I called You First!. Effin NJ! Scariest day of my life. In Miami, I carry every day. Even my bleeding heart liberal sister used a gun to defend her self and her home on more than one occassion. She worked with poor kids so it came with the territory, but after a major hurricane, she had an attempted break in. My advice to surfcat is not to advertise that you are unarmed. You should also refrain from posting it on websites. Your IP Addy contains more info than you should feel comfortable knowing and the level of sophistication of cyber-crime goes hand-in-hand with conventioal crime. Keep your dogs fed but not overfed.
  6. Reducing the Internet o the level of public utility is a pretty dumb idea.Allowing the government to subsidize "like a utility" would probably require strictures an measurments to be applied. We need Randy Marsh's opinion on this.
  7. Do you have the stats or are you emoting?
  8. :mess:
  9. Rav - there is a rancher in Okeechobee that has a 1000 yard range on his property. .308 doesn't cut the mustard. I would rather use .30-06 for longer range than .308 (personal experience). The proprieter of said range suggests .300 win mag over .308. I would suggest .300 Wby over .300 win mag to keep it in the .30 cal range. You will drop serious coin on quality glass and you can't go cheap.
  11. WHAM!
  12. He's been hiding on the golf course for the last six years. That reminds me... need to buy some ELY because Potus will be spending more time on the links these next two years.
  13. Fall off zip line into lava pit... true.
  14. Old news. Older than Vatican II
  15. keep coping