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  1. No need to apologise. I'm all for a honest opinion.
  2. Hah! . I got a few friends that use a Hatch. They don't quite fit the slot I bought the Nautilus for. For me that is.
  3. I enjoy and appreciate your kinda grumpy comments always. However neither of those assumptions are correct. I bought the reel because it fit my needs in every other aspect then the drag adjustment/range. I just thought I would get used to it, but ... I have not.
  4. Yes, i do get the "micro adjust" thing for certain fishing. Just think that a 3-4turn drag would be sufficient for that. But as said before, you can't please everyone. That reel is perfect, except for that very important factor for me. I usually fight a fish in a way where I set the drag for the initial run, then tighten up and then again loosen up when we get close to landing the fish. Then again loosen a bit more to strip out line. Then again tighten to set the initial drag... On a good day, this can happen a lot.
  5. Brian, yep. Even a three turn drag is doable, even though I prefer something between 1-2 turns. 6 turns it seems is too much for me. Hope you doing well.
  6. The NV was on my shopping list too for a long time. I've fiddled with a few of them and both had a pretty stiff drag adjustment which is a thing that annoys me.
  7. I'll have to look in to that. Thanks.
  8. I'm more picky about my reels...
  9. I did and they didn't have any answers other than I could send them the reel and they could make some special parts for it to shorten the drag curve, but it would cost some serious money.
  10. We will see if me or any of my more tech savvy friends can tune it up. Or if I end up selling it. Got lots of workable reels in the cupboard so it's not a big deal fishing wise. Just very annoying as the reel is so perfect in every other way.
  11. My man Salty pretty much sums it up. Give them what they want! You can start of with a subtle and steady strip and if they don't like that, switch to a more herky jerky popping mode. Or the other way around! You can also mix and mash.
  12. Don't know if this has ever happened to any of you guys, but the feeling of thinking you have found the perfect reel that ends up being not perfect is brutal! The CCF-X2 with a 8/10 spool has been on my shopping list for a long time and as I had some loose money last fall I decided to go for it. The reel has a 4,5" diameter and a 1inch wide spool. At 8,5oz it fits modern rods very well and despite being so light, the build quality is very high and robust. It also packs a hefty drag and good line capacity. The ergonomics of the reel are perfect for me. The handle is very easy to grip and you can pick up line with it fast. The spool release knob is easy to use and the drag adjustment knob is just like I want it to be. The reel is perfect, right? Well, not really. For some reason they opted to go with a very very long drag curve on this reel and it's just something that is very hard to get used to. It takes 6 full turns from zero to 24lb. So you end up turning that knob a lot on day out on the salt. It's just very annoying. The icing on the cake is that the last 1/3 turn takes the drag from 10-12lb to a hefty 24lb. So you got all that room to adjust the drag and then suddenly you don't:). The adjustment area is so long that you kinda loose track of it in the heat of the battle too. I broke one fly line last fall because of this. It was the biggest albie I have seen. I hope he got rid of the piece of fly line at some point. I know that for certain type of fishing a long drag curve like that doesn't matter and can be even good as you can "micro adjust" your drag. I personally don't know anyone that likes a drag adjustment like that though. We will see if I ever get the hang of that drag adjustment or not.
  13. Long line lift is a great way to get your fly right back there. Lines with at least a medium length belly or a long backtaper work the best for this. The water haul or slingshot cast as i call it is very handy when you have cast in to a certain direction but a strong tail or casting arm wind prevents you to do a normal cast. You can just anchor the leader and the tip of the line to the water and do a safe forward cast. Works great with super heavy flies also as the line trajectory is high and safe going forward. Don't actually know why I quoted you Hirdy. You probably know a lot more about these things then i do:)
  14. Casting threads are funny. There seems to be a very specific pattern to them:). Trying to be as good as you can is a pretty standard thing in any sport. A good fly fisherman needs to be a good caster. An excellent one needs to be a excellent caster. If you don't believe that your only fooling yourself. In a fishing situation where your sight casting for fast moving fish or doing fast action fishing like albie or tuna fishing for surface eating fish, a real 100ft where the fly actually lands 100ft from you is not a cast very many can do on a regular basis. and that's with a side wind or in calm conditions. IN to the wind that's pretty much not likely to happen even for the best. If your blind casting on a pretty stationary platform or have time to get a good cast your odds will be a lot higher to hitting that 100' mark.
  15. Hey guys and thanks for the nice comments. The soft stuff is Snow Runner aka Nayat. A semi soft fur and reason I'm calling that fly the Snow Runner Deceiver.