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  1. I love all those lines. They had longer heads then 30' but not long long heads. in the sweet zone between 33-39feet. It's funny how big of a difference 4 to 9feet of extra taper make.
  2. I personally have found very few rods that are nice to cast with a same weight Sniper or OBS. 99% I go with a line size lighter and sometimes even two sizes lighter line when it comes to those two lines. Never ever have I "overlined" a line like that. I do know that some great fisherman do use a same weight OBS on their rod and are perfectly fine with it and catch fish. Big flies and/or short or short(ish) casts is where the short lines are at their best. Airflo has some great lines out there. The cold saltwater intermediate has a great taper especially if your not throwing big big flies and they last forever. It's just a shame that they don't make them in the 11 or 12wts. The 10wt line is a bit light for some of the stiffer 10wt's. A 11wt with the same taper and coating would be spectacular. The Tarpon taper from Flo is my favorite allround line. The taper handles flies up to 9" with no problems and the intermediate version especially is a beast to cast in to the wind. It's just a shame the coating especially on the intermediate is so hard. It will f up your hands if your not protecting them and won't work when it gets cold. The clear tip tropical is also extremely good and has a mono core so your can stretch it. It's only fault is that it only comes at a floating line. SA and Rio make great lines too and I think that we are just spoiled with all the great options out there. The thing that sucks is the prices on fly lines. It can cost a fortune finding that perfect line.
  3. I learned to trust my gut feeling more. Year's bring in experience, but no real knowledge. The more you fish the less you really know so It's just better to go with the flow and trust your gut feeling. I also learned that I truly love this sport. I am the happiest and best version of me when I'm on the water doing what I like. 2018 will probably not be as good as 2017, but you never know!?
  4. This is the kinda stuff that makes Cape Lookout the world class destination that it is. I know that its been kinda sporadic with the big fish this year, but from mid October to December you just know that they are around and it can happen any day. Look at the size of the fly that's in the mouth of the 25pounder! When the big ones are around, no fly is too big to cast. I caught a 23-25pounder this year with a 8" H&H that was made for them Drum and the Albie was bigger then the Drum my buddy caught on the same drift! So it's good to be prepared. Great post Brian. I really really miss that place and all the people.
  5. Yes sir. They are pretty much my favorite hooks now a days. They work very well, are cheap and readily available in big boxes. I do have some GAmi's( availability is awful around here) and Partridge hooks too. The Nordic tube hook from Partridge is my favorite small candy hook.
  6. It varied from 6-25feet. The spot has a very quick drop from 6 to 25feet in the "middle". I love to fish that spot. We have had great fishing there before, but not quite this good. The fish almost never sound when hooked there. They just zoom horizontally. And yes, I am still pretty happy about that. I miss that place already.
  7. It was a lot of fun watching "Mad Zak" aka SMS putting he's fiber/carbon hybrids to work. Man they have some serious lifting power and don't snap whatever crazy chit you do. Look at the pure joy on the man's face!
  8. Puppy Drum are available on a regular basis. The big ocean dwelling Red's are found if they want to be found. It's a bonus fish and would never do my trip solely based on them. When you search and fish Albies in the areas that the Drum migrate and feed, there's always a chance you will run in to them. Then again you might not see them in weeks even though your out every day.
  9. We had a brief encounter with the white stuff just before I left to the Island. 10" in a short period. It's all gone now with just the infinite darkness to deal with. The hook on that pic is a 3/0 Mustad Tarpon hook. Pretty much my favorite hook. The 3/0 is a bit off an overkill and would prefer a 2/0 But I was out of them.
  10. Can do when I got the time. I personally think that when the bigger Albies are on bigger bait and feeding aggressively you really need to step up your flies if you want to make the most out of it. But that's just my opinion. 5-7"flies have worked very well for us and the same goes for bigger crease flies at around 5". I use a modified Bob Pop's Flex fly when I go for a bigger Candy. I use a EZ body tubing to cut weight and also use a pretty light coating of Flex UV to cover the whole thing. That cuts a lot of weight and makes the fly easier to cast. Looks uglier then the flies I usually post on the internet, but the fish don't care one bit. The fly on the picture has some foam in it and a bit too much UV. It doesn't cast as well as the others I use, but caught it's fair share.
  11. It was. Last year was probably the best I've seen, but this was a good year too.
  12. Here's a short clip of one of the many spectacular bites. Sequence 21.wmv