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  1. Most of the marina's from Barnegat to Toms River will put you in in early April and pull up until Mid December. I know of one in Waretown that will pull you later than that as long as they are not Frozen in and will put you in as early as you want provided no ice. Have you called any to check on their scheduling?
  2. Community in Tom's River is not much better.
  3. Sounds like the zone valves are sticking open.
  4. My lawn is approximately 10,000 sq feet in total. The line that is used for my system is one inch. I have nine zones, 3 zones do the beds and 7 for the lawn. For 10,000 sq ft. you would not be able to run one zone. I would say that 3/4 to one inch would be fine. The copper line running from my meter to the sprinkler system is 3/4 inch. I would not use 1/2, you probably would need to run the system longer to put down that same amount of water a 3/4 or one inch line would put down. Stay with good heads. Hunter are probably the best ones and the ones used by most sprinkler system companies. The 1/2 line is fine for a drip system. Also The line that gets buried usually has a thicker wall than what they use for drip systems so be sure you select the correct line. I realize you are doing this yourself but if you call in an installer, they will be in and out in a half day. Plus unless you are digging the trench by hand you will need to rent a ditch witch.
  5. Yes it is that bad. You have not lived until you walk into a men's room and here someone texting while they are sitting in the stall.
  6. I have a NOCO. The one I have will turmm over a 6 liter diesel.
  7. Should be like a crab cake. I freeze mine without frying them. I thaw them then cook them. If you vacuum seal them, freeze them first then seal them otherwise you will crush them.
  8. Try Bolt Depot. They are usually pretty good with pricing and shipping.
  9. Your right a lot of ways to skin the cat. Just another option if you do not want to put a hole in the bottle. Lets you just keep what is left over if you do not use it all in the original container.
  10. If you connect both zerk's with a PVC tube (make sure to clamp them on) and open both of them, then you only need to spin the wheel one way. It will not lock up and will push the fluid through one side to the other and push out all the air. You will see the bubbles coming up until they stop. I actually made up a fitting that screws into the fill hole and I have a valve attached so I can open and close it. I then have a PVC tube coming off the shut off valve and will insert a funnel into that and then I poor the fluid into the funnel to fill the tube and turn the wheel and add more fluid as needed. This allows you to avoid putting a pin hole in the bottle. When done close the valve and then put what is left back into the bottle.
  11. We had ours sandblasted once and spent days on end filling pin holes. For removing bottom paint sand alone is too aggressive. If the boat is in a Marina, they may not be able to use water due to EPA concerns. It is hard to contain the runoff. In the yard were we are, they cover the ground with plastic and tent around the boat to contain the dust. On the good side, if there are any voids in the gel coat, it will open them right up.
  12. Whatever you do, don't use sand or walnut shells. Get it baking soda blasted. Creates less divits. Also be prepared to be filling a lot of pin holes.
  13. I used to work with a Retired NY City Detective, who used to always get assigned to help Secret Service with Kennedy when he was in NY. He told me Kennedy had a number of Girl Friends in NY.
  14. She actually was raised Catholic and of Italian descent. I believe her husband is jewish.
  15. I would try to protect the deck from rotting out. If it is removable I would pull it out and first give it a coat of epoxy that is thinned 10% with Alcohol. This will allow the epoxy to penetrate into the glass. Then I when that is tacky, give it a second coat that you have not thinned out, just try to keep it as smooth as possible. if you need to fill any cracks and gouges in the wood. Once the unthinned epoxy sets up, then you can cover it anyway you like. Nautalex, Non skid, what ever. You want something easy to clean. Nautalex is not bad to clean and not difficult to put down.