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  1. L&H

    Phil I experienced the same with one of the shops named. Went in to buy shells for a hunting trip. 3 guys standing around behind the counter talking. They acted like I was a bother. So for a North Jersey shop I use Ramsey Outdoor, never had a problem there no matter what Dept. I am in. When boating I try to stay with a local shop. If you need a good North Jersey fly shop try Streams of Dreams on Rt. 17.
  2. Fred Missed the tree lighting due to another commitment. I have to make sure I make it next year.
  3. I have a place in Forked River on Stouts creek. We overlook the wetlands, and see bald Eagles all the time. In the fall when the Osprey leave, the Eagles move into the nests then in the spring when the Osprey return the fun begins. The Osprey usually get their nests back.
  4. I am really surprised the freeze does not get to the roots and shut them down.
  5. Not sure how often you use the outdoor shower, but could that be a source of the water?
  6. If you format your C drive won't that wipe out everything including things you don't want gone?
  7. I put in a Temp Star gas furnace last year. Basically a Carrier unit, same owners as Carrier. Worked well all winter and so far so good. I also just replace my AC this year with Temp Star. After all my research I found them to be no better or worse than the others, but was slightly less money. I was going to go Train, but the cost of repairs is higher and their warranty was not as good.
  8. How good of a neighbor is he? If you want to keep a good relationship with him, I would have it cleaned up. I had a tree fall into my neighbors yard. Luckily no damage, half the tree was in my yard half in his. Came out during a big storm. I called the local tree guy, he comes over and says I will cut it right here. I asked why and he said that half is your neighbors problem. Since I got along well with the neighbor and wanted to keep it that way, I told him to clean up the whole thing. Sometimes a few hundred dollars in a situation like this is worth a lot more over the long term by just doing the right thing and taking care of the problem.
  9. Best thing to do is join a fishing club and then ask the members, as well as getting known at local tackle shops who can guide you to ramps also. I keep my boat in Forked River, I don' trailer but I the marina I am at has ramp that is heavily used. I believe they charge $10 a launch but she also has a season membership. the nice thing is when the guys launch the boat, they just pretty much pull straight forward and can park their rig. She also has guys that leave their boats all summer on their trailers in the yard. Not sure what she gets for that. That eliminated dragging the boat down every weekend, but gives you the option to take it to another fishing spot and bring it back later.
  10. Give Bartlett Tree service a call. I have found them to be pretty good at diagnosing issues and correcting them if they can be corrected. Tree may need to be fed. Getting a little late for that now. I like cutting or removing the burlap, but a lot of nurseries don't do it. I had a bunch of Arbovitae planted about 6 years ago and the nursery that planted them left the burlap intact. They struggled the second year until I deep watered them weekly with a injector. I made sure I pushed it through the rootball hoping to put holes in the burlap freeing up some of the roots. Not sure if it was that or the deep watering that worked. It is really important to get a real deep watering into them shortly before the ground freezes.
  11. The issue is not that they do or do not have the right to protest but in reality, in an employee employer relationship, the employer has the right to say you do not protest. Now the other thing is they are doing it on our dime and our time not theirs. They have other platforms to state their feelings.
  12. Mice hate certain smells. I believe things like mint and moth balls work. If the boat is covered the smell of moth balls will probably chase them out.
  13. DeWalt repair center. Try checking the model numbers on power tools sold at the big box stores. Most of the time you can not find model number on the manufacturer web site. They can't sell them cheaper just on volume alone.
  14. Power tools bought at the big box stores usually are not of the same construction that you would get if you purchased it from Mom and pop or a tool specialty store. As an example, DeWalts purchased at Home Depot have plastic gears, purchase it at tool supply it has metal gears. Big difference.
  15. I see what we did here. Snuck in Kate on this one.