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  1. The body shop I have used tells me that for some dents it works fine. He uses it on small dents. He is a fanatic and does a ton of work on high end cars. He also does all of the body work for BMW Corporate in NJ. He is also only one of two certified Tesla body shops. So he is no slouch. He was going to use it on a dent my wife had in her car, until he saw a crack in the paint. Dam crack was so small I never saw it even had trouble with him showing it to me. Check with a couple of body shops and see if they have anyone that they use.
  2. Should. My cousin had Racoon's get into his summer home one winter. When he found out he called an exterminator who tried everything to catch them but no luck. As the guy left he told my cousin to play a loud radio it will drive them out. Never found out if it worked, because he resorted to more drastic measures since they were tearing the place apart. Sat in the middle of living room quietly and waited for them to come out one by one. But if you don't want to harm them, worth a try. If it doesn't work it did not cost you anything.
  3. The bleach is not mixed with the ammonia. As noted above, the Bleach is used after you have cleaned and rinsed off the initial mixture which has the ammonia in it.
  4. Try playing a loud radio in the garage. After a couple of days of not being able to sleep they should leave then close up the hole.
  5. I know a bunch of guys who have been following the following procedure for years and swear by it. Here's what you need to buy. 1) A bottle each of Sudsy Ammonia and Clorox. If you're going to do decks, buy a gallon each. Combing boards, a quart of each should do it. 2) You'll need a common boat scrubbing brush and a package of fine bronze wool for awkward unreachable spots. I prefer the dry crystal Tip-Top Teak Cleaner, Tip-Top Liquid brightener, and Tip Top Teak oil. Start by just plain wetting your teak. Pour about a quart of sudsy ammonia into a bucket and fill the bucket to about 3/4 full. If sudsy ammonia is not available, a shot of Dawn Dishwasher liquid and plain ammonia will work. Dip in your scrub brush and slather the area well with the solution. Keep doing that so it sinks in and start scrubbing in the direction of the grain. Slowly but surely you will start to see the sudsy areas getting dirtier and dirtier looking as the dirt, pollen, fish blood and assorted molds start to leave your teak. Rinse off with fresh water and do again until you get the sense that your teak looks a lot better than when you started. Now take a cup or two of Clorox and mix it with fresh water in a clean bucket. Brush it all over your teak and let it dry. It will dry pretty quickly. Some of the black streaks you had were probably mold and this should help clean them up. If you've never worked with the crystal Tip-Top Teak cleaner before, it looks like a plastic bottle filled with Kosher Salt. Throw 2-3 hand fulls into a bucket and gently fill to about 2/3- 3/4 full and stir so the crystals dissolve. If you're doing a deck, I suggest working this aspect of the job 1/3 of the deck at a time until the whole deck is crystal-cleaned. Wet the teak with your hose. Then lightly sprinkle the wet surfaces you plan to clean with some crystals you've taken out of the jar with your hand. As they fall on the wet teak, you'll notice red dots forming around each crystal. Don't panic. Take your scrub brush, dip it into your crystal/water mixture bucket and start scrubbing the area you sprinkled. Again in the direction of the grain. You will see two things happen. MORE dirt will appear coming out from your teak, and your teak will start to take on a deep reddish color. Again-don't panic. Clean and rinse with fresh water and keep all areas wet as you repeat this action on each panel of your deck. Use your bronze wool pad in areas your scrub brush won't reach. Once all your teak has been well scrubbed and taken on a reddish hue, you're ready for the next step. Keep it wet as you prepare. Take your Teak brightener (a much smaller bottle...and it's liquid) and pour about an inch or so into a smallish container and then fill the container 3/4 full with fresh water. Take a throw-away rag, wad it up and dip it into the clear mixture, then get on your hands and knees (if you're doing a deck) and just surface wet an area of the already wet teak. Amazingly, you will see in about a minute or less, that the area you have just done has changed from deep red to golden teak. Do all the wet surfaces. What you haven't done will stay dark red so it's not easy to screw up. What splashes and leaves spots will even out by just wiping over them. After you've done the whole area and have stood up to look at your handiwork, rinse it down again with fresh water. Now-how it looks now (wet) is how it will look after oiling. How it looks when it dries is another look which many people like. Your choice. Don't oil until it's nice and dry. A few hours in the sun will do it. Good luck.. Keeping teak clean is a lot of work.
  6. Nice Finding someone that does that type of work to stabilize the wood is going to be hard to find.
  7. I sent you a personal message with some information I found on them. You might also want to look at Diamond tropical hardwoods. I have only ordered teak from them, not sure what you are looking for but they have a large selection of specialty hardwoods.
  8. So we have a problem with a guy who at the time I believe was single, supposedly dated a Porn Star, vs a guy who is accused of Rape, had sex in the oval office. You guys are kidding right. You all know if you had his money, you would of had all types of woman, including Porn Stars. Besides she is someone who tried to run for office and failed, then tried to sell a tell all book. Who cares.
  9. Unfortunately MA and NY City bred all of the current liberals who now live in the NE.
  10. Alba has a varied background. Mexican is one. Milano is Italian. Alba was born in Pomona, California,[2] to Catherine Louisa (née Jensen) and Mark David Alba. Her mother has Danish, Welsh, German, English, and Frenchancestry, while her paternal grandparents, who were born in California, were both the children of Mexican immigrants. Milano was born on December 19, 1972,[1] in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn,[1][2] the daughter of fashion designer and talent manager Lin Milano and film-music editor Thomas M. Milano,[1]She and her brother, Cory,[3] who is seven years her junior,[4] are of Italian ancestry
  11. DeBlasio is just trying to set up his Presidential run. If we were all smart we would sue him for taking up the time of the Federal Courts over such a stupid lawsuit. Then you need to sue every auto manufacturer, coal Co. Power Company and so on.
  12. Welcome Back Always good to spend time with family, but also good to be home. By the end of this week you probably will not need to chop a hole. Getting a pretty good thaw and heavy rain predicted. Here is too spring.
  13. Next time don't waste your money on a Weber cover. Check out the cover store for covers, I bought one for my Weber. It has straps up the Yin Yang. That thing will never blow away.
  14. Sorry about the links Do a search using the name "Off Sounding Yachts". I found that the name of the boat also changed to the owners name at some point.
  15. * Perhaps one of the above is the boat. It seems no one really knows the correct length 26 or 27? See if any of these links help you. * And it looks like the former owner now works for Willis Marine *