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  1. It's nice to get pics that keep you going...
  2. Tins - We called them Block Tin Squids - the tin would oxidize over time, but surf casting it and dragging it through the sand would "shine it up" and give them that "glow" that TimS referred to... Now you're catching fish! Yep, you just see any tin squids any more... they've all been zing-powed or salted away. Bob
  3. Jon l - I make them... they weigh about 9/10 of an ounce. A few charter captains use them on blues in the Chesapeake Bay. I originally made them for stripers in Lake Anna. It’s a good little lure.
  4. It’s always nice to have a few peanuts in the fishing box...
  5. Nice fish... nice pics... stay safe.
  6. If you don’t want to buy a beach driving permit, you can always park at the old lighthouse location and walk over to the jetties and fish. Or drive way down Old Lighthouse rd and walk over to a jetty and fish. It’s always good fishing at the jetties... Bob
  7. You have to go to Pops... order the steamed shrimp and chicken wings. Stop at the pier shop in Nags Head on the way down to see if they’re catching spot. If so, go out on the pier and BUY all you can from a fisherman. Spot heads are bait. Cob heads are good also. Mono leader on hook so sharks cut themselves off. You have to wade through the sharks. turn in at the Marlin motel in Hatteras, drive back past the pool and around to the little canal - throw cast net for mullet. Stop in at Teachs Lair and talk to JAM - advice and fresh bait. Drive down beach at ramp 55... 300 yards past the big flat on right(previous wash over during a big storm) there will be five or six trucks at washover - go another 300 yds and fish. They em are hammering the drum down there now at the point... Rule of thumb - October? North beach in a NE wind for drum. I hope you you have some luck... Bob Anderson you shouldn’t need waders unless it’s a cool breeze... Hatteras Jacks in Rodanthe (on right) has fresh mullet now. You can stop at Austins Seafood in Nags Head (Mile post 12ish) to see if they have spot. Stop at Currituck Sports (just past Frog Island seafood) to buy blood worms (to fish for spot).
  8. Ritz crackers... if there aren’t any ducks around you can sail out a few... carp love them. A small hook worked through a hole in the cracker and watch the explosive hits on top. If you have ducks then you need to add a weight - the cracker will float the hook off the bottom so adjust weight accordingly. When fishing with a weight you’ll have to check your bait often - the cracker will dissolve quickly- that and as soon as you move the line the hook will pull through the cracker. Use the regular Ritz cracker flavor. Post results...
  9. Ha ha - I caught myself thinking each post had its own number! I realize now that it is the total number of post. Fishing is certainly easier than keeping up with all the goings on on this board. I’ll take my 50 lashes...
  10. Wow.... Thanks TimS - you sure have cleared up a lot of confusion on my part. Thanks for taking the time to fully explain the SOL issues with buy and sell. Certainly won’t try to comment on each point except to say that “capitalism” will work. I agree with it.
  11. Get a good grip on each section behind your knees - then spread them. I have a CPS 13 that gets stuck... I mean really stuck even after a good cleaning trying to find the “burr” - it took two of us and I was putting pressure on one of the guides to try to twist it apart. We got it apart, but I worry about next time. Any good preventative medicines ?
  12. The VMC 9626PS is a good hook. It’s 4X strong and it’s permasteel finish holds up great in saltwater. It’s pretty much all I use anymore. Eagle Claw 675 is a nice pretty treble.... it’s not quite as strong as the VMC Andy it’s a bit more expensive. Do you really need a strong hook? Not really... but when you grab that hook with a pair of pliers and that bluefish starts thrashing around you’ll end up with some funny shaped hooks.
  13. "Someone with less than 100 posts..." Well, you may have to live with this as my "posts count" has been frozen at 60 since April 28, 2011. I guess it's someone's way of keeping me a rookie. It's all good...
  14. No... that was NEVER my intention. Just was interested in the rule change and its implications. Bob
  15. That wasn't my comment - I just copy and pasted TimS rule... BUT yes, as long as you dont make them you can sell as many as you want. Care to buy some of my "estate"?? ;-) The only bad part about MY "estate" sale is that the members here would pay MORE for one of my lures than buying from me(if I could sell them here). Why would I care about that when my bottom line would be the same? I don't know... I just would. I've always tried to find the best deal on lures, line, and fishing equipment. That and it's more important to me to come up with something to "catch the fish" than it is to make a buck.