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  1. The crabbers have been complaining about the stripers in the bay for years... Stripers love young crabs! Thanks for the tip Maniac.
  2. Sounds like someone’s good idea for catching blues while chumming... and they probably work great. We always used a tandem hook wire rig - two 6/0 wired about 6” apart - one hook in head the other as far back as you can. Throw the whole bunker in the chum line and we’d catch two at a time more often than not.
  3. Along the Eastern Shore of Va.
  4. Nice fish!
  5. Oh yeah... feeding the gulls. Next time you drive thru Nags Head with a friend going to Hatteras, stop a "Mickey Ds" - there will be gulls in the parking lot. Go inside... Then just do what it takes to get your buddy to walk out with an order of fries in each hand. Don't forget to video.
  6. Nice video... nice fish!
  7. ^^^ Take a deep breath and learn to relax. Leave everything up know about Pennsylvania up there. Tips: Fresh bait. Oregon inlet bridge has stripers under it all summer long... Learn to read the surf... Fresh bait. The ocean is like a farm pond - morning & evening fishing w/evening the better... And NEVER consider the ride to Buxton too long. Fresh bait. (fire starter:?) Ramp to sound south of 34 - big drum in evening all summer. Get to know: Ryan White at Hatteras Jacks, Ginger at Frank & Frans, Dan and Dede at Red Drum Tackle, and JAM at Teach's Lair... they fish. Enjoy the lifestyle...
  8. Call Ryan White at (252) 987-2428 and talk to him about what you want. Good info...
  9. Johnson makes a good outboard. They will run a long time and there's lots of parts and videos on a repair. Buy it! And post pictures of the fish!
  10. R.R.B. -Where are you going to mount the gp? Head strap(?) or board? I've been thinking about one.... for... for hiking.
  11. If the lure eyelet diameter(thickness) is smaller that the hook eyelet diameter, then hook first.
  12. It very well could've been two bucks fighting - the second rut is just cranking up here in VA.
  13. We usually catch them on corn. Small hook and small float. Worms work great also...
  14. I'm in... Thanks for the chance to win some nice lures.
  15. Nice lure... nice hook! I finally painted the new ones...