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  1. Here Lies Les More , shot and killed by a 44, No Les no More.
  2. cat
  3. auger
  4. Dito
  5. SG1 never had that problem with BB counter my Dad built for me. Put on a thin coat , wiped it dry and re applied. Let it dry a few days. I re apply every couple years. Although I basically use it as a counter and not a work surface. Only holds a slicer, kitchen aid ,blender and some canisters. Sorry to hear about purse.
  6. Science
  7. pudding
  8. I had one under the neighbors porch. The lattice was missing on one side but was concealed by evergreens , just backed into it and you discreetly disappeared.
  9. Mineral oil. can be bought at Shop-Rite or other food store. Any other oil will go Rancid. also it is food friendly if you ever decide to use it as a butchering top.
  10. The scratches are probably due to them opening the returned container and then re shipping. Send it back on their dime.
  11. No, only on the white couples who think they can park outside my house on a dead end end street and try to have sex and do drugs. Their first mistake was not inviting me.
  12. slip 7 1965 Belmar
  13. I encapsulated mine with pvc pipe, I'm hooked to my house.
  14. usually a camo cap
  15. hot