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  1. Used but well maintained. In great shape. Fits 10" blades with 5/8" arbor. Great for light to medium duty stuff, though I have ripped down full sheets of plywood with this bad boy. No blade included. $50 picked up / meet up Monmouth to Hudson / lower bergen County and anywhere in between.
  2. Perfectly said right here. I make sure to put the kids to bed and tell my wife I love her before I go. Eventually they get used to it.
  3. This is the second lightest rod I own, right next to my 10' blackhole Suzuki. I currently have a saragosa 6000 on it but was contemplating switching it up to my bg 5000 or I have a abu Garcia revo inshore 60 on the shelf collecting dust. This rod is my go to fall run out front rod, if we have a fall run this year.
  4. I'm not familiar with outboards, but I am quite familiar with small engines in general. If have to agree it's a fueling issue. Sounds like the low idle screw needs to be raised slightly. That's if this carb is like all the other carbs on small engines I've worked on. I'd start with running some seafoam through first and see what happens.
  5. Found it, thanks.
  6. Didn't see it and can't seem to find it. Could you point us in the right direction?
  7. I'd be interested in one
  8. That was cool. Anyone care to spot burn? Haha
  9. That was a roller. They're slow, but a bulldozer, depending on what model it is obviously, can get up to 30+
  10. Supposedly they had released different models with different lure ratings over the years but kept the model number the same. I have a 10'6" and it's rated 2-6. It launches 3.5 oz to the horizon. Never tried anything heavier with it. I like mine.
  11. Good shoot.
  12. 580g blue all day. I have the tuna alley frames and love them. Best pair of sunglasses I've ever owned.
  13. Yup, sea bass is delicious, and imo, one of the prettiest fish in our waters. Especially males with a big knuckle head and that bright iridescent blue green.
  14. Yeah, definitely don't dump any chemicals on it.
  15. I cut down a bunch of trees a few years ago. Had a stump grinder come and he ground down less than 6" deep, probably more like 4". Grass is growing great where the trees used to be.