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  1. I rarely hit traffic. we usually come home from work Friday, relax, make dinner, finish packing, then leave around 730, at the cape house by 9. fishing by 9:01
  2. Given any thought to renting a boat? Wouldn't have to worry about parking, assuming you can park at the boat rental place, and then you have plenty of options to fish and can easily move to another spot.
  3. nice work Dick, killin it!
  4. It's a joke bud. Easier to catch fish from a boat, plain and simple.
  5. Here here!
  6. Hell of first day, nice work getting out Dick! Any significant bait present in that area?
  7. haha I agree, always thought it was the weirdest thing when guys eat their rods. plus kinda gross. why not just hold it? either in your hands then pick up the fish, on your forearm/elbow, or stick it under your arm pit.
  8. Nice work dude, definitely a fun fish. If you plan to keep fishing the beach, I recommend following in BFDs footsteps and put your reel on top of your hat when taking a picture. That sand will do numbers on your brand new reel. Good lookin fish keep the reports coming!
  9. I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect pack for me, and I haven't found it. I've tried all kinds of sling, hip, chest, & backpacks. at some point they all get in the way. @NausetDog lent me a vest that doubles as a life jacket and so far this has been the best for me, although it does get pretty hot and sometimes uncomfortable. great for peace of mind though when wading deep. my favorite is wet wading with just a box of flies in my chest pocket though.
  10. So good, I bet A LOT of hard work went it that and it definitely shows. Standing ovation, very well done. Thanks for sharing Peter!
  11. NICE dude I’m pumped. Can’t wait!
  12. How’s this compare to the original Horizon?
  13. F&@$*#% AWESOME. Can’t believe this is just the teaser and there’s a full video to follow. Unreal. Can’t wait!
  14. my thoughts exactly Dick.
  15. Just bring an extra belt and buy a cheap plastic dishpan when you get there. cut holes in it, feed the belt through, and then recycle it when it's time to head home.