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  1. F&@$*#% AWESOME. Can’t believe this is just the teaser and there’s a full video to follow. Unreal. Can’t wait!
  2. my thoughts exactly Dick.
  3. Just bring an extra belt and buy a cheap plastic dishpan when you get there. cut holes in it, feed the belt through, and then recycle it when it's time to head home.
  4. yep, def the best site on the internet. congrats on your first albie that's awesome. why did you keep dropping down in rod wt class if you were getting them to eat on presumably bigger tippet?
  5. DAMMIT HOW DID I MISS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! looking forward to the full version!
  6. Marlboro fly fishing show. A quick google search will bring it up
  7. There's a movie playing at the marlboro show this weekend about fly fishing the turneffe atoll, could be worth checking out.
  8. Niiiiiiiice dude I’m pumped. Congrats on the possible F3T inclusion. Surprised this is the first one to get a look, they are all awesome and worthy of their own segment.
  9. I think you mean copper, silver mirror do not come in amber base and green mirror w/amber base is only avail in 400P not 580G
  10. Yeah I agree I think amber is best suited for me. I just wish costa made amber in glass lens instead of plastic. I’m sure the difference isn’t THAT noticeable but when you’re spending top dollar you might as well buy the best. You only live once you know.. and I disagree about wanting to be able to test drive rods on the water with the ability to return them. A rod will perform the same in the parking lot as it will on the water. Your cast shouldn’t change. It might be a bit more windy on the water, but that would be the only difference in my eyes.
  11. I tried on a bunch of different chromapops but found the costas to be much more clear. At least in the store and on the street outside. And that’s without a prescription lens, which I need. Maui Jim’s in my opinion are the best. But they are SO expensive if you want prescription, glass Rx is $800 before the frames, and they don’t accept insurance which I think is total bs. I considered just using contacts but I don’t have them yet and seems silly to start using them when I only use my eyeglasses for night driving, fishing, or when I’m in the cheap seats at a sporting event.
  12. I haven’t tried the copper on the water, just the store. They seemed the same to me as the green mirror since they have a copper base. Wish I could take all the lenses out for a test run for a few days on the water.
  13. that's a great price. assuming you got 400P lenses? I was quoted ~$450 for glass Rx costa lenses with insurance. I hate not being able to try them on the water in different light conditions and having the option to return them if I don't like them. big expense for something with a no return policy.
  14. according to Costa - amber with green mirror now only come in 400P polycarbonate. copper with green mirror is avail in 580P polycarbonate and 580G glass. I have the glass - Its great mid-day, really makes everything pop. but I had a tough time cutting through glare on waves in the morning. I'm thinking of ordering Rx sunglasses and getting the amber/green mirror 400P. anyone had experience with the 400P? also any heard of Breakline polarized sunglasse?
  15. Yup, I was pretty worried about that, and of course it will change as he grows up, but this year was actually my best season yet. Fished a ton, thanks to my wife and paternity leave spent on the cape this summer, caught my pb striper and more fish that broke 30” than ever before, also caught my first albie and ended with 4 albies, 3 from shore. Must’ve been the onesie from my good friend nausetdog!