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  1. I LOVE the clear case white foam boxes that were in stock a few years ago. I posted a thread about them last year and the consensus was the company who made them went out of business so they are not commercially available any longer. You might find some on ebay. I have since found that the C & F large lightweight box is the next best thing, although it is more expensive and I could only find it avail in the UK. It’s super lightweight, has a magnetic closure, and has full length slits to hold flies, which include holes for bigger hooks so you don’t stretch out the slits. The edges are flat and don’t lock into each other so if you have longer flies that stick out of the box, the tail will flatten when you close the box but they won’t crimple and lose their shape. Good luck on your hunt, it really comes down to personal preference so try the cheap ones first. If your a MA resident the Morrell boxes are made in Needham I believe (or least they are headquartered there) which is pretty cool.
  2. took me a full season to catch my first striper from shore on a fly rod. gets a lot easier when you have a kid and could care less about catching fish and are just happy to be out fishing. fish as mush as you possibly can without ruining your work and home life and you will quickly learn where and when to go and what to throw. deer island is actually where I caught my first striper. Oct 2nd. I make an annual trip out there around that date as a tribute. I'll try to remember to shoot you a message when the time comes. i've been skunked the last two years but like i said i don't really worry about catching fish anymore. what really drives me nuts now is when i hook a good fish and lose it. way worse than getting skunked. you can blame a skunk on wind weather whatever, but losing a fish is mostly just your fault. night time is the right time and reel slower than your slowest retrieve possible
  3. F#%$ YEAH Dick could not be happier to see you post again. Will keep you informed on the fishing reports per your request. Not sure if you’re planning on learning sign language or not but I’m happy to teach you how to sign “You should have been here yesterday” for the next time someone runs into you on the beach and asks you how the fishing’s going.
  4. this is great news thank you so much for the update
  5. I just suck it up and un-foul the fly once in a while, not a big deal. gives me a chance to check the tippet/leader for weak spots and knots too.
  6. I love the looks of these but they get pretty heavy, especially for my scrawny arms. might tie some with schlappen and marabou
  7. I was searching for some too, here's the thread:
  8. sorry missed this part, thought you said tailwind here. not sure where I said talked about casting 100' into a headwind. I have found the majority of the time the wind pushes the bait so 100' into headwind isn't necessary (although to be honest i dont mind directly into the wind, its those quarter headwinds that bother me)
  9. I bet we could find a line/rod combo that would yield a 100' cast with a tailwind for you.
  10. If I had to do it all over again, I would only practice casting into strong wind. anyone can bomb a 100' cast with the wind at their back. much more difficult to do that in a quartering headwind. this will make any other conditions feel like a breeze
  11. if you're seeing them and they are not eating, they are probably seeing you first.
  12. nice ties, I like the yellow-ish green one the best.
  13. thanks everyone, kinda what I figured. could be a good market opportunity there, just need to find a way to make clear tungsten powder...anyone know any scientists?
  14. Looking for a fast sinking sink tip line with a floating belly and the head is clear, anyone know a manufacturer that makes em? Searched bearsden and a couple other sites but couldn't find one. Wondering if the materials used to make em sink fast limits the ability to make em clear?
  15. this is awesome thanks for sharing!