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  1. Keep making threads about the ccc and you wonder why it gets crowded....very smart
  2. You make a great point....there’s lots to enjoy in that area besides the canal. Just like any other hot spot avoid on weekends and holidays. I’m always amazed how clean that water is
  3. It’s worth the trip at least once....I’ve had my share of good and bad and I’ll keep coming back. I think the worst part from our state is the fastest commute was just under 4 hours, last trip was 6 hours with all the traffic I hit
  4. You’re obviously a better one needs people like that around them.
  5. Excellent choice.....I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with the Frontier X. It has plenty of power especially if plan on using it at the CCC. Just to give people an idea the power on the Frontier X, here’s a friend who regularly catches tarpon on his 9’6” Frontier
  6. I’ll wait 12 months before I’d buy this....if it’s truly not waterproof then what’s the point
  7. @Wampire....nice job
  8. If you like the 60/40 split take a look at ODM DNA.....
  9. Big fan of Suffix for years then used Samurai which is really good.....recently started using PP slick and it’s performance is good, very pleased so far. No wind knots so far or fraying
  10. ODM is having a demo in Long Island in a couple weeks at one of their dealers....excellent way to check out their line up and see if it’s to your liking
  11. Well well well what do ya know?......I was actually thinking of reporting them to the health department after my visit 2 weeks ago. The service alone was horrible with one cook and one server. I requested for utensils and couldn’t believe how filthy it was. Only thing I enjoyed was the coffee surprisingly. Later that day I had chits from the horrible breakfast so shutting down that place was a good thing
  12. @rbart....does that come in 5&6 ounces or is it a custom?
  13. Is this considered one?
  14. Any pics?
  15. Anyone have pics of this jig? Guys in Mass call it this