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  1. If I take a 2 hour drive out of state I can get me some nice bass....being caught all winter. I know a local spot where I can have similar results but I’d be breaking the law.
  2. Yes
  3. Boriqua....are you going to be doing any seminars at Surf Day?
  4. @Lou T......the both cool but I could do damage with the yellow one.
  5. Yes...Steve is the fellow you sold it to. I plan on fishing the plugs. Lou showed me some of your builds that are pretty cool.
  6. Friend gave me this.....
  7. Plug flippers not gonna be happy waiting outside.
  8. +1 for Dan Tinman....
  9. ODM Jigster can handle 8 and bait with ease
  10. Exactly
  11. This setup took years to perfect by @pricise10
  12. “ Lou or Levari “(now there’s an odd couple) how bout some Metallica?
  13. Very nice....spring can’t come quick enough
  14. Got to test for a little bit last year and it felt nice....loads poppers nicely and respectable distance
  15. Last year I got custom Nex1 2-6 but it didn’t get much use and now I’ve added a Genesis to the line up so they’ll both get abused this season