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  1. It was disturbing.
  2. That’s nasty
  3. Crappie in da bay.
  4. Fished the bay with my son and got the skunk. Water was dirty along the shore but clean as we pushed out with the tide.
  5. Never hurts to ask nicely
  6. If they’re anywhere near 15 years old I don’t think this should be on LL Bean.... I personally think it looks like dry rot probably from sitting around for a long period of time. Similar thing happened to a pair of roller blades I had. Can’t tell if it’s cosmetic or not but I would see how they hold up and maybe apply some adhesive
  7. Nice
  8. Is the OP going to get past 15 post or just keep logging on?
  9. Global warming
  10. Nice ^^^^
  11. The OP has almost met the requirement.
  12. PM coming
  13. I’m affiliated with ODM....kindly send me PM and we’ll address the matter