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  1. Smile man, the fish looks happier than you!
  2. What run!
  3. Ed, I was only sinking up to just above the ankles and was pissed about that! They really screwed up the beach and created an underwater desert. Bob
  4. I believe a lot of it has to do with beach replenishment.
  5. Out front, MoCo, yesterday, 6- 7:45 pm. One little guy at 21", on a bucktail. Water looked great, with rolling surf and a nice shorebreak, with a defined lip. Should have been bass all over the place. Problem is, no bait to bring them in. Only thing going is sand bugs and some small crabs. Beach is littered with them. No other sign of life; no bunker, no birds working. Water has definitely warmed up with the ENE to NE wind (was hard SE this morning). Ran into Cartopper who had about the same luck as me (at least at the point I saw him). Agree with Bido at how quickly things have changed in a relatively short period of time. I remember some big and continuous June blitzes just a few years ago (pre Sandy). Last evening there were maybe 7 guys fishing a mile strip of beach and that's the most I've seen all year, in the area I fish. There was one guy on a jetty and he left after putting in, maybe, a half hour! Truly sad.
  6. Interesting way to fish, half in the boat and half on the beach! Feet on the sand and head on the boat or vice versa? BTW, congrats on the fish.
  7. Out front, MoCo, from 4 to 5:30 pm. Nada, not even a bump. Fish, at least in my area, are on the bugs and ignoring everything else. Beach was littered with bug sheds and dead bugs. Dug a couple of quick holes and it was loaded with them. Time to switch tactics.
  8. Nice. Got a humpback I see! Heading down this afternoon. Woke up early, but fell back asleep. My body was telling me something!
  9. Check with the boss first!
  10. Having fished with Mike the past couple of years, I've found him to be extremely gracious in sharing his often innovative approaches to fishing gear/lures. It's always fun when you fish with someone who simply enjoys the sport and is willing to give you pointers/equipment to make your a better fisherman. I have been fortunate, over the years, to meet some really nice people on the beach and strike up some friendships. Sharing info on spots, techniques, etc. benefits both people. Mike is one of the good guys.
  11. That looks like the one you got yesterday! I recognize the stripes! Plese send some of these bigger guys up to MoCo!
  12. Out front, MoCo, from 4-7:15 this morning. Landed one, lost another. Small, fat guy at 21" on a new sand eel color MC55 gave me. He joined me around 5:30. I'll let him fill you in on his day. Along with the sand eel, he set me up for floating bugs and gave me a tutorial. The equipment I had was a little to heavy to be successful and I'll be digging out a rod and reel more appropriate. The technique reminded me of my calico crab fishing days, with a slight variation. Appreciate the advice Mike, Water was warmer that the last few days and the wind came up NNE after daybreak. Some good looking white water and some big rollers. A little cabbage in the water, but very fishable. Hoping to get back down for the afternoon tide flip. PS Beach is littered with sand bugs.
  13. Out front, MoCo, from 12:30-2 PM. Big waves on incoming, with lots of white water. Beach littered with sheds of juvenile sand bugs. Landed one fat bass at 21" and one blue between 4-5 lbs. The yellow eyed demon murderlized one of MC55s eels! Also had a solid run, with the reel screaming. Shook the lure. All action on MC55s eels and right in the wash. Makes sense, with all the sand bugs.
  14. When you are married, with children, the pecking order is: Wife Children Mother Mother in law Dog Cat You!
  15. Why did you paint it white!