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  1. I"m 52 years old with a bad back for over 30 of those years. After a few long nights of fishing a surf rod I can't wait to get back to my 10wt.
  2. Oh, and I like to use a single mono loop weedguard. It'll save you a lot of time unfouling the hook.
  3. I use 2 rods: a #6 for smaller, less wind resistant flies and a #8 overlined with a 10wt line for larger, wind-resistant flies and hauling fish out of thick weeds. I've even used my 10wt rod if the weeds are really dense. Use flies that make noise and have a lot of action while sitting. Rubber legs, marabou and zonker strips are great, as are spun deer hair heads. My favorite flies for bass have a spun deer hair head, a marabou (or crosscut rabbit strip) collar and a zonker strip tail. Irresistable. White or black are all you need, but you can vary it if you want.
  4. Terrapins aren't really very big, compared to snappers. Can't tell by the pic. But terrapins are much more tolerant of salt water than snappers. I'm sure that snappers will go into the salt, though, since they are very comfortable in brackish water.
  5. I use surgeon's loops for loop-to-loop connections. Very easy to tie, even in the dark, and I've never had it fail. And I use a non-slip loop knot to attach fly to tippet. Allows more action from the fly and is very reliable, also.
  6. IKEA kid's stool:$4.00 Fingers of 300# commercial monofiliament, but weedwacker cord works fine Drill holes the diameter of the cord, melt and flatten bottom ends of mono and pull through holes so it sticks in holes like a rivet. Epoxy over bottom of holes. Buy a quick release belt for a couple of dollars at Wal-Mart. Cut slots in basket, put belt through basket, adjust to fit. You can seal the holes on the sides by cutting some pieces of plastic (maybe from a milk jug) and epoxying to the sides of basket. It even has a bend to go around your belly or hip.
  7. Watch the weather reports and be careful. CT lost three kayakers this past weekend alone. Have us read about you for catching nice fish, not for going missing.
  8. Watch the weather reports and be careful. CT lost three kayakers this past weekend alone. Have us read about you for catching nice fish, not for going missing.
  9. That may work well, let us know. Sometimes I just drift shrimp, sometimes I strip them in in short hops. If you're sight fishing just cast in front of fish and let it sink. Like most other times, vary what you're doing until the fish respond. They're the experts.
  10. I know the industry may need a boost, but here in the salt on the east coast there are enough fishermen that many spots get crowded, trashed or closed to access due to illegal parking, bait boxes and beer cans left around, and just a general disrespect. I like it quiet and enjoyable. I don't mind sharing the waters with a few other fishermen, but too many people means the quality of the experience is diminished.
  11. Actually, shrimp aren't all that fast for more than a few inches. Not really something stripers would have to sneak up on. Also, just attaching the materials is a lot easier when you're attaching the butt ends of bucktail or other fibers to the eye end of the hook facing tips-backward. And that just happens to match the direction the antennae and legs stick out when the shrimp is darting backwards. Easier to tie, shrimp sometimes swim that way, looks realistic, might as well tie it that way.
  12. My fishing KPI consists of two criteria: 1. Did I get out and fish? 2. Did I enjoy getting out and fishing? If I met one of the two criteria I consider my efforts a success. I've also found a 100% direct correlation between those two criteria. If one was fulfilled, the other inevitably followed suit.
  13. Nice!!! Those bluefish will cooperate sometime and give you a great fight on the fly.
  14. Good to knock the dust off the old fly reels.
  15. Quite possibly, but let's follow the rule about location disclosure, out of principle. Let's keep the dirtbags out of sensitive spots. Access closures are too frequent, and permanent. CT has so little decent access that losing just a couple spots is a tragedy.