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  1. Wow... his paws look huge.. almost awkward. Nice pic!
  2. Both of those stories are pretty intense. They both sound like the people had some sort of angle / scam they were trying to pull.. good job for staying slippery. some people are also just weird. The other day at work I was outside on a break when two co workers came out chatting with each other. One of these guys is a talker and when he started repeating himself the other guy went inside... the talker guy stood there and talked at a closed door for a full thirty seconds before he noticed me sitting there. When he started aiming it at me I went inside. Even “normal” people can be pretty strange let alone when there’s something wrong with them. i like animals way better.
  3. Thought I’d share what my coworkers have been listening to in the mornings.. Spanish gospel. Tough way to start the day.
  4. Either that or it’s a glowing review of weasel pi$$
  5. Nice! I bet if you sent that pic to the lure company they’ll send you free stuff.
  6. 20 minutes between lure changes (assuming you’re not hooking up) sounds like a sensible amount of time to try each one. You know it’s time to chill when you find yourself doing it every three casts... been there In my experience clips don’t effect the action much for most lures. Things like spooks, especially light ones, I like to tie direct. I find the barrel swivel between braid and leader has more effect on action than the clips though. As someone who likes to switch things up frequently, I love those darned things. Only had one fail and that was when a gorilla blue was going ape**** on the beach and the plug and line both slipped into the middle and bent it open. But blues break everything so not blaming the clip.
  7. “Dr Indablu Vater” ... nice
  8. That’s a great x-Ray... you should get it turned into a t-shirt. When I took my GF fishing for her first time we were trolling for trout with little repallas. While trying to land a spunky 20” bow she’d hooked I wound up getting a hook in the finger. I cut the hook and we kept fishing but when we got back to the car she had to assist me on some quick parking lot surgery in front of my headlights. Poured whisky on it, popped it through and had her cut the barb followed by more whisky and quick wrap with paper towels and duct tape. Good as new. To her credit, she was still willing to go again and only threw up in her mouth a little bit.
  9. ^^^ Thats interesting... I once got pulled over for having a headlight out and instead of just giving the sticker a quick look he scrutinized it with his flashlight for an unsettlingly long time. This was years ago but I’ve always wondered what that was about.
  10. Conditions permitting, I like to fish a spook or bottle plug agonizingly slowly. When it’s snotty I stick to just the bottle plug.. they dig in nicely so easier to stay in contact. I love a nice frothy boulder field
  11. Give it a quick squirt with spray polyurethane and take it somewhere else to be inspected.
  12. That makes me sad.
  13. Fixed it for ya
  14. I had a fun one a few years ago. I was fishing one of those hydro electric diversion canals along a local trout river... picture a standard canal with a steep bank and service road along the top with tall grass and no trees. I had gotten my lure stuck on some bushes along the bank so had climbed down and was unhooking it when I see a black lab running through the grass toward me.. from the corner of my eye it looked big but the way it was moving looked like a goofy puppy, frolicking more than running. As soon as I turned toward it and said “hey puppy” I realized what it was and yelled “oh ****” and flew up the bank to the service road. The bear, equally startled jumped straight out from the bank and landed smack in the middle of the canal ( from a good height) and proceeded to swim across and disappear up the opposite bank. I think it took five minutes for the waves to stop after his belly flop. probably the coolest bear encounter I’ve had.. dude was having a great time till I scared the living crap out of him. Dam near soiled myself though.
  15. Are you serious... That things’s F’n cute. Id be the jackass that tries to keep it as a pet.