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  1. I’m curious.... when did the explosion in the seal population start? I’d imagine there was a gradual increase for a while and everyone thought it was charming so it wasn’t a thing but at some point it got ridiculous.... when did they happen? 8 yrs ago? 10? I wonder if the population is going to keep growing exponentially or if it’s going to plateau. Anyone have population numbers or other such nerdery?
  2. I love the long "Noooooo!" at the end. I was watching it thing "Yessssssss!"
  3. I like a faster retrieve rate as one of me methods is to cast the lure up current (usually a jig or storm shad) and work it back down to me which requires keeping up with the current plus a little to impart action. I picked up a reel a few years ago and tried to save money by buying the smaller size (ie slower retrieve rate) and just can’t use it for that especially in a breechway or canal situation. Go faster.. you can always reel slower if you need to.
  4. Hmm... looks like I was oblivious to an entire species there.. wish I knew it at the time!
  5. I haven’t fished Walden in 25 years but don’t recall ever seeing any smallmouth (not to say they weren’t there). There were a good number of decent sized albeit finicky largemouth though. I usually just trolled flies for trout out of my canoe. Place got much less people traffic back then!
  6. Good story. I’m young enough to not have lost any of the characters in my life that weren’t already old. I hope my guys live long and I get the chance to post stories about them rather than them about me. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Lol, that’s great!!!
  8. So true. Just north of me in Brattleboro they don’t have any public nudity laws. Need to change your clothes in a parking lot? No problem. I do do feel like I owe the cop an apology... my GF looks great but I’m a train wreck... hence the effort to find a secluded spot. It’s nice reaching an age where you just don’t give a crap though. The thought of having to register as a “sex offender” is scary though. My GF is a social worker and would probably have to kiss her license good bye. Sad. We don’t have kids but we’re wondering if we did if it would be even worse... probably would. We’re all just a bunch of dirty animals, all the fuss over bits and pieces seems silly.
  9. ... by a fish cop My GF and I went to our little ‘spot’ yesterday to beat the heat and chill after a hectic weekend. We were sitting in our float tubes when silently, a guy in green with a shiny badge emerged from the woods. All I could do was cover my parts with my beer, smile and say hi. He asked “are you guys fishing or just.. (pause).. floating? I replied that were just floating today (again, huge smile) and with a “have a nice day” he returned to the woods with comical speed. The whole time my GF had a hand over one boob and a beer over the other and a pair of wide, unblinking eyes. It was super funny but I know we were breaking a ton of laws so glad he was a good guy. Could’ve ended badly if he weren’t. Note: when he pulled up he never shut his truck door so we wouldn’t hear him coming... sneaky fish cop
  10. This is their website. They post what they’re releasing on their “on tap” page of their drop down menu.
  11. You can totally get just a few cans to take home. They always have a few different things to chose from and they vary wildly. Id recommend popping by and picking up one of each of whatever they’re doing that day. Be prepared, they’re gonna run between 3.50 to 4.50 a can unless they’re releasing something special in which case it could be more. Things I’d recommend keeping an eye out for are Green, Haze, Doppleganger, Julius and Eureka (that’s a blond ale that is easy to like for non beer nerds). Anything they have will be amazing though, depending on your tastes. Its crowded and a bit overwhelming (usually) but if you tell the person taking your order your situation they’ll take good care of you. Really good people (in a hipster kinda way) If there’s a line, try to enjoy it. People watching is great and always a variety of friendly folk. note the ones with the folding dolly’s walking out with 400$ in beer. They’re there every day selling them on eBay when they get home . Extra note to the ones carrying 400$ in beer.... it’s very heavy and sometimes they drop it. Its breathtaking.
  12. Is that some kind of anti zombie shovel? Never seen a serrated one before
  13. ^^^^ Wow... very cool!
  14. As I understand it both lobster and flounder used to be served to prison inmates (many moons ago) and it was considered “cruel and unusual” to serve lobster more than twice a week. Thats the lore as I’ve heard it anyway, at least Ma up to Maine. My how times change.
  15. That’s what I’m gonna chalk it up to. i could see owning a B&T to be pretty stressful. The inventory you need to keep everyone happy for all the different target species/ methods while having to compete with the prices of the big boxes and amazons who have huge buying power and razor thin margins sounds like hell... add into that not being able to fish yourself and it sounds like a recipe for cranky. Ill cut the guy some slack