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    Fishing,Steam Locomotives,woodworking.4 wheelin',airplanes,cooking,photography, computer gaming
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    Retired Operating Engineer

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  1. Globe
  2. willow
  3. IDF
  4. I feel for you. I worked every weekend for 35 years, worked all the bank days and holidays too having Christmas off 3 times in the same 35 years. It sucked but it's all over now. Haven't worked a day in 3 years since retiring and don't see any work on the horizon.
  5. Might do some fishing or maybe go to the range and make noise plus cook somewhere along the line too
  6. Local black snake climbing tree in backyard today. Amazing to watch.
  7. I miss all those cereals. Can't have them on a 20 gram carbs per day diet. Kellogg's Frosted Flakes are 91 grams carbs per serving, I would be in a coma
  8. You never worked with the idiot I worked with. There was absolutely nothing between his ears.
  9. Well said
  10. It's a reworked Flugwerk aircraft by GossHawk Unlimited.
  11. Yes...from Lexington forward
  12. Royal Navy HMS Duke of Wellington, she was a first rate ship of the line and carried 131 guns shooting 32 pound balls. A broadside from her could make for a bad day