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  1. It's only the females that bite so they are half as bad as they could be.
  2. I wouldn't say it sucks but it has been beaten to death along with other songs that get played over and over on radio
  3. I like most of the stuff from India and Malaysia. I have a friend in Kuala Lumpur that is a chef and he sends me recipes occasionally, surprisingly the ingredients are all available here ...well except for the monkey brains
  4. Better check again. I'm mostly Welsh too and have had some very tasty stuff from Wales.
  5. Hey yall, dis man knows stuff
  6. Our 2013 is a tank on the beach and has never been close to struggling. The beaches here in Delaware can get pretty soft if we have no rain for long periods but she keeps going. Now that I said that she'll probably bury herself next outing
  7. Best version of this song
  8. From my tour of the SS John W Brown in Cambridge MD today. She one of only two operating Liberty ships from WWII and is home based in Baltimore MD. The other operating Liberty ship is the SS Jeremiah O'Brien in San Francisco . there are 4 in total left out of 2710 built. Some area were off limits and other were near impossible to get photographs of.
  9. It's going to take a bit to beat these male dancers. Screw to NFL, I stopped watching and won't watch ever again, they killed their own show. and it is just that, a show, it's entertainment and nothing more just the same as any other sport.
  10. Packaged during the reign of King Henry VIII I suppose
  11. All good here, yall look out the winder?
  12. White marlin tournament in Hatteras
  13. My pleasure sir