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  1. Damn. I thought I was being kinda nice with that one too. But after your response, all I can say is, well.... Go drink urine.... and of course, you know that when I say to go drink urine, I mean that in a NICE way.....
  2. Best bet for you RedPissSwiller would be whatever covers the most of your mug. Just sayin....
  3. The wife had been watching them for a while and caught like a super sale or something and had a 100 dollar coupon on top of that and brought it home for under 600 along with a matching 36 inch 4 drawer cabinet for storing odds and ends and a Giant stainless grille that was half price and got it all home for under a grand. She called me just as I was getting off work and just said "meet me at HDpo. I need a hand with something. When I got there she was just surrounded with goodies and before I could have a heart attack she showed me the receipt. She really likes me....
  4. My wife bought me the 72 inch model for my rod and gun room in our house. These are very nice bench/boxes.
  5. Don't they make a pyramid for that model?
  6. And now I can see why. I was tryin to catch you online but got bored waiting around for ya pal.
  7. What's your next line gonna be? "I know you are but what am I"? Perhaps you'll feel better after a little ba ba and a nap....
  8. Them's tastey viddles but I just never did have the patience to fillet enough to eat. Of course, if I had a buddy that happened to have a crap load of fillets just hanging AROUND.....well, ya know... I'd be tempted... Good to see you man. Been a while.
  9. The funny part is that I don't really have any hair on my head so yer barkin WAY up the wrong tree again. Is this like your first try at this or something? Is Tim recruiting mods right out of 2nd grade now or what?
  10. Damn Buddy. You're gonna need to sharpen a knife or two for that bag... What time's dinner?
  11. Now you're just shooting in the dark. Silly little fella. Does "wrongness" like run in your family or something? You seem to be pretty thick with it...
  12. This is clearly a bit of a "schtick" for you eh? Do you actually like, GET people with the lame stuff? Inadequacy issues perhaps??
  13. I wouldn't know. But then, I'm no authority on dicks but hey, thanks for the tip. If I ever need any advice on dicks, Red and I will both know where to turn.
  14. Eat a bag of parrot dicks....