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  1. According to my calculations, since there were so many serious answers on the first page, we still have room for approximately 7.4 more insulting responses before we have maxed out the insults and begin working on borrowed time. I'll bet if red Red-piss-swiller would wash BEFORE he took a shower, all of the discoloration in the shower would eventually go away...
  2. Obviously got the looks AND the brains in the family....
  3. What I find most curious is that all of that discoloration is the EXACT same color as all of Red's discoloration. Coincidence? I think not....
  4. Short version; Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. Long Version; I would far rather have to work the rest of my life paying legal bills than live the rest of my life with the guilt of not having been able to defend my wife or children from whatever the intruder(s) may have felt like subjecting them to.
  5. Just found this. Thought it was well written.
  6. PT Cruiser has GOT to be close to the top of this list...
  7. Is that your opinion or were you told that?
  8. FIFY
  9. He forgot to turn left at the blind banjo player...
  10. I stand with Moles. He's never done me wrong. Of course, you haven't either RR but you did make the declaration, therefore I consider moles the underdog here. It's just my thing,
  11. It was good fishing with your Ryan. God Bless and be safe.
  12. Poopie pants Poopie pants !!!
  13. When he reads it, he's gonna shyte....
  14. If the guy had crapped himself I would have thought of Red right away but peeing himself, well, that would have to be someone a little more sissyish. Not a Red thing... I'll bet he craps his pants almost regular though.
  15. How about a ballerina? Tim seems to tippy toe through here pretty well....