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  1. How many complaints do you think would be filed if SEAL was brought in on a bunch of bull**** charges and sentenced to oh, let's say, a hundred tortoise lifetimes in solitary?
  2. Currently trying to recover from having had 3 strokes but doing surprisingly well according to all of the specialists. Got a long way to go and still have a major clot just below my brain that no one is quite sure what will happen with but hopes are high and the family is good. Always a pleasure Sir. Sharkey
  3. Hey Eddie, Buckshot is completely legal to own, you just can't hunt with it and since most ranges are "hunting oriented", many of them, including ones I go to, don't allow it as it eats target stands. For my home defense shotguns (Benelli M4 and Molot Vepr 12), I just figure zeroed is zeroed so I zero with low recoil slugs and then load them with single 0 buck for home which should damn well put me into the zone at short, household ranges.. Of course I also own a good number of Hexolit 32's and Rossa 32's which are squeezed into the mix as well but for the most part, the first few shots would be single 0 buck. All perfectly legal within the home. Good to see you Eddie and Special Fred sends a Hello. Shark Hexolit 32 - The Rossa 32 is the exact same weight and perfomance as the Hexolit except the petals don't break off and it just expands within the target creating an incredible impact as it expands to phenominal and jagged size and wound channel.
  4. Truth. Seal is waste of skin to the umpteenth power.
  5. "commandeering a bulldozer and sending it racing into the brush" This idiot writer has obviously never seen a bulldozer move at top speed...what a complete mess of crap. Good shoot all day and just another one of Seal's stupid "hey look at me" threads created for no reason other than he is a sick in the head urine drinker with more weed than brain cells.
  6. Universal Pistol Loader UnLoader
  7. Thank you All.
  8. Thanks Mike. We're hoping so.
  9. Thanks Tim. It's a lot less fun than it sounds and trying to keep moving is a struggle with all the meds they have me on. Still have the clot in my left side artery just below my brain as of a week ago although they said it is reduced in thickness. What everyone is hoping is that it dissolves bit by bit rather than breaking up. If it breaks up, it would go straight into my brain and well, I probably wouldn't be posting after that. Just sitting around with a bomb in my head while my body fights me and the meds help me give in to it It's crazy. 3 strokes and suddenly life changes - and NO ONE can find a single cause for any of it. Shark
  10. Stuck in limbo stroke hell man. Put on like 40 lbs in 2 and half months, trouble with left lung, diaphram, larynx and pretty much whole left side of my body tingles and refuses to work the way it should. Dizzy 24 and 7. Been trying to get out and do some yard work but I can only work so long before I'm too exhausted to be able to stay upright. Trying hard not to get discouraged but it's tough sometimes. I'm not used to so damn much sitting around.
  11. AIDS = Anally Injected Death Sentence
  12. It appears as though someone felt the .410 needed to be made even MORE terrifying than it already was.
  13. At 54, I just had 3 strokes and realized that although I WAS in good shape as far as insurance, beneficiaries and all that goes, we found a few holes in our worst case scenario plans and have since filled them. This is important stuff for people of ANY age. Good thread Tomkaz. Sharkey And may God Bless you and yours.
  14. Yea. I don't do that "being tracked" think. Got me an old-ass flip phone and no intention of changing until I can't even get them anymore. Then, maybe I'll go without a phone. Got no use for a hand computer with full tracking and snooping included.
  15. Have you tried speaking to it in English or do you just use that southern Billy-Speak with for everything?