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  1. Yea. I don't do that "being tracked" think. Got me an old-ass flip phone and no intention of changing until I can't even get them anymore. Then, maybe I'll go without a phone. Got no use for a hand computer with full tracking and snooping included.
  2. Have you tried speaking to it in English or do you just use that southern Billy-Speak with for everything?
  3. The zippo fuel is probably quite a refresher after being within a few feet of you for more than a second or two....
  4. That's a nice point you make Firinne and you're absolutely right. I have NO clue what sort of shape I'd be in if it weren't for my wife at this point. She has been an absolute piece of gold and from listening to and dealing with doctors and nurses, taking care of my TDI and Short Term Disability Insurance, managing the myriad of meds they have me on, driving me literally everywhere and right down to working on my locked up muscles and just all around being my 24/7 caretaker. When I found her I knew I had hit the lottery and she just proves it over and over and over again. My boys have been awesome and even my parents have been decent through all this but my wife, just wow. I have no idea and cannot even imagine what sort of ordeal this would have been without her at my side. She's just the best darn wife I've ever dreamed for and more and I cannot thank God enough for bringing us together.
  5. Thanks guys. I have Speech Therapy now, Occupational Therapy AND Physical Therapy and I have to say, they did the OT and PT the other day back to back and it SUCKED!!!! By the time Cathy and I got home I was just exhausted and spent. I think the dizziness combined with the constant struggle just to talk and breath stresses me out and is more than exhausting - combined with 2 straight hours of dealing with people talking to me like I'm 9 years old and I was ready to explode... I'm not very patient with myself I spose and need to chill but what I really need is to just beat this dizziness so I can start driving again and get back to work - then I think the rest will fall in to place pretty fast. Of course, I could be crazy though - wouldn't be the first time I've been accused of it. Shark
  6. Hanging tough I guess Bob, no other choice but thanks for asking. I've got muscles that have been locked up as tight as they could possibly be for the past 3 weeks all around my left shoulder and all the way up my neck. My left side has been so damn full of pins and needles no one noticed it even though I had been saying that's what it felt like the entire time until I went to PT and the girl noticed everything on my left side from my ribs up to almost my jaw was just as hard as a rock. Cathy's been working on them all a few times a day but it's nothing but torture - just flat out agony the whole time she works on them. Eye sight is improving, still have trouble talking and swallowing and walking is a constant struggle due to the dizziness but I try to keep in mind that things could have been, no, SHOULD have been MUCH worse according to everything I've been told. Thanks for checking on my old buddy but I'm just struggling to get back to as close to normal as I can - a little bit closer every day.
  7. Thanks Red. I'm trying to get psyched to go but I'm already I need to get squared away though so I can get my ass back to work. Boredom is not my friend...
  8. I have 2 evaluations lined up for this afternoon. Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy at 3 and 4pm today. They are also supposed to schedule me an appointment for a Speech Therapy evaluation at that time. I've been doing my best to be active as much as I can stand but the damn dizziness is frustrating. Cathy and I will walk down our road as it's a dead end and very little traffic but I can only walk so long before I start getting dizzy again and right after that I get exhausted quickly. I think the damn dizziness is so stressing to my system that it just wears my brain out fighting the sensation. They give me pills for it but since I've been on this since this started, it's hard to tell how much they actually do. I turned my truck around yesterday just to see how I would do and although getting it done only took a minute, I definitely am a long ways from being able to drive on the road. Not trying to rush myself - just doing constant self evaluations to measure progress - if any.
  9. dbl post
  10. PROGRESS !!! Cathy came into the bathroom with me this morning so I could do my shower thing and while brushing my teeth, I noticed the water felt cold on my right hand. I changed it to warm and could tell the difference. I told her about it and then told her I'd close my eyes and she should change it a few times to see if I was just imagining it. She tried tricking me a few times but after like 7 different tests, I got them all right !!!! That is the first time I've been able to feel changes in temp with my right hand since this all started... She was beaming and I have to say, it made me pretty happy too. It only goes up to about my elbow right now so I'm still a blank on much of my right side but even just a LITTLE progress right now gets us both pretty psyched - the boys were pretty happy about it when we told them too.
  11. Had some friends over for coffee this morning. The just got back from vacationing in Central America within the last week or 2. I find it unbelievable that these things can fly over 1200 miles non-stop but according to all I've read about them, they can. At this point, I'm pretty happy to make it from the bedroom to the bathroom without falling The Red Throated one is the male and the greenish one is his lovely wife...
  12. Doin my own typing still loots. Normally I can type 60 to 80 wpm and I think since I have spent so many years on computers for work, it just seems to come together pretty well due to muscle memory although I DO spend a bit more time back-spacing and correcting fat fingerings... The other thing I forgot to mention was talking. Although I don't slur my speech or anything, it seems to take a LOT more air to get any sound out. Although my speech was not affected, my larynx apparently was and since my voice is now even more raspy than ever and I run out of breath quickly since it takes so damn much air to get simple words out. Talking on the phone is tough because I'll be taking a breath to finish a sentence and people will just start talking thinking I was finished...or
  13. They only have me on an aspirin regimen right now. No blood thinners because the main clot is in the left artery of the 2 leading up into my brain. Dissolve it too quickly and chunks could flow into the brainpan and end me. For the most part at this point, my left side is all tingles and tough to control. This was considered primarily a cerebellum stroke. That apparently controls the fine tuning of my motor skills so although I CAN move my arm and leg on my left side, it tends to be jerky and if I was to grab a plastic cup with my left hand, I have to really concentrate not to throw it or crush it or just dump it out - essentially same thing with my leg but it tends to jump up in the air a little when I take a step. Left side of my head absolutely KILLS 24 and 7 - just a pounding headche still - all the damn time. On my right side, which was the effect of my 3rd stroke, I can't feel hot or cold (which is dangerous) from just above my right leg up to just under my chin and then straight down the center of my chest and then out to my fingers. We noticed it when an ice bag they had on my head split open at the hospital and instead of shooting out of the bed, I never really moved at all - there was ice all over my shoulder and running down my right side but I couldn't feel a thing. Pretty crazy stuff this stroke thing..
  14. I do a physical every year man and when I saw my PCP, looked at me hobbling in and looked at my wife and told her of ALL the people he ever would have put on a list for a stroke, I was pretty much never even a consideration. No high BP, super low cholesterol, nothing. Never been on any meds for anything more than chronic pain in my wrecked hands now and again depending on the weather and not a single warning sign of any issues at all. The docs were as blindsided on this one as we all were..... Crazy.
  15. Since the main clot seems to have happened some time ago, the tongue cramping thing COULD have been a pre-cursor to everything caving in on me buddy. Not a normal stroke symptom but odd enough where, if I DID have any concerns previously, I probably should have been looked at. Since I didn't though, well, here we are....